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St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre

+44 1726 66022
63 Trevarthian Rd, Saint Austell PL25 4BY United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Sehr leckeres Bier
Ich habe mir für zu Hause die Small Batch Brews mitgenommen.
Diese Biere waren angelehnt an Belgische Dubbel und Tripel, sowie Berliner Weisse. Darüber hinaus gab es noch ein Weizen mit Baobab, einet exotischen Frucht, die auch im Eden Project besprochen wird. Eine sehr gute Wahl.
Sehr leckeres Bier. Sehr viele Sorten. Einen Besuch wert. Eine Flasche kostet mindestens 2 £.
Eine Brauereitour für 25 GBP einschließlich drei Pints des zugegebenermaßen sehr guten Bieres ist völlig überteuert. Wir haben in IRL und GB schon einige Brauereien besichtigt, auch schon individuell, aber 25 GBP - NO. Außerdem sind drei Pints viel zuviel, um zu probieren und was machen die Autofahrer? Drei halbe oder drittel Pints und ein Preis um 10 GBP wären vernünftig und angemessen. Wir waren vier Wochen in St. Austell und konnten die Brauerei zu Fuß erreichen, aber das war uns entschieden zu teuer.
Hicks Bar ist ja ganz nett, zum Essen können wir nichts sagen, ist aber ABENDS GESCHLOSSEN!
Sehr gute Führung mit anschließendem Bier-Tasting.... Kann ich nur empfehlen
Toller kleiner Shop und Brauerei.
Leckeres Bier, nettes Personal
Ollie was a great guide. Very engaging and a well of knowledge. I found the history of the place and the brewing process fascinating. It was a great way to spend my birthday in the place where they make my favourite beer 'Proper Job' and he wasn't shy on the samples. Gift shop was really good as well.Thank you for a great day, thoroughly recommend it
Lovely breakfast in a very clean environment. Staff were great and very welcoming, especially with the dog! The museum and gift shop were very interesting and worth poking your head into.
Definitely worth a visit and eating whilst there.

Quick Facts About St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre

The St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre has several strengths that make it an appealing destination for beer enthusiasts and tourists. Firstly, the comments highlight the quality of the beer, with phrases like "sehr leckeres Bier" (very delicious beer) and "leckeres Bier, nettes Personal" (delicious beer, nice staff). This indicates that the brewery produces high-quality beer that visitors enjoy. The variety of beer options is also praised, with the mention of different styles like Belgian Dubbel and Tripel, Berliner Weisse, and a wheat beer with Baobab fruit. This variety allows visitors to try different flavors and find something they enjoy.
The comments also mention the Small Batch Brews, which visitors can purchase and take home. This shows that the brewery offers a retail component where visitors can purchase their favorite beers to enjoy later. Furthermore, the mention of the Eden Project discussing the Baobab fruit indicates a potential tie-in with other local attractions, creating a unique selling point for the brewery.
Another strength of the St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre is the guided brewery tour. Visitors describe it as a "sehr gute Führung" (very good tour) and "tolle kleine Shop und Brauerei" (great small shop and brewery). The tour is praised for being informative and engaging, with Ollie being specifically mentioned as a great guide who provides interesting insights into the brewery's history and brewing process. The opportunity for beer tasting during the tour is also appreciated, allowing visitors to sample the products and enhance their experience.
The presence of Hicks Bar is another strength, with comments expressing that it is a nice place to visit. Although there is no specific feedback on the food, the positive comment suggests that it might be worth trying. The bar adds another dimension to the visitor experience, allowing them to relax and enjoy their beers at the brewery.
Additionally, the museum and gift shop are mentioned as interesting and worth exploring. Visitors appreciate the cleanliness of the environment and the welcoming nature of the staff, even towards pets. This indicates that the visitor center provides a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for guests. The presence of a well-curated gift shop allows visitors to purchase souvenirs or gifts related to the brewery, enhancing their overall experience.
While the St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre has several strengths, there are also some weaknesses that should be addressed. One concern raised by a comment is the price of the brewery tour. The comment states that it is "völlig überteuert" (completely overpriced) at £25, especially considering the inclusion of three pints of beer. The comment suggests that a lower price point, perhaps around £10 with smaller sized samples for drivers, would be more reasonable. This feedback indicates that the current pricing structure might deter potential visitors, especially those who have already experienced other brewery tours at more affordable prices.
Another weakness pointed out in a comment is the closure of Hicks Bar in the evenings for dining. This limits the dining options for visitors, potentially affecting their overall experience if they were expecting to have a meal at the brewery. It would be beneficial for the brewery to consider extending the opening hours of Hicks Bar to cater to visitors who may prefer to dine on-site.
In conclusion, the St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre has several strengths, including the quality and variety of its beer, guided brewery tours, the presence of Hicks Bar, and the interesting museum and gift shop. However, there are also some weaknesses, such as the pricing of the brewery tour and the limited dining options in the evenings. Addressing these weaknesses while continuing to capitalize on their strengths will help to enhance the overall visitor experience at the St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre.

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