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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Kim worked on my nails. I requested a full set pink and white and they were amazing. She was fast, attentive and did a wonderful job. She will definitely be my new nail professional!
I went in for a pedicure and full set and was greeted right away . The lady doing my pedicure was good as far as conversation but the overall pedicure was terrible. Start off with the water being cold. Then she took so many shortcuts throughout the pedicure it’s ridiculous. I literally could have done this myself at home. The utensils being used looked used.Then when I ask for jewels to be added she was doing a great job at first but when I asked her to push them together she tells me “no it won’t look good.” At that point I’m like I know what I want PUSH THEM TOGETHER PLEASE! I reconsidered the full set due to the poor job done on the pedicure. Not only that but no prices are listed . You ask for a list of prices and they say you have to speak with the person doing your nails. I will never return. Worse $53 spent on a pedicure. Then as I’m paying her she keeps looking in my bag as I collect my money. Looking so hard to where she says”you should get a wallet” no you should mind your business
I was was walk-in and got serviced right away. Tony did a great job and was gentle with my nails. Love his work.
Ryan does a great job on my nails and they last 5 weeks. A big staff turnover in the last month so now I have no pedicurist.
I came in to get a lash removal & new set. First problem I had was there wasn’t a designated room for the service, she was literally working on my lashes at the manicure table! She claimed she can’t work with the client lying down. Immediately the worker was moving fast almost rushing on my eyes. During the removal she was not gentle at all and my eyes were burning. I decided not to get a new set, I was too scared that it would be painful. I wouldn’t come here for lash extensions and I won’t be returning — not even for a lash removal again.
First time coming here. They pressure you to sit down just telling you to sit down without even getting up from their chairs. No receptionist to help make sure your getting what you want and no prices posted. When I said we would like to see prices before we sit down we were met with frustration. I asked for a usual pedicure and paraffin wax treatment which is $10 more. I made sure to point at the menu exactly what I wanted. They are doing their thing and I’m just chatting with my friend.
Come to find that they just added a sugar scrub without saying anything to me. When I pay they are like oh you got a sugar scrub that’s not included …???????????? … I did not ask for that but I’ll pay it. All this through a translator who is talking to me from her seat no receptionist in site to clarify.
And my toes are not cute. The nail polish he put on has bumps and bubbles in it. I know it’s a convenient location but don’t go here.
I am rating based only on my experience as a first time customer. I came in for a dip powder on my already old set natural nails, I was sat immediately upon arrival, the process of my dip powder was alright although the nail technician whom attended me had walked away quite a few times and attended other customers while with me which I didn’t really like, I was not really appreciative of the customer service appreciation but I did however liked my nail results, I did found it odd that they use Gel top instead of the dipping powder shine top to finish off the set. I payed $40 for my dip powder. On the other hand my mother did a pedicure with a gel color and they actually charge to remove the previous color ($25) overall she payed $60 which I find sort of expensive for a pedicure + gel color application.
Lori always does an amazing job. I had another lady last time and wasn’t quite as satisfied with the mani, but I will always go back. They stay busy, but they are kind and accommodating. I get a pedi and gel manicure, and it always turns out great.

Quick Facts About SPA NAIL

SPA NAIL place, as indicated by the comments, has both strengths and weaknesses. It is important to consider each comment and evaluate the overall customer experience to determine its strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, many customers had positive experiences with specific nail technicians, such as Kim, Tony, and Lori. They praised their professionalism, attention to detail, and overall satisfaction with their nail services. This suggests that the salon employs skilled technicians who can deliver high-quality nail services. Having talented staff members can be a significant strength for SPA NAIL place as it can lead to customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
Additionally, some customers commented on the quick service they received. Being served promptly, especially as a walk-in customer, is a positive aspect of SPA NAIL place. Quick service can enhance the customer experience and attract busy individuals who appreciate efficiency.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the longevity of their nail services. Ryan was able to provide a long-lasting manicure that lasted up to five weeks, indicating the use of high-quality products and techniques. Having nail services that can withstand daily activities without chipping or peeling is a desirable characteristic for a salon.
Furthermore, SPA NAIL place seems to value customer feedback as one customer mentioned that their concerns were addressed and they were accommodated when requested. This demonstrates a willingness to improve and cater to customer needs, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction in the long run.
However, alongside these strengths, SPA NAIL place has several weaknesses that should be addressed for improvement. One recurring complaint is the lack of communication between staff and customers regarding services and prices. Multiple comments mention the absence of a receptionist and prices not being posted, causing frustration and confusion. This reflects a lack of organization and transparency, which can negatively impact the overall customer experience.
Another weakness observed in the comments is the inconsistent quality of services. While some customers praised the work of specific technicians, others mentioned subpar experiences with their treatments. Inconsistency can be detrimental to a salon's reputation as it undermines the trust and confidence of customers.
Additionally, there were complaints about the unhygienic practices observed during treatments. Customers mentioned the use of utensils that appeared unclean and the absence of a designated lash removal room, which can raise concerns about sanitation and safety. Maintaining proper hygiene protocols should be a priority for any salon or spa.
Furthermore, some customers felt rushed during their treatments, with technicians attending to other customers or leaving the treatment area frequently. This lack of focus and attention can diminish the overall experience and give the impression that the salon does not prioritize customer satisfaction.
Lastly, a few customers mentioned the high prices for certain services, such as the charge for removing previous gel color during a pedicure. Higher-than-expected prices can deter potential customers and lead to dissatisfaction if not communicated clearly beforehand.
In summary, SPA NAIL place has several strengths, including skilled technicians who deliver high-quality services, prompt service, and the ability to provide long-lasting treatments. However, the salon needs to address several weaknesses, including issues with communication, consistency, hygiene practices, customer attentiveness, and price transparency. By addressing these weaknesses and implementing necessary improvements, SPA NAIL place can enhance the overall customer experience and attract more loyal customers.

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