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Shoppes of Windermere

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8941 Conroy Windermere Rd, Orlando, FL 32835 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Walmart store was clean.
Only two regular checkout lanes with a cashier were open. There were multiple self check-out kiosks.
When your cart is full of a couple hundred dollars worth of groceries, self-check out would be a struggle.
More available cashiers to expedite the process would be an improvement.
Very disappointed you guys are leasing a smoke shop! Right next to locations we take our little kids like planet smoothie and Subway. Especially disappointed that it’s going to be at one of the busiest points for Middle School and High School kids.
This place has Chinese food, subway, planet smoothie Neighborhood Walmart. Mostly quiet and easy to find parking spots.
Publix, Wallgrwens, and Starbucks are great, and convenient. Jeramia's is akso nice. Unfortunately, this place gas the worst burger fi that u have ever visited!
The high school is releasing students directly to the shopping center. If you have the misfortune of needing to shop for groceries, or go to UPS, or the bank, or restaurants at that time, you will find that the pick up line inside the shopping center is blocking everything, and every exit. This is something the school needs to correct, and the shopping center management and merchants need to work on.
China garden. I finally decided to pay it a visit. Go inside. Order my food patiently. Wait for it and then take it home. One of the most disappointing meals from a Chinese restaurant in like forever. Prices are different than they quote you when you go over the items that you want and they tell you what you're going to receive. They clearly don't complete the order and add it to the package. Should have looked before I walked away from the counter. They were very rude in being responsive when I ask of them to repeat themselves ...because the operator/orderer at the register had a very thick accent (which most times I think is charming) -But when you ask for clarification they get rude about it. I cannot even tell you the food was tasty. The one thing it did do is make me very sick either because of its abundance of MSG or other flavorings that I seem to think are redundant in most of these classic ubiquitous dishes that all Chinese restaurants serve.
I always enjoy going to the Walmart in this area. It's a neighborhood market, but nicely stocked.
Just had my hair cut there yesterday! They did such a fantastic job. The atmosphere is so warm and kind, and everyone was so happy to see me even though it was my first time there!

Quick Facts About Shoppes of Windermere

The Shoppes of Windermere Place has a mix of strengths and weaknesses, which can be summarized as follows:
Strengths: 1. Clean Walmart store: One positive aspect of the shopping center is the cleanliness of the Walmart store. This is essential for maintaining a pleasant shopping experience.
2. Variety of dining options: The presence of Chinese food, Subway, Planet Smoothie, Publix, Starbucks, and Jeramia's provides customers with a range of dining choices. This variety can cater to different preferences and ensure that customers have options for their meals.
3. Convenient amenities: The availability of a Walgreens, UPS, and bank within the shopping center is convenient for customers' needs. It saves time and effort by providing multiple services in one location.
4. Friendly and skilled hair salon: The positive experience shared about the hair salon indicates that the staff is friendly, skilled, and creates a warm atmosphere. This can contribute to customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.
Weaknesses: 1. Insufficient regular checkout lanes: One of the main weaknesses of the Shoppes of Windermere Place is the limited number of regular checkout lanes. With only two lanes operated by cashiers, customers may experience longer wait times and delays during peak shopping periods.
2. Overreliance on self-checkout: While there are multiple self-checkout kiosks available, this may not be suitable for customers with full carts of groceries worth a significant amount of money. Self-checkout can be challenging in such scenarios, creating inconvenience and potential frustrations.
3. Negative impact of the smoke shop: The presence of a smoke shop, particularly in close proximity to kid-friendly businesses like Planet Smoothie and Subway, is regarded as disappointing by some customers. Concerns about the impact on young children and the overall atmosphere of the shopping center may affect customer perceptions and preferences.
4. Traffic congestion due to high school release: The shopping center faces traffic congestion issues during school release times, especially when the high school directly releases students to the center. This situation hinders the smooth flow of traffic within the shopping center and affects access to different businesses. Cooperation between the school, shopping center management, and merchants is needed to address this issue.
5. Poor experience at China Garden: A negative review was provided for China Garden, citing disappointingly rude customer service and unsatisfactory food quality. This negative experience can influence customers' perceptions and discourage them from visiting this establishment.
6. Inconsistent pricing at China Garden: The review also mentioned inconsistencies in pricing at China Garden. This discrepancy between quoted prices and the actual price charged can create confusion and dissatisfaction among customers.
7. Lackluster burger experience at Burger Fi: Another negative experience was shared about Burger Fi, with the customer mentioning it as the worst Burger Fi they have ever visited. Poor quality and taste of the food can significantly impact customer satisfaction and willingness to return.
In conclusion, the Shoppes of Windermere Place has various strengths, including a clean Walmart store, a variety of dining options, convenient amenities, and a friendly hair salon. However, several weaknesses, such as insufficient regular checkout lanes, negative impacts of the smoke shop, traffic congestion during school release times, poor experience at China Garden and Burger Fi, and inconsistent pricing at China Garden, need to be addressed to enhance the overall customer experience at the shopping center.

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