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I absolutely love love love love the feeling that I get when I leave sexy nail salon Miss Sophia You're great and awesome you bring me so much confidence
My daughter had her heart set on getting her nails done and I couldn’t find a place open, I found this place and we went in, there were no customers in there, the lady was rude and turned us away, wouldn’t even let me finish my sentence before she interrupted me with “appointment only” she could of easily done my daughters nails real fast, there was nobody in there. I will not be returning.
I visited this shop on two occasions to be told an appt was needed, however I was never offered one. The window didn't indicate APPT NEEDED nor WALK INS NOT ACCEPTED. I was greeted with skepticism, rudeness and unprofessionalism. I politely reminded the woman,whom I believe to be the owner, of whom keeps her doors open and what her rude behavior represents. She tried to argue but I wouldn't engage and simply left the business to never ever return. She should be ashamed of herself especially in 2021. I hope the next inquirying customer of my kind is not treated as such...Maybe her empty shop is a clear indication of her customer preference so think twice.
I would give them no stars if possible. The utmost worst experience and service that I have ever received. The horrible experience started when I politely asked the male employee not to use the drill on my nails. He was persistent in convincing me that he knew what he was doing. I told him no thank you and that I would like to simply use the nail file to smooth my nails. He became very irritated. I then asked if there was time to get a manicure (seeing that there was no one there waiting). I was told yes that he could. He told me to soak my nails. Who knew it would be 35 MINUTES and he had not returned. I fell asleep waiting for him to return. He NEVER did. When a new customer came in to get the same service I had requested, he came out and started on them. Not saying a single word to me. The lady present said that she would do my nails. However, she rushed me the entire time and was super rough. And to top it off, when paying, the male present threw my card on the counter as if he didn't even care to hand it to me as I had done him. Didn't even speak when leaving. But that was fine seeing that I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS NAIL SHOP AGAIN!!!! I would suggest that anyone in-town or visiting go to the other nail shops that are available.
Male employee did my full set plus gel polish and he tore up my cuticles! They are sore and irritated and some were even bleeding. Rude service but the lady was nice. $3 service fee for credit debit cards
She did a great job, but she did lie when she told me that I could make an 1 on 1 appointment if I paid extra, with the coronavirus going on. I'm not comfortable sitting anywhere with a lot of people right now.
Worst experience ever!! I had full set put on and I'm gonna have to go somewhere else to have them redone! She barely filed them and when she did she filed my skin! There all sharp!! The paint job is awful!! It was filthy in there! Would Not recommend to anyone!!!
Got a manicure and gel polish done for the first time here and it looks like a child painted my nails. Horrible job and cost $30, very unhappy with their quality of work. I don't recommend this place. I'm actually going somewhere else to have this polished removed and redone.

Quick Facts About Sexy Nails

Sexy Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. In order to fully evaluate the salon, we need to analyze both the positive and negative aspects mentioned by customers.
One of the strengths of Sexy Nails Place is the positive experience and confidence it brings to its customers. Miss Sophia is specifically mentioned as someone who provides a great and awesome experience, leaving customers feeling confident. This indicates that there are capable and skilled staff members at the salon who can deliver satisfying services.
Another strength of Sexy Nails Place is availability. In one of the comments, the customer mentions that they couldn't find any other place open but were able to get their daughter's nails done at Sexy Nails Place. This suggests that the salon might have flexible working hours, which can be convenient for customers who have specific time constraints.
However, the weaknesses of Sexy Nails Place are evident in the negative comments. One common complaint is the rudeness of the staff, particularly the lady who seems to be the owner. Customers have shared that they were turned away without the opportunity to explain their needs, were treated skeptically, or experienced unprofessional behavior. This indicates a lack of customer service and a disrespectful attitude towards potential clients.
Another weakness is the lack of clarity regarding appointments and walk-ins. Some customers mention that they were not offered appointments despite visiting the salon on multiple occasions, while others complain about not knowing whether walk-ins are accepted or not. This lack of clear communication creates confusion and can lead to inconvenience for customers.
The quality of service at Sexy Nails Place also seems to be a weakness. Multiple customers mention botched manicures, inconsistent nail filing, rough treatment, and even injured cuticles. These experiences indicate a lack of attention to detail and a lack of skill in delivering high-quality nail services.
Additionally, cleanliness is another area of concern. One customer describes the salon as "filthy," which can create an unpleasant and unsanitary environment for customers. A clean and hygienic salon is an important aspect for customers seeking to have their nails done.
Pricing is also raised as a concern. One customer mentions a $3 service fee for credit and debit cards, which can be seen as an unnecessary additional cost. Price is an important consideration for customers, and unexpected fees can leave a negative impression.
Overall, Sexy Nails Place has strengths in terms of its ability to provide a positive experience and the availability of its services. However, the weaknesses lie in the area of customer service, clarity regarding appointments, quality of service, cleanliness, and pricing. Addressing these weaknesses by improving customer service, clearly indicating appointment policies, investing in training and skill development, maintaining a clean environment, and ensuring transparent pricing can help improve the salon's reputation and attract more satisfied customers.


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