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Sage & Sand Barbershop

+1 623-935-2895
13722 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85307 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Restroom
  • Appointments recommended

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Awesome barbershop, incredible service, and an amazing cut to go with it. My son and I love going here and experiencing the great time with Chula and the entire crew. They are incredibly friendly and it's always an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend you make an appointment ASAP!
Jahir at Patriot Barbershop always does an incredible job of cutting my hair. I appreciate their convenient location, the ability to schedule an appointment, and their friendly and professional service at a great price. Chula, Jahir, and Saul make their shop a fantastic environment and I highly recommend their work!
I love this barbershop. Awesome crew and always feel welcomed and at home when I stop through. This is my go to spot for a haircut!
Hot towel, straight razor on the neck and face! Loved the old owner but the new owner is really going the extra mile! I’ve been to Thailand and this shop is the closest I’ve been to being back there!
Awesome barbershop! Great vibe and they’re extremely welcoming, I will go back for sure in the future! Also, the website is super easy to book appointments through.
Great barbershop, Chula did a fantastic job and the atmosphere is cool with planes and history along the walls! Will definitely come back
Three years later, still the best haircut in town. Got my haircut a few days ago, everyday since my wife has said to me "Lek really did a great job with your hair."
Being from out of town and needed a good barber I was super excited to get a great haircut and will definitely go back.

Quick Facts About Sage & Sand Barbershop

Sage & Sand Barbershop has received overwhelmingly positive comments from customers, highlighting its strengths in various aspects. Some of the strengths of the barbershop based on the comments include:
1. Incredible service: Multiple customers have praised the excellent service provided by the barbershop. They mention the friendly and welcoming attitude of the staff, making customers feel comfortable and at home. This emphasis on good service is crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.
2. Skilled barbers: Customers consistently mention the high-quality haircuts they receive at Sage & Sand Barbershop. They appreciate the skill and expertise of the barbers, emphasizing the exceptional job done with their hair. This indicates that the barbers are well-trained and experienced, ensuring customer satisfaction.
3. Convenient location: One customer appreciates the convenient location of the barbershop. Accessibility and easy reachability are important factors for customers, as they influence convenience and the likelihood of return visits.
4. Appointment scheduling: The ability to schedule appointments is mentioned as a positive aspect of the barbershop. This allows customers to plan their visits ahead of time and avoid waiting times. Providing such a service shows the professionalism and efficiency of the barbershop, increasing customer satisfaction.
5. Welcoming atmosphere: Several customers express feeling welcomed and at home when they visit Sage & Sand Barbershop. This indicates that the environment created by the staff is friendly and inclusive, making customers want to return. The positive atmosphere contributes to a positive overall experience.
6. Unique and stylish vibe: One customer mentions the cool atmosphere at the barbershop, with planes and history along the walls. This suggests that Sage & Sand Barbershop has created a unique and stylish ambiance, which adds to the overall experience and differentiates it from other barbershops.
7. Additional services: A customer mentions enjoying the hot towel and straight razor treatment for the neck and face. This suggests that the barbershop offers additional services that enhance the overall haircut experience, making it more luxurious and enjoyable for customers.
8. Positive online presence: One customer mentions the ease of booking appointments through the barbershop's website. This suggests that the barbershop has a user-friendly online presence, which can attract more customers and make the appointment process more convenient.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, it's important to consider potential weaknesses based on the given comments. However, since the comments provided are overwhelmingly positive, it is challenging to identify weaknesses explicitly. Nonetheless, it is always crucial for any business to continuously improve and address potential areas for growth. Monitoring customer feedback and actively seeking areas of improvement can help Sage & Sand Barbershop maintain a strong reputation in a highly competitive industry.

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