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Roshira Beauty Salon

+1 732-745-8444
655 Hamilton St, Somerset, NJ 08873 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Quick Facts About Roshira Beauty Salon

Roshira Beauty Salon has received multiple positive comments highlighting their strengths. These strengths can be categorized into several key areas.
1. Convenience and Efficiency: One comment mentioned that the salon was able to squeeze in an appointment within 15 minutes, indicating that they are responsive to customers' needs and can accommodate last-minute requests. Another customer noted that they were able to complete their hair appointment in just 75 minutes, even though they had to be out within two hours. This demonstrates that the salon is efficient and can deliver results within a short time frame. These factors contribute to the salon's reputation for convenience and efficiency.
2. Customer Service: Multiple comments praised the staff at Roshira Beauty Salon for being friendly, accommodating, and professional. These positive customer interactions create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for clients. The salon manager and staff were commended for making customers feel secure and at ease during their appointments. This emphasis on customer service contributes to the overall positive experience at the salon.
3. Hair Styling Expertise: The comments also consistently highlighted the skill and talent of the salon's hairstylists. One customer specifically mentioned how their stylist was gentle and attentive throughout the hair styling process. Another customer noted that their daughter's damaged and curly hair was successfully treated by a stylist named Natalya. These instances showcase the salon's ability to handle various hair types and provide effective solutions for specific hair concerns. The positive results mentioned by customers also indicate the hairstylists' competence and expertise.
4. Haircare and Maintenance: Several comments praised Roshira Beauty Salon for their ability to restore and maintain the health of customers' hair. One customer mentioned that their damaged hair was revitalized and became vibrant and strong after visiting the salon regularly. Another customer mentioned receiving a deep conditioning treatment as part of their visit, indicating that the salon offers services to improve the overall health of clients' hair. These positive experiences highlight the salon's commitment to providing effective haircare services.
5. Pricing: Multiple comments noted that the pricing at Roshira Beauty Salon is reasonable. Customers expressed satisfaction with the quality of service they received, considering the price they paid. This suggests that the salon offers competitive pricing, which is an attractive aspect for customers seeking value for their money.
In contrast, there are no comments specifically mentioning weaknesses or areas for improvement at Roshira Beauty Salon. This may indicate that the salon has a strong overall reputation and consistently delivers positive experiences for their customers. However, without further information or additional comments, it is challenging to identify any weaknesses or areas where the salon may need improvement. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the salon's strengths and weaknesses, additional feedback or reviews would be required.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I recently moved from Ewing to Somerset and kept driving an hour to my familiar hair salon. On this particular day, I could not do the commute. I was press for time and came across this hair salon. I called and ask if I can make an appointment and they was able to squeeze me in within 15 minutes. When I arrive the receptionist had the shampoo girl waiting for me. I advised them I had to be out within two hours, and they promised me I would ( I was out in 75 mins ????). once my shampooing was done, my hairstylist took over. The lady who did my hair was super gentle in each step of the way She asked me if I wanted coffee, how do I make my hair parted or if I wanted to flat iron as well. I was not even paying attention, while the lady was doing my hair, but once I seen the final product, I was truly amazed. The staff there is wonderful, my hair came out amazing and the price point is just as good. This will be my go to hair salon, moving forward.
I’ve been searching for a salon to help me with my daughters hair. She has naturally curly but damaged hair and due to the age of my daughter many salons in the area wouldn’t even assist us. I came across Roshira’s salon who made an appointment for my daughter right away! NATALYA was amazing!! Patient professional and so talented! So happy with the results and pricing is reasonable. Thank you for your services!
The salon manager and staff were very friendly and accommodating. They made us feel comfortable and secure in their services...and they did an amazing job! My daughter absolutely LOVED her hairstyle!
Came in with my mom and sister, we all have natural hair. The girls did an amazing job on our hair. We got a blowout and the hair came out very silky.
I went to this salon a year and a half ago with my hair totally destroyed, Roshira took me in and has made my hair grow vibrant and strong. She is patient and takes really good care of your hair! Highly recommend
I had a great experience here. Very professional, friendly and punctual. i got a wash, deep condition, blow dry and trim in less than 2 hours. my hair is natural and very very thick so i was grateful to not sit in the salon all day. thank you Roshira i will definitely be back.
Loved my hair and the atmosphere feels at peace. Really hard working womans here.
They did my hair really nice this is my second time here. Highly recommend this salon.

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