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Razor Barber Shop

+1 562-432-4261
1567 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90810 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Razor Barber Shop

Razor Barber Shop seems to have a number of strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers consistently mention that the service and staff are friendly and welcoming. This is important in creating a positive atmosphere for customers and making them feel comfortable during their visit. The comments also highlight the quality of the haircuts provided, with customers expressing their satisfaction and recommending the shop to others. The barbers are described as skilled craftsmen who love what they do, suggesting that they have expertise and passion for their work.
The affordability of the shop is another strength mentioned in the comments. Customers feel that they are receiving good value for the price they pay, indicating that the shop offers competitive pricing. Additionally, the convenience of the shop is highlighted, with customers mentioning that it is close to their house and that appointments can be made through the Cut app. This makes it easy for customers to access the services provided by Razor Barber Shop.
The comments also mention that the shop has been the customer's choice for years. This indicates that there is a level of customer loyalty and satisfaction with the shop. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere, along with the quality of the haircuts, may contribute to this loyalty.
However, there are also some potential weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One customer mentions that the shop can be busy on weekends, suggesting that there may be a longer wait time during peak hours. This may be a drawback for customers who value quick service. Another potential weakness is that the shop is described as one of only three barbershops in the area. While this may suggest that Razor Barber Shop has less competition, it also means that customers have fewer options to choose from.
In terms of improvement areas, there are limited comments that provide feedback on specific weaknesses of the place. However, it may be beneficial for the shop to consider ways to manage the busy weekends and minimize wait times. This could include implementing an efficient appointment system or hiring additional staff during peak hours.
In conclusion, Razor Barber Shop has a number of strengths including friendly service, skilled barbers, competitive pricing, convenience, and customer loyalty. However, potential weaknesses include potential long wait times during busy periods and limited options in the area. To further improve, the shop may consider implementing strategies to manage wait times and potentially expanding their services or facilities in the future.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This place is awesome.
The service is awesome & friendly.
My son and I stopped in today and recieved a great haircut.
For the price and service it well worth your time.
The staff always makes you feel at home.
Don't want to wait long for a cut stop by during the week. Weekends they are super busy.
I recommend this place if you need a haircut, style or whatever your hair needs may be or even a shave for the gentleman.
This place has been my choice for years.
They are awesome.
They were friendly, welcoming to our chocolate skin color. Prices were fair, my son looks so handsome, and my hubby head is so smooth! Thank you young men for your services!
It,s the Top Barbershop in long beach. The men standing behind those chairs are gifted craftsmen.
They love what they do, and every customer looks and feels good, when they walk out the door. The atmosphere is like family. The owner is one of hardest working men in business, and still remains a Gentlemen to this day.
Really nice and comfortable there. Careful and great straight razor work. Love the edge up.
Made an appointment for me and my son on the cut app didn't know what to expect before going but this guy joel did a really awesome job on both my son and my hair
The best barber shop in long beach!!! Theres only three, but any of them will get the job done the right way. I use to go to a different barber shop for about 10 yrs and their new barbers will always mess up. I would here alot about this place and I gave them a try, and let me say... MAN THESE GUYS GET DOWN, best cuts in town.
This is the best place to go and cut your hair. The haircuts that they give you are the best. Ive been going for almost 2 years and now my 2 year old cousin goes there too
So close to my house and best prices on hair cuts johnny is a bad ass barber would recommend going to this place

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