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R & R Barbershop

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2980 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07306 United States of America
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I was thoroughly impressed with my experience. From the moment I walked in, the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming, making me feel right at home. The shop itself was clean and well-maintained, with a classic barber shop feel that I loved.
My barber, was excellent. He listened carefully to my requests and made sure to check in with me throughout the haircut to ensure that I was happy with the progress. He was also very skilled and precise in his cutting technique, resulting in a haircut that was exactly what I wanted.
Overall, I would highly recommend Barber Shop to anyone in need of a great haircut. The staff are friendly, the shop is clean and inviting, and the barbers are skilled and attentive. I will definitely be returning for my next haircut!
Great haircut, waiting time less than 5 min on a Saturday afternoon.
Clean and pleasant Barber Master.
Thank you (Ramesh)
I recently visited R & R Barbershop for the first time and I was blown away by the experience. The shop itself was modern and stylish, with a cool vibe that really set it apart from other barber shops I've been to.
My barber was amazing. He took the time to listen to my needs and preferences, and he made sure to explain each step of the haircutting process as he went along. He was also incredibly skilled and detail-oriented, resulting in a haircut that was perfectly tailored to my head shape and hair type.
What really impressed me about R & R Barbershop was the attention to detail and the level of customer service. From the complimentary beverage to the comfortable seating, everything was designed to make the customer feel valued and appreciated.
Overall, I would highly recommend R & R Barbershop to anyone looking for a top-notch haircutting experience. The shop is stylish and inviting, the staff are knowledgeable and skilled, and the level of customer service is unparalleled. I will definitely be returning for my next haircut!
Great experience my first time here, I will definitely come back.
Needed a haircut BADLY, something like 6 months since my last time in the chair. Walked in during prime hours, shook hands and sat down. First come first served. I was in and out with a fresh cut in what felt like no time.
My barber gave me the exact length and style I was looking for, took care to straight razor the edges and offered a hot towel at the end. Very happy with the way I look after coming to R & R!
No nonsense, these guys give you a great haircut at a very fair price. Thanks fellas
They cut really good hair. Fast and clean. Staff is welcoming as well. I definitely am going to back for haircut again. Would recommend this place for any guy who wants a good trim.
Best haircut in Jersey City! Friendly and nice staff who know exactly what they are doing and will never mess up your hair!! Show them what you want and you get it done exactly that way!! Definitely recommend!
Go check out my barber Ramez he is great precise makes an ugly person look good but seriously very professional and friendly
They are awesome. Very hospitable and always kind to me. I visiting here since November 2022. They always put efforts to make to your hair look good and asks’s how you would like you hair to be cut which I believe is very important. I would definitely recommend to stop at R & R Barbershop

Quick Facts About R & R Barbershop

R & R Barbershop has a number of strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the staff are consistently praised for their friendliness and welcoming nature. This creates a positive and inviting atmosphere for customers, making them feel comfortable and valued. This is an important aspect of customer service and contributes to a good overall experience.
Another strength highlighted is the cleanliness and maintenance of the shop. Customers appreciate the clean and well-maintained environment, as it adds to the overall experience and creates a professional impression. The classic barber shop feel is also mentioned positively, suggesting that the shop has successfully created a nostalgic and appealing ambiance.
The skill and precision of the barbers are repeatedly praised. Customers mention that the barbers listen carefully to requests and check in throughout the haircut to ensure satisfaction. This attention to detail and customer satisfaction indicates a high level of professionalism and expertise. The comments suggest that the barbers are able to deliver haircuts that meet customers' specific needs and preferences.
Efficiency and short waiting times are also mentioned, with one customer specifically highlighting a wait time of less than 5 minutes. This is important as it shows that the barbershop is able to manage its appointments and provide timely service to customers, minimizing inconvenience and maximizing convenience.
The modern and stylish appearance of the shop is seen as a positive attribute. This suggests that R & R Barbershop has taken care to create an appealing and unique atmosphere that sets it apart from other barber shops. The cool vibe mentioned indicates that the shop has successfully created a contemporary and trendy image.
Additionally, the level of customer service is consistently praised. Complimentary beverages, comfortable seating, and the overall attention to detail are all mentioned as factors that contribute to a valuable customer experience. This level of customer care contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Furthermore, the barbers are described as professional, friendly, and precise. This personal connection and professionalism are important in developing customer trust and satisfaction. The positive comments about the barbers' skill and technique further highlight their expertise and the quality of the haircuts they provide.
In terms of weaknesses, the comments do not provide significant negative feedback or criticisms of R & R Barbershop. However, it is worth noting that some comments are relatively short and do not provide extensive details or specific examples. This means that the assessment of strengths and weaknesses is based on a limited amount of feedback.
To summarize, the strengths of R & R Barbershop include friendly and welcoming staff, a clean and inviting environment, skilled and attentive barbers, short waiting times, a modern and stylish shop, a high level of customer service, and positive customer experiences. The weaknesses are not clearly identified based on the comments provided.

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