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1020 Pleasant Grove Blvd Ste 140, Roseville, CA 95678 United States of America
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Quick Facts About ProTop Nails

ProTop Nails place has several strengths based on the comments provided. One of its strengths is the ability to accommodate customers, even during busy periods. This suggests that the salon has good appointment management and prioritizes customer satisfaction by making sure all customers are served. Additionally, the salon's ability to do a great job on various nail designs, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas-themed nails, indicates a high level of expertise and skill among the nail technicians.
The employees at ProTop Nails are also highly praised for their kindness and dedication to their work. Customers appreciate how the staff goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Many comments highlight the employees' willingness to fix any issues promptly and without hesitation. This indicates a strong commitment to customer service and a desire to provide quality work.
Pricing is another strength mentioned in the comments. Customers find the prices at ProTop Nails to be reasonable and decent for the services provided. This suggests that the salon offers competitive pricing in the industry.
Another strength is the attention to detail and professionalism displayed by the nail technicians. Customers compliment the salon for providing beautiful and well-done nails. The positive feedback suggests that ProTop Nails maintains high standards of quality and professionalism.
The salon's ability to create a lasting impression on customers is also highlighted in several comments. Customers who have visited ProTop Nails in the past express their intent to be returning customers, indicating a strong customer loyalty base. This shows that the salon has established a good reputation and consistently delivers satisfactory results.
However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer points out a language barrier issue, suggesting that there might be a communication problem with some of the employees. Although this is not explicitly mentioned as a major issue, it can be a potential hurdle for effective communication and understanding the customer's needs.
Another weakness highlighted is an unsatisfactory experience with one of the nail technicians. The customer mentions receiving a subpar manicure, incomplete nail coverage, and a rushed service. This suggests that there might be inconsistencies in the quality and service provided by different technicians within the salon. Inconsistent experiences can negatively impact customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Furthermore, the comment mentions that the salon lost two paying customers due to this negative experience. Losing customers is always a negative outcome for any business, as it affects revenue and reputation.
In conclusion, ProTop Nails place has several strengths, including the ability to accommodate customers, excellent nail job performance, a focus on customer satisfaction, reasonable pricing, and attention to detail. However, there are also weaknesses mentioned, such as potential language barriers, inconsistencies in service quality, and the loss of customers due to a negative experience. Overall, ProTop Nails can continue to build on its strengths and address any weaknesses to further improve its services and customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

It doesn't matter how busy they are, they will get you in. They do a great job. My Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas nails! Loved them!
I refuse to go anywhere else for pedicures! The employees are so nice and truly care about their work. If they notice something is off they immediately fix it without hesitation! :) 10/10 recommend
First time coming here. Pricing is decent. I had Lisa do my nails(matte white with dip powder and design) and she did a great job. There was a bit of a language barrier but we figured it out. Thanks for the gorgeous nails:)
Thank you so much for the amazing nails! I love them. Very professional and beautiful!!
I went here 3 years ago June 21st 2019 & I was so happy with my pink nails done by Karen.
I completely forgot about this place till yesterday
(due to covid starting)
& now I remember why I loved this salon!
I'll definitely be a returning customer! ♡
New purple set was done by Luxia on April 12th 2022.
Lucy did a phenomenal job with my nails. She was gentle, quick, and did an absolutely beautiful job. I showed her one picture and she matched the length shape and color perfectly. Finally found my new nail tech. Definitely recommend Lucy
Donna did my full acrylic set gel nails with a design and coffin shape for $57 plus tip! WORTH every penny. She did amazing. A free hand design done perfectly. Will be back for a fill and new design! Pics are a week or so out! Forgot to do the review earlier..
Hubby & I have been coming here for a year. Usually see Chloe & Karen (twins) for our pedicures. They are terrific girls & we’ve always been happy with them. Went in today and asked for a French manicure. Guy at 1st table argued with me because I did not want gel. Told me regular French polish will last “two days.” I said No and sat at #7 with woman I’ve had before. Told her to skip French & just give me clear. She did my manicure in under 10 minutes, nails not completely covered, and had me leave. No one waiting after me. Charged me $18.50 for a very lousy experience. They have now lost two, paying customers. Hope it was worth it to them!

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