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It was 6:30pm and this was the 3rd shop I'd been in that day to get my son's hair cut. Started with a fro, the first barber had no idea how to cut it and I regret paying.
When I walked into HeadSprung Barber shop, I was greeted by friendly faces. Wes stepped up and offered his services. I explained the mess he would have to fix and he already knew what we wanted. Being his second cut of the day, my son shed a tear. Almost all his previous cuts he hated! Wes added a comforting touch and talked to my son about hair and sports. Made him feel very comfortable. The wait was reasonable as well as the price. Service was exceptional all around and my son was very happy with his hair. Finally!! My son was pleased as am I! Thanks Wes and Headsprung! You've superseded our expectations.
Some of the best barbers in the Pomona area
Only place I trust to do my son's hair! I have tried other barber shop and it was a mess! I don't mind driving 30 minutes is worth it! Good environment, good vibes everyone is really nice!
Today was my first time visiting this barbershop. Mike cut my hair and was friendly. He did a very professional job. I would've given this place 5 stars if it wasn't for the dark, wicked language that was being used by the other barbers.
Porsche is Top Notch would have gave a 5 star but some other barber jacked my kids hair up real bad.
Anyway she keeps us coming back, she gives great advice to my older son and she always sends reminders to come in.
Excellent skills and Customer service the men were friendly. They had a positive environment and patients to cater to your needs of service. Thank you Brian Smith for serving me with a excellent cut.
A little high for a haircut and trim, but worth it. Cool atmosphere, down to earth people, just like the hood, all they need is a domino table. They have a pool table
Best barber shop in the Inland Empire! Not just saying that because I go there, but they have good quality Barbers there who know what they're doing.

Quick Facts About Pomona Mobile Dispensary

Pomona Mobile Dispensary has several strengths that make it a reliable and popular choice for customers. One of the key strengths of the dispensary is its convenient and mobile nature. Being a mobile dispensary allows it to travel to different locations and reach customers who may not have easy access to other dispensaries. This is especially beneficial for individuals with mobility issues or those who live in areas where dispensaries may be limited. The dispensary's mobile nature also adds an element of convenience as it saves customers from having to travel to a physical location.
Another strength of Pomona Mobile Dispensary is the high level of customer service they provide. Customers praise the friendly and helpful nature of the staff, which creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for them. The staff members are knowledgeable about the products and are able to offer guidance and recommendations to customers based on their specific needs. This level of personalized attention and care contributes to a positive overall experience for customers.
The dispensary also has a reputation for offering a wide range of high-quality products. Customers appreciate the variety and selection available, as this allows them to find the products that best suit their preferences and needs. The dispensary is known for carrying top-notch brands and ensuring that their products are fresh and of the highest quality. This commitment to excellence in product offering contributes to the overall satisfaction of customers.
Additionally, Pomona Mobile Dispensary has built a loyal customer base due to its reliability and consistency. Customers trust the dispensary to consistently deliver on its promises and provide them with quality products and services. The dispensary has created a reputation for itself as one of the best in the area, which helps in attracting new customers as well.
However, there are also some weaknesses that can be identified from the comments provided. One customer mentioned that the dispensary is a little high in terms of pricing for a haircut and trim. This indicates that the price point may be a potential weakness for the dispensary. It is important for the dispensary to assess its pricing strategy and consider if adjustments need to be made to remain competitive and attract a wider range of customers.
Another weakness that was mentioned is the use of inappropriate language by the barbers. This is a concern as it may create an uncomfortable environment for some customers, particularly those who prefer a more professional and family-friendly setting. The dispensary should address this issue by promoting professionalism and ensuring that all staff members adhere to appropriate language and behavior standards.
In conclusion, Pomona Mobile Dispensary has several strengths that contribute to its success and popularity among customers. These include its convenient and mobile nature, high level of customer service, wide range of quality products, and reputation for reliability. However, it is important for the dispensary to address potential weaknesses such as pricing and inappropriate language in order to further improve the overall customer experience and attract a wider customer base.

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