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Pip Nails & Spa

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1220 Kingsway Rd, Brandon, FL 33510 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Pip Nails & Spa

Pip Nails & Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments. To provide a comprehensive analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, we will examine each comment in detail.
Starting with the positive comments, many customers expressed satisfaction with the quality of service at Pip Nails & Spa. One customer, who has been coming since 2016, commended Sonny and his staff for always doing an amazing job. They specifically mentioned the well-shaped nails and lack of thickness or lumps after getting dip manicures. Another customer praised the great service, highlighting the excellent results on their nails, toes, and eyebrows.
These positive comments indicate some strengths of Pip Nails & Spa. First, they seem to have a skilled and professional staff, as evident from the consistent quality of work mentioned by multiple customers. Additionally, the positive comments about service and attention to detail suggest a focus on customer satisfaction and a pleasant overall experience. These strengths contribute to the salon's reputation and may attract new customers.
However, the negative comments reveal several weaknesses of Pip Nails & Spa. One customer had a disappointing experience, with the nail technician taking an excessive amount of time to perform a gel manicure and pedicure. The customer had to cancel another appointment due to the delays, which suggests inefficiency and poor time management on the part of the salon. Furthermore, the customer reported that the chosen color was not applied as requested, and when they addressed the issue, the nail technician and other staff members were unhelpful and dismissive. This poor response from the salon indicates a lack of proactive problem-solving and customer service skills.
Another weakness highlighted in the negative comments is the lack of durability of the nail polish. One customer mentioned that the paint chipped and lifted within an hour of leaving the salon. This could indicate a lack of quality in the products used or inadequate application techniques.
Additionally, there were complaints regarding unprofessional behavior. One customer described an incident where the salon staff displayed disrespectful behavior, including eye rolling and negative comments about the customer. This unprofessionalism, as well as the owner's lack of apology and indifference towards the customer's experience, undermine the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.
Another customer mentioned that the salon lacked proper communication and organization. When they arrived for a pedicure, they were met with confusion and unprofessional behavior, with the owner and staff member arguing and expressing frustration towards the customer. This lack of organization and communication reflects poorly on the salon's management and could lead to negative experiences for customers.
To summarize, the strengths of Pip Nails & Spa include skilled staff, attention to detail, and a focus on customer satisfaction. However, the weaknesses include poor time management, unhelpful and dismissive behavior, lack of durability in nail polish application, unprofessionalism, and disorganization. These weaknesses may negatively impact the overall customer experience and could deter potential customers from visiting the salon. In order to improve, Pip Nails & Spa should address these weaknesses by addressing issues with time management, enhancing customer service skills, improving product quality, and fostering a more professional and organized environment.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I have been coming here off and on since 2016, and have no complaints. Sonny and his staff always do an amazing job! After getting dip manicures, my nails don't feel thick. No lumps and are well shaped. I'll definitely be back every two weeks!
Always Great Service, Nails n Toes on Fleak, Eyebrows on Fleak????❤️
I’ll be honest in saying I went here hoping it would be my “go to” nail salon since its right around the corner from my house. I’m disappointed to say it was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had at a nail salon. First, it took the nail tech two and a half hours to do a gel mani and pedi. I had to cancel another appointment while here because it took so long even though I told her I had to be out by a certain time. If that wasn’t enough, the color I chose was not the color Tanya put on my nails, and when I voiced my concern (after she polished it with one coat she ignored me). I had to ask for the design on the nails to compare and even then she didn’t want to look for the one I showed her. After, she reluctantly found it, she painted the color on and when it clearly didn’t match another nail tech said that was the same color it just faded. I told them that wasn’t my fault but that it needed to be repainted. Whatever, because I had been there so long I just went with it because they didn’t offer to change the color and I had to pick my child up from school. To make matters worse, I left the salon and within an hour of me being gone the paint chipped and lifted. I wish I would’ve read the other Google reviews before I went in. I returned and Tanya was super rude. She told me because of me she was late picking her son up from school as if I asked for her to stay late. Customer service wise this place is too horrible to not write a review and let others know. When I went back in to get it fixed (the person I guess who is the owner) the guy fixed it but didn’t apologize for the bad service. I still tipped her $10 but almost asked for a complete refund after having to go back and her being so rude. I’m surprised they have any business at all. They definitely will not get my business ever again.
I’m reviewing my nail technician Tanya not the salon itself. Love my nail tech. She will now be my new nail tech. My nails came out fabulous. I paint my nails at home because I like to play with my own nails. She kept my shape perfectly just the way I liked it. She did an amazing job filling my nails in. It’s been about two months since I had a professional fill done. I have been doing my nails myself just because my last nail tech wasn’t my favorite. She kept making sure that the nail drill wasn’t digging into me as she was working on my nails. All in all extremely happy I ended up giving her a $20 tip!
I have been going to Haley for a few years and I am ALWAYS happy with the pedicure that she gives. She's never in a hurry and her leg and foot massages are amazing!!!
Unprofessional!!! I called at noon and ask the owner by the name of Andy for availability for a Pedicure. Andy advise me no appointment needed just walk in when I arrive at 1 PM a lady from the back yelled how can I help you ? I told her that I was here to get a pedicure and she replied you have an appointment and rolled her eyes (smh) She then sat back down and yelled at the owner and said you take care of this.. I can then hear her talk negative things to her client … how she don’t got time for ppl like me to show up and think I’m going to get service…owner then came over with a smirk on his face an notebook and said sorry no available appointments..can you come back another day.. No thank you!!!
Absolutely fantastic. Completely loved how well he took care of my nails there. Will definitely be back!
Sonny greeted me at the door and was very friendly. Tanya was great! Very friendly and professional. She did an amazing job and was very detail oriented. First time coming here and will be returning. I came here for a pedicure and will return for a manicure.

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