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Piedmont Nails & Spa

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1000 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Today I visited Piedmont nails to get my nails done for my wedding.
PROS: The woman at the front who handles customer service is very pleasant and professional
BT serviced me for a gel French manicure, and it looks great.
CONS: Lori did my nails for my wedding and wasn’t accommodating at all. Very curt and rude when I was deciding on my desired nail design. My natural nails are super long and she cut them very short when I asked them to be cut down only slightly. For the dip service, she didn’t shape the nail beds naturally and the “ombré” was a horrible transition that looked like a 10-year old completed it (picture attached).
I felt VERY pressured anytime I made a comment as she continuously reminded me that “there’s no going back” once she starts.
Oh, and I paid a total of $136. I will never be back.
I decided to give Piedmont a try after my roommate recommended them to me. However, I can’t quite say I’d do the same if someone asked me for a place to get their nails/toes done. Here’s why…
- free parking lot
- accepts walk ins
- short wait time
- friendly staff
- reasonably priced
I’m satisfied with my end result because my toes turned out great. However, I have a few gripes about the process…
- messy/junky salon.
Salons should be neat, clean and sanitary but this location didn’t give me clean. It was newly shipped supplies everywhere on the side where I got my nails done. (The boxes were opened) and the space is already small so these items being out just made it overcrowded and hard to walk w/out turning side ways to get to places.
- rushed services.
While short wait times are appreciated I realized once I got in the chair that those short waits were accompanied by rushed services. At no point was I able to relax and enjoy the luxury of getting a pedicure because my tech (Tina) was going so fast that in some places she was dig to far or file down to fast and burn/scratch me. She also didn’t every scrub my feet b/c I still had dead skin when I returned home. Clearly I don’t have bad feet, I take good care of my feet but to pay $60 (including a tip) and corners were cut tremendously makes me never want to go here again.
- lack of detail
I asked Tina to file down one of my nails w/ the drill b/c that’s how I also get it but instead of her doing that she files with a handheld file and got a little huffy when I asked her to go back.
All in all, I more than likely won’t go back willingly but I’ll keep this location in mind if I need a last minute back up spot.
Charged me $106 for this. I get that prices are going up everywhere & the design is cute but this is way too overpriced. It was super crowded inside too & the nail tech seemed like she was in a rush. With this pricing, you could treat yourself to a nice salon/spa in Buckhead or somewhere nicer (this was just an average nail salon) When I asked the lady at the front about the pricing she held a very passive aggressive tone throughout the conversation which I didn’t appreciate at all. Still tipped my nail tech - but won’t be returning.
So if you go, see John! He is super friendly and I love my nails. Just know: their prices are ridiculous. Foolishly expensive. I could never come back here again sadly—I got SNS with a basic design and they added $40 on top of the base price.
Update to respond to the business: Thank you! I actually asked for and saw the price breakdown. I've gotten similar design+service done at multiple other nail salons for much less. A $35 design charge is high (As Tiffany explained $20 was for the black, $15 for the white lines).
I went to get a manicure. the people there work in a hurry and with a bad attitude, making you feel like you can't say anything if you don't like how your nails are turning out.
for these nails pay $65 + tips. the prices are too expensive for these nails that can be found anywhere else for half. THEY NEVER RESPECT THE AGREED PRICE, THEY ALWAYS ADD MORE WITHOUT NOTICE. and the girl who charges is very rude and does not tell you what you are paying, they always find a way to charge double
I have only had quality work done on my nails when I’ve been here and I’ve been coming for the past 3 years. Any design I’ve requested, they have done it with a smile.
I have been going to Piedmont nails for 2 years. Tiffany & Margret provide great customer service! I don’t like waiting so I make an appointment, but walkins are welcomed. I like that I can go to almost any nail tech and get a great service. I consistently go to Mai, Sarah, Carmen. All of their designs are on point and they are really fast. Pedicures are good, I’ll go to anyone. I am very particular so I am going to make sure they dont miss a thing and they usually don’t. I recommend Piedmont 10/10!
I started going to Piedmont nails a few months ago for SNS dip mani and regular pedis. Been there every two weeks since. The verdict: love it! Nice people, fast, great work. I’ve had a number of their team members do my nails across my visits and left happy each time. I’ll give a special shout out to Liam who I’ve returned to 3 times in a row for doing a fabulous job on SNS/gel tip manis (see photos for results); he is consistently great and I’ll definitely keep scheduling with him. Also Margaret is great at matching colors to pictures (I usually walk in with a photo from IG and ask for guidance).

Quick Facts About Piedmont Nails & Spa

1. Pleasant and professional customer service: The woman at the front desk is praised for her friendly and professional demeanor, creating a positive first impression for customers.
2. Good quality gel French manicure: One customer mentions that their gel French manicure turned out great, indicating that the technicians are skilled and capable of delivering high-quality results.
3. Free parking lot: The availability of a free parking lot is a convenience factor that can attract customers who prioritize easy access and convenience.
4. Short wait time: Customers appreciate the short wait time, as it allows them to get their nails done without having to spend a significant amount of time waiting.
5. Reasonably priced: Piedmont Nails & Spa is praised for having reasonable prices, which can be appealing to customers looking for affordable nail services.
6. Friendly staff: Multiple customers mention the friendliness of the staff, which contributes to a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the salon.
1. Rude and non-accommodating technician: One customer had a negative experience with a technician named Lori who was described as curt and rude when discussing nail design options. This negative encounter could potentially deter customers from returning.
2. Poor nail shaping and ombré transition: The same customer mentioned that their natural nails were cut too short, contrary to their request, and the dip service resulted in an unsatisfactory ombré transition. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and precision in the nail technician's work.
3. Pressure tactics from technician: The customer felt pressured by the technician, who continuously reminded them that there was no going back once the service had started. This high-pressure approach can create a negative experience for customers and give the impression that the staff is more concerned about rushing through services than ensuring customer satisfaction.
4. Messy and overcrowded salon: One customer noted that the salon appeared messy and overcrowded, with newly shipped supplies taking up extra space. This lack of cleanliness and organization can negatively impact the overall salon experience.
5. Rushed services: Several customers report feeling rushed during their services, leading to potential accidents such as the technician filing too aggressively and causing discomfort. This rushed approach can decrease the overall quality of the service and make customers feel less relaxed and pampered.
6. Expensive pricing: A few customers express dissatisfaction with the high prices at Piedmont Nails & Spa, particularly in comparison to other salons in the area. This pricing issue, combined with other negative experiences, may discourage customers from returning.
7. Lack of transparency in pricing: One customer mentions that the salon does not provide a clear breakdown of the pricing, leading to surprises and potential overcharging. The rude attitude of the staff member when questioned about the pricing also reflects poorly on the salon's customer service.

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