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Quick Facts About Petsense

Petsense Place is a pet store that has both strengths and weaknesses, as indicated by the comments above. This analysis will explore these factors in detail in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the overall customer experience at Petsense Place.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that the store has a quick and pleasant service. This implies that the staff is efficient and friendly, creating a positive experience for customers. Another strength highlighted is the store's wide variety of products, which helps keep animals happy. This indicates that Petsense Place has a good selection of pet supplies, catering to the needs of different pets.
Additionally, the comments praise the friendly and well-experienced staff. This suggests that the employees have knowledge about various kinds of pets and can provide helpful advice to customers. One customer specifically mentioned that they received assistance with their bearded dragon, which shows that Petsense Place has knowledgeable staff who can assist with specific pet needs.
Another positive aspect highlighted by a customer is the clean and well-maintained store. This indicates that Petsense Place values cleanliness and provides a pleasant shopping environment for customers. The praise for the rescue group event organized by the store also demonstrates that Petsense Place engages with the community and supports local initiatives, creating a positive image for the store.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one customer mentioned the difficulty of booking a grooming appointment. This suggests that the online booking system lacks price information, making it inconvenient for customers. Additionally, contacting the store by phone for booking also seemed challenging, with the groomer displaying a negative attitude. This indicates a possible issue with the staff's customer service skills and the need for improvements in communication.
Another weakness pointed out is the smell and cleanliness of the cat adoption area. This suggests that the store could improve its maintenance and cleanliness practices in that specific area. While the customer praises the overall selection and fair prices, they highlight that the adoption area consistently smells and needs cleaning. This feedback indicates an area for improvement to ensure a positive customer experience throughout the store.
Furthermore, a customer expressed frustration with the staff's lack of interest in helping customers. Although one employee named Nonna was helpful, the rest of the staff seemed more engaged in personal conversations. This suggests a lack of focus on customer service and highlights the need for staff training to ensure consistent and attentive service to all customers.
Lastly, a customer mentioned the inability of the store to order a specific dog food, leading them to order online instead. This indicates a potential limitation in Petsense Place's ability to fulfill customer requests. By not being able to offer alternative options or place special orders, the store may lose potential sales and customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, Petsense Place has several strengths, including quick and pleasant service, a wide variety of products, knowledgeable staff, and a clean and well-maintained store. However, there are also weaknesses, such as difficulties in booking grooming appointments, issues with cleanliness in the cat adoption area, shortcomings in staff focus on customer service, and the inability to fulfill certain product requests. These weaknesses highlight areas where Petsense Place can improve to enhance the overall customer experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Needed dog food to deliver to a new mother of twins. Don't have a dog. I was met at the door by a leak offering assistance. She led me right to the food of which I had taken a picture for reference. Quick and pleasant.
I go to this place all the time for regular pet needs and it’s fine. Booking a grooming appointment is a joke though. Booking online gives you no price information so what’s the point of that. I tried to call to book and the groomer on the phone just gave attitude. Find someone to answer your phones for you if it’s that much of a hassle
Not much to say other than friendly and well experienced with about all kinds of pets. I have a bearded dragon and I am a novice. They were helpful with the things I did not know
Wonderful pet store with wide variety of products to help keep my animals happy. Wonderful staff service and friendly customer support, will be back again!
Nice clean, well kept store! We came this this store on this past Saturday Morning to visit a rescue group that brought some little rescue dogs! It was so nice they brought the rescue group from Mt. Juliet, TN to allow a meet and greet with the dogs. Petsense has all the Pet Food, Toys and Treats your Dog or Cat would love. I highly recommend all "Dog and Cat" Parents to come shop at this nice, local, store!
I have frequented this store for a while and everyone is always so kind and helpful. Tonight I pulled up just as they closed because I was held up at the grocery store. Holly? Opened the door and told me I could get what I needed despite them just closing. I am so thankful because she saved me a trip to Portland tonight. This store has the best customer service.
Good selection and fair prices. You can also find good sales. Nice to have a place like this so close. Kitties for adoption looked healthy but boxes smelled and needed cleaning every time I go in there.
We like to support locally.. went in looking for a dog food that was supposed to be in stock at this store and was not. Nonna was extremely helpful in trying to help us with comparable foods. However, the rest of the staff was less than interested in helping customers and more into talking with each . We asked if they could order it and i was informed they could not.We can easily and now will be ordering online.

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  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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