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3601 Constitution Blvd # C108, West Valley City, UT 84119 United States of America
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This was the saddest manicure I have ever had I even left this place wanting to cry. I was actually embarrassed for my friend who recommended we go here, as it was her nail shop. I asked to have my nails filed and cleaned up and they made them more of a mess than when I arrived! I'd have been better off just asking for the tools to do it myself. The straight attitude and the disrespect I received while in here, should have been enough to make a person walk out, so frustrating.
Probably better off doing your own nails at home over this place.
**** updated review. I came here while traveling on business, for a gel pedicure and loved it. I came back through on business again and stopped by yesterday for a gel manicure for $35.00. It was a bit pricey considering the lack of massage, cuticle cleaning and overall presentation. I was also little unsure of the technician, since her so called cleaned tools weren't in a sanitized plastic bag, or sitting in cleaning solution. Instead she just pulled her nail tools out of her pocket.
The finished product looked ok enough (not great); however the very next morning, the gel started chipping!! Never have I had this happened before with gel nail polish. I also noticed she didn't repeat the process of the polish, or kept me under the lamp as long as other places.
Will be disputing this charge with my credit card company, for the lack of quality and service. Perhaps the polish could have also been expired/old.
I'm also going to upload pictures.
Avoid this place at all costs. I now see why they have a low rating. This establishment is relying mainly on the mall foot traffic ( low percentage of returning customers), instead of it being based off the quality of work they do. I'm still unsure how sanitary their tools actually are.
$35.00 plus $7.00 tip, definitely not worth it!!
Gave this place a chance ???? never again. The young lady took a shortcut to my procedure of a pedicure & manicure. First, the water for the pedicure was too hot then too cold and the young lady wiped my feet with a used wet towel ???? made me sit in a pedicure chair to get my manicure done which made my nail bleed. Too many errors. So, since I wasn't given the proper procedures with shortcuts I shortcut the tip to $5. Walked out and I am never going back!!!
Passion Nails Salon is the best! Good service and friendly staff! My tech lady is Merry she's AMAZING. Love the way my nails always turned out! Go check them out you won't be disappointed!
I’ve come a total of three times, the first was for a gel manicure where the woman helping me just complained the entire time about how short my nails were. Even after I apologized and explained how I was getting the nails done so I wouldn’t bite them and make them so short.
The second experience is the reason I’m giving more than one star. I was a walk in for a full set of acrylics and they immediately got me seated and started and I was out very quickly.
This last time my sister and I went for pedicures and a fill. I called ahead and made an appointment. When we came in at my appointment time, we ended up waiting for 40 minutes before there was someone available to help. Our water was cold, and the woman helping me left in the middle of my pedicure to go on break. So there was one person helping both me and my sister. And this one person had already left my sister to take a phone call, and then came back and was texting instead of doing the pedicure. When I got to the point of being done and the woman was cleaning up the polish on my toes, she started to fall asleep while working on me. Both of our pedicures are messy, and smudged and we’ve been home for 30 minutes. We ended up being at Passion Nails for 1.5 hours and I didn’t get my fill done because I was tired of being there for so long.
If I make an appointment I kind of expect to be treated as a priority over the walk ins. I understand that it’s busy and I’m okay waiting a little bit but an hour and a half for two just polish pedicures is ridiculous.
This place did a good job on my nails, only thing is the jewels aren’t straight. The pedicure was relaxing in the massage chair, they did a good job on my toes!
very bad service don’t recommend at all my nails are all lumpy and not cleaned up at all OVERALL WORST EXPERIENCE i’ve had not worth $100.
Absolutely discussed that they charged me 10 bucks for clear coat I wanted all natural kept trying to get me to do more! My pedicure took longer then my Full set. I WILL NOT GO BACK.

Quick Facts About Passion Nails

Passion Nails Salon is a nail salon that has received mixed reviews from customers. While some customers have had positive experiences with the salon, others have expressed dissatisfaction with the services provided. In this analysis, we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Passion Nails based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, there are several positive comments about the salon. One customer mentions that their nails always turn out great and praises their technician Merry as amazing. This indicates that there are some skilled and talented technicians working at Passion Nails who can provide satisfactory results. Additionally, another customer appreciates the relaxing pedicure experience in the massage chair and states that they did a good job on their toes. This suggests that the salon can create a relaxing environment for customers and provide quality pedicure services. These positive reviews highlight the potential for good service and skilled technicians at Passion Nails.
However, there are several weaknesses highlighted in the comments as well. The most common complaint is regarding the poor customer service and lack of professionalism exhibited by the staff. One customer mentions feeling disrespected and embarrassed by the attitude of the staff. Another customer mentions that the technician seemed unsure and did not follow proper sanitation procedures for the nail tools. This raises concerns about the salon's hygiene practices and the possibility of using expired or unsanitary products. The lack of attention to detail and the shortcuts taken by the staff, such as using a used wet towel or making the customer's nail bleed during a manicure, further emphasize the poor quality of service experienced by some customers.
There are also concerns raised about the pricing of the services at Passion Nails. One customer mentions that the gel manicure was pricey considering the lack of massage, cuticle cleaning, and overall presentation. Another customer expresses frustration over being charged $10 for a clear coat, feeling pressured to spend more than they wanted. These comments suggest that the salon may not provide good value for the prices charged and that customers may feel overcharged for the services received.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the excessive waiting time. They mention waiting for 40 minutes for their appointment, and then having to wait further when the technician left in the middle of the service. Waiting for an extended period and not being treated as a priority can be frustrating for customers who have made appointments and expect efficient service.
Furthermore, there are complaints regarding the quality of the work performed by Passion Nails. Multiple customers mention that their nails were not filed properly or cleaned up, resulting in messy and lumpy nails. One customer even states that their gel polish started chipping the next morning, suggesting a lack of durability or proper application. These issues with the execution and quality of the services provided highlight a significant weakness of Passion Nails.
In conclusion, Passion Nails Salon has both strengths and weaknesses. While they may have skilled technicians who can provide satisfactory results for some customers, there are concerns regarding poor customer service, lack of professionalism, questionable hygiene practices, excessive waiting times, and issues with pricing and quality of work. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and strive for improvement in order to provide a better experience for their customers.

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