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Quick Facts About P T Nails

PT Nails place has received a variety of comments, both positive and negative. In order to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, we will take a closer look at the comments provided.
One of the strengths highlighted in the comments is their skill and efficiency in providing manicures. Customers have praised the nail technicians for doing a beautiful job and being quick. This indicates that the salon has skilled and experienced staff members who are able to deliver high-quality results in a timely manner. Additionally, the comment about getting acrylic nails done quickly and well suggests that they excel in various nail treatments and are capable of meeting customer expectations.
Furthermore, the comment stating that PT Nails is the best place around Ohio and MI to get nails done highlights a competitive advantage. This indicates that the salon has built a strong reputation and has loyal customers who highly recommend their services. The fact that the prices are mentioned as being the cheapest and there is no tax further adds to their strengths. Offering affordable prices can attract more customers and create a competitive edge in the market.
Another strength mentioned is the longevity of the business, with one customer stating that they have been a patron for over 10 years. This indicates that PT Nails has managed to maintain a loyal customer base, which is crucial for the sustainability and success of any business. It suggests that they have consistently provided satisfactory experiences to their customers over an extended period of time.
However, there are also weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One customer mentioned having to wait for over 20 minutes despite having a scheduled appointment at 4:30 pm. This suggests that the salon may struggle with managing their bookings and honoring appointment times. This could potentially lead to customer dissatisfaction and negative experiences. It is important for the salon to improve their scheduling system and ensure that customers are seen at their scheduled times.
Another weakness that was brought up is the lack of ventilation in the salon, leading to dangerous fumes. This raises concerns about the health and safety practices of the salon. It is crucial for PT Nails to address this issue promptly in order to provide a safe environment for both their staff and customers. Failure to do so may result in negative publicity and reputation damage.
Additionally, while affordable prices can be seen as a strength, one customer expressed disappointment in the durability of their acrylic nails. This suggests that the quality of their services may not always meet expectations. Customers should be able to rely on their treatments lasting for a reasonable amount of time, especially for the price they are paying. PT Nails should focus on addressing these quality concerns in order to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In conclusion, PT Nails place has several strengths, such as skilled and efficient nail technicians, affordable prices, a strong reputation, and a loyal customer base. However, there are also weaknesses to address, including the management of appointments, lack of ventilation, and occasional quality concerns. By addressing these weaknesses and building on their strengths, PT Nails can strive to provide exceptional nail services and improve customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great manicure! I decided to try PT nails on a whim because my nails had grown out quite a bit from the previous manicure I had. I walked in a little before 3pm and they were extremely busy. I asked if I should return and they asked if I could come back around 4:30pm. I returned and they got me in right away. My nail tech was quick and did a beautiful job! Will definitely be returning!!!
Best Place around Ohio and MI to get your nails done. Their prices are the cheapest, No Tax! I have been with my Nail Tech Lana for 12 years-- she is the Best! Note: Calling in Advance to get an appointment is Necessary to be seen at a specific time. If you are just a walk in, then of course you would have to wait over the people who actually called ahead and made an appointment. They try their best to get to everyone as soon as possible; some days they are slammed, some days they are not.
I always enjoy going here to get my nails done! I always get a fill for my acrylic nails and they are extremely good and quick!
I have been a patron of PT Nails 10+ years. Thank you for the years of wonderful experiences.
Dont know there names yet, but will definitely be coming back. Making it a couple of months routine. Did a super amazing job on my nails. Price is good for the work. All the service fees aint bad at all. Want nails done and done right definitely go here.
My daughter made us a 4:30 appointment we got there checked in sat for over 20 minutes and 2 other women came in said they had a 5pm appointment and the lady that runs the place had us leave and let the other two women stay for their appointment. I will never ever go back or recommend anyone to ever go there. And also they do not ventilate at all and the fumes are dangerously toxic!!!
For 75.00 my nails should have lasted minimum of 2 weeks but they were all broke within 2 days!! One of them snapped opening a can of pop!! Talk about waste of money!! The last was super nice and I could tell she was trying hard so I tipped her 15.00 on top of the 75 so 90 I paid for my nails to have them on for 3 days, I am not happy at all!
First time going to PT Nails. I went to another local salon a few weeks ago and they gave me acrylics that were too thick and uneven. I felt rushed. But when I visited PT the technician took her time to get my nails looking good again. She (I think it was Nancy) was very friendly, professional and thorough. I was able to get an acrylic balance and pedicure in an hour. Highly recommend!

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