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OVERdraught Karaoke Bar

28-30 Blackburn St, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1NQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Bar games
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Well kept beer, never had a bad pint
Great beer Great prices Great dj but Mike barlow drinks in there so I'm out
Had very pleasant evening, wasn't planned . The landlord did everyone a favour by not singing .lol
On the hole I would recommend this establishment for a most enjoyable eve . ????
Top boss awesome music great price great atmosphere
Tired place brewery Needs to spend money on repairs and painting
Best night ever ???????? lovely staff, great genre of music & a great friendly atmoshere, lovely pub & a dance floor to boogie too.. bonus!! ????????????????highly recommend for a great night out ????
Great sound good bar staff not enough people getting in ....
Its a great pub and no troubel great night out

Quick Facts About OVERdraught Karaoke Bar

The strengths of OVERdraught Karaoke Bar can be identified from the positive comments given by customers. These strengths include:
1. Well-kept beer: Many customers mentioned that the beer at OVERdraught Karaoke Bar is always good and they have never had a bad pint. This indicates that the establishment takes pride in maintaining the quality of their drinks.
2. Great prices: Multiple customers praised the bar for its affordable prices. This suggests that OVERdraught Karaoke Bar offers value for money, attracting a wide range of customers.
3. Great DJ/music: The comments highlight that the bar has an excellent DJ who plays awesome music. Good music can enhance the atmosphere and entertainment value of the place, making it more appealing to patrons.
4. Friendly staff: Several customers mentioned the lovely staff at OVERdraught Karaoke Bar. Friendly and attentive staff can contribute to a positive customer experience and create a welcoming atmosphere.
5. Great atmosphere: Customers described the atmosphere as great and friendly. This suggests that the bar has a lively and enjoyable environment, providing customers with a fun and memorable experience.
6. Dance floor: The presence of a dance floor was appreciated by some customers, as it allows them to dance and have a lively night out. This feature adds to the entertainment value of the place.
Next, we can analyze the weaknesses or areas for improvement for OVERdraught Karaoke Bar based on the comments:
1. Negative association with a customer: One commenter mentioned that they would not visit the bar because someone named Mike Barlow drinks there. While it is unclear why this individual's presence is a deterrent, it indicates that there might be some negative association with certain customers, potentially impacting the overall atmosphere or reputation.
2. Tired appearance: A customer highlighted that the place needs to spend money on repairs and painting. This suggests that the establishment might have issues with maintenance and upkeep, which can affect the overall impression and appeal to customers.
3. Insufficient crowd: One customer mentioned that there are not enough people getting in. This could suggest that the bar may struggle to attract a larger crowd, which can impact the overall vibe and energy of the place.
In conclusion, OVERdraught Karaoke Bar possesses several strengths such as well-kept beer, great prices, an excellent DJ, friendly staff, a great atmosphere, and the presence of a dance floor. These strengths contribute to a positive customer experience and make it a recommended place for an enjoyable evening. However, there are areas that require improvement, including negative associations with certain customers, the need for repairs and painting to refresh the appearance, and the challenge of attracting a larger crowd. Addressing these weaknesses can enhance the overall appeal and success of the establishment.

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