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New Golden Delight Takeaway

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24 S Market Pl, Alford LN13 9AE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This is probably the worst takeaway we have ever had. What was supposed to be king prawns in batter turned out to be microscopic shrimps with the batter being about 80% of each parcel. The batter was thick, hard and stogy. Same for the sweet and sour chicken. The rice was a mixture of what seemed to be a collection of left overs from various other dishes with little rice.. We had to throw it away. Simply could not eat this. We cannot recommend this takeaway to anybody and this is our first and last visit here.
The food tasted nice, but i thought it could have been alot hotter and there was a long wait. Got home and it was luke warm. Was not an enjoyable experience overall unfortunately.
Never understood how some takeaways can still get away with cash only. Brilliant food though. 5 star rating. The Pink Marigold glove amused me that came through the hole to take my cash. 100% Recommended. Parking available outside
Will never eat here again, only managed to eat the chips. The bbq ribs had a funny taste and were dry/burned and the duck with cashew nuts was 90% fat and the sauce was congealed . It clearly wasn't duck breast in parts as it was all veiny/stringy. £3 for salt and chilli chips for a normal portion of chips with 3 slices of chilli. None of the meal was fresh. Will stick to the place I'm used to
Always great food from here and plenty of it as well. Friendly staff and always polite.
Very good food and prompt with orders
What a terrible shame. We ate here last year before lockdown, and had a wonderful meal. Sadly, this time has not been an enjoyable experience at all. The food was beyond bland, and inedible completely with some dishes. The food was woody, hard and flavourless with watery chicken pieces to top it off. We only visit a few times a year, but will listen to local opinoin and eat elsewhere going forward.
Disappointed. The duck dish with wraps was just bits of dried duck crumbs. Looked like floor sweeping.
Mushroom dish was cold
Overall, thoroughly disappointed and probably not use the takeaway again.

Quick Facts About New Golden Delight Takeaway

The New Golden Delight Takeaway place has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to assess its strengths and weaknesses, it is important to consider each comment and its implications.
One of the strengths highlighted is the taste of the food. Some customers found the food to be nice and enjoyable. This suggests that the takeaway place has the ability to prepare dishes with good flavors. Additionally, there is a mention of generous portions, indicating that customers receive ample amounts of food.
Promptness with orders is also mentioned as a positive aspect. This indicates that the takeaway place is efficient in handling orders and ensuring timely deliveries or pickups. Friendly staff and polite service are also mentioned as strengths, suggesting that the customer service experience is generally positive.
However, there are several weaknesses that emerge from the comments provided. The most significant issue highlighted is the quality of the food. Multiple customers mention that the food was not up to standard. Complaints include dishes being flavorless, hard, stogy, watery, and inedible. This indicates a lack of consistency and attention to detail in the food preparation process. The mention of funny taste, burned ribs, and congealed sauce reflects poor cooking and overall quality control.
Another weakness is the wait time. One customer mentions a long wait and another mentions lukewarm food upon arrival at home. This implies that there may be issues with the efficiency of the kitchen, leading to delays in order preparation or delivery. It also suggests that the packaging or insulation of the food may be inadequate, resulting in food not maintaining its desired temperature during transit.
The cash-only policy is mentioned as a weakness by one customer. While some may not consider this to be a significant issue, it can pose a problem for customers who prefer to pay by card or do not have cash on hand. This policy may deter potential customers from ordering from the takeaway place.
Inconsistency and a decline in quality over time are also mentioned as weaknesses. One customer mentions having a wonderful meal in the past, but this recent experience was disappointing. This suggests that the takeaway place may have inconsistency issues, and quality control standards may have dropped.
Overall, the New Golden Delight Takeaway place has several weaknesses that affect its reputation and customer satisfaction. The most prominent weaknesses include poor quality food, long wait times, and a decline in consistency. It is important for the takeaway place to address these issues in order to improve its overall performance and regain customer trust.


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