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New Diamond Take Away

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173 Rannoch Rd, Perth PH1 2DP United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About New Diamond Take Away

1. Word of mouth recommendation: One customer mentioned that they tried the New Diamond Take Away based on a recommendation from someone they knew. This indicates that the restaurant has a strong reputation and is well-regarded by its customers.
2. Impeccable and fresh food: Another customer praised the food at the New Diamond Take Away, stating that it was impeccable, clean, and clearly fresh. This suggests that the restaurant focuses on using high-quality ingredients and preparing dishes to a high standard.
3. Best chippy in Perth: A customer claimed that the New Diamond Take Away is the best chip shop in Perth. This accolade suggests that the restaurant excels in providing delicious and well-prepared traditional takeaway meals such as fish and chips.
4. Large portions: One customer mentioned that the meal they ordered for two had large portions, enough to satisfy three people. This indicates that New Diamond Take Away offers generous serving sizes, providing good value for money.
5. Friendly staff and good service: A customer commented on the friendly staff and good service at the restaurant. This suggests that the staff are courteous, attentive, and committed to providing a positive dining experience.
1. Inconsistent pricing: One customer criticized the New Diamond Take Away for not updating their prices on the menu, resulting in false advertising. They claimed to have been charged more than the displayed price, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a lack of trust.
2. Subpar dish quality: A customer complained about the quality of their chicken chow mein, citing soggy vegetables, tasteless chicken, and a lack of soy sauce. They even returned the dish for a refund but were refused. This highlights a potential inconsistency in dish quality and suggests a lack of attention to detail and consistency in food preparation.
3. Sloppy service: The same customer who encountered an issue with their dish quality also mentioned sloppy service at the New Diamond Take Away. They expressed disappointment with the customer service and felt that there was no excuse for such poor service, especially considering the restaurant's popularity.
4. Decline in quality: Another customer lamented the decline in quality at the New Diamond Take Away in recent years. They described the food as "complete garbage" compared to how it used to be. This suggests a potential decline in overall standards and may indicate a lack of consistency in maintaining the quality of their dishes over time.
Overall, the New Diamond Take Away has strengths in terms of its good reputation, quality and freshness of food, serving sizes, and friendly staff. However, they face weaknesses in terms of inconsistent pricing, subpar dish quality, sloppy service, and declining overall quality. These weaknesses suggest areas for improvement to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain their reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I think a takeaway should put up price changes when they change instead of keeping old prices up and charging more its false advertisement especially when a kid gose for chips and cheese says £4.20 and gets charged £4.50 when he is away to pay. We all realise prices everywhere has went up but come on change your menus really people should be paying what the menu says and not a penny more
First time tonight went off the back of word of mouth recommendation absolutely loved it food was impeccable clean and clearly fresh.i can honestly say I have not had a better Chinese in Scotland
Best chippy in Perth! Always freshly made and the food is to die for! Curry sauce is the best around. Probably better to phone for your order, less hanging about and always ready when they say.
Ordered a chicken chow mean (pun intended) consisted of a layer of soggy vegetables at the bottom, with the noodles sitting on top of the veg(without any soy sauce etc.) and finally a few clumps of bland boiled chicken just sitting on top. It was so bad we put it back in the tray and returned it next day only to be refused a refund. When I pointed out the obvious that no way a Chinese chef would ever have cooked this, the lady behind the desk did admit I was right and after a bit of a stand off I was offered a new chow mien , which I refused and settled with the safer fried rice , chips and curry sauce. To be as busy as this take away is there’s no excuse for the sloppy service. It’s the “Happy Valley” from now on.
My first time at the new diamond and we were not left disappointed. I see myself as a bit of a curry aficionado and this was spot on. We'll definitely be back for more.
Meal for 2 food was excellent large portions could easy do 3 friendly staff worth every penny also had fish supper 2 portion of fish plenty chips well enough for 2
This has went downhill over the last few years and is just complete garbage now. Such a shame as this used to be my favourite chippy.
Very good chicken curry and chips and staff very friendly and service very good

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  • Vegetarian options
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