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Nefertiti Threading & Beauty Salon

+1 614-717-5482
2588 Hilliard Rome Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026 United States of America
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One star because it was required to make a review! Maya was so rude the whole time she did my hair! She got upset when I sat in the chair and I said “I just want it styled I already washed” she yelled at me saying “it’s not just style, it my work” I even apologized because I didn’t mean it in a bad way. When it came to check out she told me the total was 85 dollars…all she did on my hair was style it (blow dry and curls). She even forgot to put hair spray in my hair and I had to ask for it. My hair was already washed before I went to her. When I told her that price was outrageous and there is no way, she shrugged her shoulders and she told me “prices have increased” I have NEVER been charged that much for that service. I checked her website when I left it says 35 dollars for styling. So she charged me an extra 50 dollars, she stole my money! I DO NOT recommend anyone to go to her because apparently her prices change depending on what moods she’s in. I still cannot believe she’s in business stealing peoples money.
I had a horrible experience here, I had gotten my eyebrows threaded. And the lady was rude to me for no reason. I first come in and I smell a disgusting smell at the salon. I’m a younger person so I didn’t really think of anything. Next, I sit down in the seat and I start to get my eyebrows started it obviously hurts because it’s a string plucking your eyebrows… so my eye flinches like any other time I get my eyebrows done. And she goes “If you flinch one more time I’m making your eyebrows thin” before that I did tell her that I wanted a little off. I believe this was to offend me… Had the feeling it was racially motivated. Do not recommend!!!
I scheduled an appointment for hair straightening I explain to the person on the phone that my hair is long and curly they gave me a quote of $30. After I set up the appointment and had my hair done on the checkout they jacked the price up to $100. They were not transparent with their price really annoyed that I had to pay extra when I was told that I paid a specific amount. If you want a person to pay whatever you want tell them before they set up the appointment please be transparent
I always get my eyebrows threaded up in sawmill, but thought I would give this place a try since its closer to home. The threading was so painful!! Which immediately i knew it was a red flag. I had ask her to ONLY clean them up and i didnt want them thin- nor my shape messed with. Well after i got to see them right eye brow looked like a straight line.. absolutely no shape, super thin may i add. While my Left brow thicker and patchy. I have full eyebrows so the asymmetry is so noticeable! Not worth $15. I called to speak to the owner and the girl wouldn't let me speak to her. Very unsatisfied.
The woman that works there is always so nice and very easy to work with on instructions to make sure that your brows look Amazing! I've been going here for the past 4 months and have made it my #1!
Hands down best place to get your brows done. I recently moved from the area and still drive out here for the threading. I love coming and they are always so kind. Booking is easily done online and there is a punch card reward system. Highly recommend.
Great experience the first time I went, horrible experience the second time!!! The first time, I had Maya and she was fantastic. It was a little more expensive than the place I used to go to but she did such a great job I was happy to pay more. The second time I went I wanted to ask for Maya but I figured I’d give the other woman the benefit of the doubt. It was a huge mistake. Not only are my eyebrows temporarily ruined, but in the 10 years I’ve been getting threaded, I have never had it hurt so much!!!! She pulled the thread so slowly it was awful. My good eyebrow is now my bad eyebrow. I told her I just wanted them cleaned up and she made them extremely thin. I don’t know if I’ll go back I’m so traumatized.
I’ve been going to May for eyebrow threading services for about 2 years and I have never had a bad experience. I love her so much I can have the bushiest eyebrows and be at a place that has an eyebrow salon and I will still not go in! I would rather wait until I can stop by and see May. She is always so sweet and kind. Yes, she can definitely be busy (proof that she does a great job) but if you don’t like waiting then make an appointment! I always walk in and get seen in about 15 min if she is with another customer. If it is going to be a longer wait, she will always communicate with you and let you know. All in all, best eyebrow threading services in Hilliard!

Quick Facts About Nefertiti Threading & Beauty Salon

Nefertiti Threading & Beauty Salon is a hair and beauty salon located in Hilliard. Based on the comments provided, there are both strengths and weaknesses associated with this establishment.
Starting with the strengths, several customers have praised the woman, Maya, who works at the salon. They have described her as nice, easy to work with, and talented in providing eyebrow threading services. Many customers specifically mentioned that they have been going to Maya for years and have never had a bad experience. This shows that Maya has established a loyal customer base and is consistent in delivering quality service.
Additionally, some customers appreciated the online booking system and the punch card reward system offered by the salon. These features make it convenient for customers to schedule appointments and earn rewards for their loyalty. This indicates that the salon is putting effort into providing a seamless and rewarding experience for its customers.
Moving on to the weaknesses, a common complaint among customers is the rudeness of some staff members, particularly Maya. One customer felt disrespected when Maya yelled at them and accused her of stealing money. Another customer felt offended by the comments made during her eyebrow threading session, suspecting racial motivation. These incidents reflect negatively on the professionalism and customer service provided by the salon, potentially driving customers away.
Another weakness identified is the issue of inconsistent pricing and lack of transparency. One customer mentioned that they were quoted a specific amount over the phone, but the price was increased upon checkout. This lack of transparency can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction, eroding their trust in the salon. It is essential for businesses to be transparent and upfront about their pricing to avoid any misunderstandings or negative experiences for customers.
Furthermore, some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the services received. One customer complained about the painful threading experience and the asymmetry in their eyebrows. Another customer mentioned that their eyebrows were ruined and the threading process was extremely painful the second time they visited the salon. These negative experiences suggest that the salon may have inconsistencies in the skills and techniques of its staff, which can negatively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In conclusion, Nefertiti Threading & Beauty Salon possesses strengths in terms of loyal and satisfied customers who appreciate the work of Maya, as well as convenient features like online booking and a reward system. However, the salon falls short in terms of rude staff members, inconsistent pricing, and quality issues in the services provided. These weaknesses can tarnish the salon's reputation and impact customer satisfaction. It is crucial for the management of Nefertiti Threading & Beauty Salon to address these weaknesses and improve their customer service, pricing transparency, and service quality to maintain and attract more loyal customers.

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