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Neatbeat Hair Salon

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9200 Taylorsville Rd, Louisville, KY 40299 United States of America
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  • Identifies as women-owned
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Lacy is amazing!!! Not only do I love my outcome, but it was batter than expected. I had several layers of at home dye on my ends and red on the top half of my hair, but she made my hair evenly colored and made the red I wanted way more bright then I thought I could reach. She also made sure I was comfortable and provided the best hand massage ever! ???? Lacy you are my go to from now on and nobody knows true professionalism and high quality until they visit Neatbeat Salon. Every lady there was professional, willing to give a hand to other technicians, and always making sure you’re comfortable. Thanks Neatbeat. You’re the best in Louisville!!!
I came in for a color and cut. I'm trying to transition to gray so this was my first step in that process. Unfortunately it didn't go as planned. My stylist was Ashley. Long story short, she went darker with the base - about 4 shades darker than when I arrived at the salon. Then her highlights, which came out yellow/white, didn't go all the way to the root. It's awful! Clearly she made a huge mistake. It's going to take serious time to correct this mess. Now they won't do a haircut because they don't have time. So here I sit, more foils in my hair, 4 hours later. Update: the second set of foils didn't correct the problem. If anything it's even worse. I still have dark roots around my hairline, nearly white highlights behind them, and the back of my head is dark brown. I don't understand how this happened. 5 hours of time, leaving with hair color darker than when I came in. It's going to require more maintenance than what I came in with. These crazy stripes and the dark base color....... What a nightmare!! Another update: the salon manager blamed the bad color on me! The only thing I did was sit in a chair and let Ashley apply color. What kind of salon blames a customer for the stylist's poor work? I offered to show her pictures of my hair, but she refused. She wasn't even in the salon when any of this happened!! Unbelievable. Check out my pictures on this post then you tell me: how in the world do I get the blame for this disaster???
Everybody is nice & friendly, I really did look forward to coming back, but as the lighting isn’t the best in the salon, I was disappointed that I seen my hair was not completely dyed all over like I requested, also the style was half done, I was not told that I would have blue hands if I had wet my hands & touched my hair, I asked for blue black all over my hair & have never had a problem doing it myself at home with box treatment but I wanted to get it professionally done & I can not say that is what I received ! The stylist I had was Grace, she is a nice person but I am not happy that I spent $270 for a half job ????
Man I had the best experience my hair turned out amazing! Thank you Grace! She was professional and sweet the whole time I have a ton of hair and she did an amazing job!!!
Lacey!!! Her talent is just awesome as her beauty. She did a haircut and it came-out just as I wished for. Thank you so much for your service. I could never think of any other place after visiting you. Your salon looks so professional yet have talented and beautiful stylists. Lacey spoke all the time with a beautiful smile. Never rushed me, made me feel comfortable. She listened to every detail I explained, what not I’m just loving my hair!!! I loved Neat Beat????. Thanks a bundle to Lacey!
Lacy was amazing!! It’s like she read my mind on how I wanted my hair to look, and delivered results way beyond my expectations. Grace was lovely as well, they both made sure I got the best color and service for what I was wanting. I have definitely found my new salon and will recommend to anyone willing to listen! Thanks again Lacy and Grace!!!
What a nice salon! And Ashley was great! She did exactly what I wanted and needed! Loved her personality and so easy to talk to! The products used in my hair were great too! Need to know what she used! My color has taken on a new life????
My wife selected this salon based on their reviews and the delightful way the Team members handled all of her questions. After our arrival, I was very impressed by how the various team members assisted her and welcomed me (even though I got no services for myself). The team members were universally upbeat, friendly and helpful. Please book your styling needs soon. You won't be disappointed!

Quick Facts About Neatbeat Hair Salon

Neatbeat Hair Salon has received both positive and negative reviews, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the salon. In order to provide a thorough analysis, we will discuss these comments in detail.
Starting with the strengths, many customers praise the professionalism and talent of the stylists, specifically Lacy and Grace. They have been commended for their ability to deliver results beyond expectations and for their ability to listen attentively to the customers' preferences. The positive feedback suggests that the stylists are skilled and knowledgeable in their craft.
Another strength of Neatbeat Hair Salon is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Multiple customers mention the team members being upbeat, friendly, and helpful. The salon's commitment to providing excellent customer service is evident in these comments, creating a positive and comfortable experience for clients.
Additionally, customers appreciate the hand massages and the personalized attention they receive during their appointments. The salon's attention to detail and efforts to make customers feel comfortable contribute to their overall positive experience.
However, there are also weaknesses mentioned by some customers. One recurring issue is dissatisfaction with the outcome of the hair color and cut. One customer specifically mentions a stylist named Ashley who made several mistakes during their appointment, resulting in dark roots, white highlights, and an overall messy appearance. This highlights a possible weakness in the consistency of quality among the stylists at Neatbeat Hair Salon.
In some instances, the blame for the poor hair color has been placed on the customer, which is seen as an inappropriate response from the salon's manager. This lack of accountability and refusal to accept responsibility further exacerbates the negative experience for the customer.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the poor lighting in the salon, which made it difficult for them to see the final result of their hair color. Additionally, they were dissatisfied with the unfinished style and the fact that they were not informed about potential blue staining if they wet their hands and touched their hair. This suggests a lack of communication between the stylist and the customer and a failure to meet the customer's expectations.
Overall, Neatbeat Hair Salon has strengths in terms of talented stylists, professionalism, and a friendly atmosphere. Their commitment to providing personalized attention and hand massages also enhances the customer experience. However, there are weaknesses regarding inconsistent quality among stylists, poor communication and accountability, and the issue of inadequate lighting in the salon.
To improve, Neatbeat Hair Salon should address these weaknesses by ensuring all stylists receive thorough training and monitoring their performance to maintain consistency in quality. They should also prioritize effective communication with customers, ensuring that they are fully informed about the process and potential outcomes. Additionally, addressing the issue of inadequate lighting in the salon would enhance the overall customer experience. By taking these steps, Neatbeat Hair Salon can build on their strengths and provide a consistently positive experience for its customers.

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