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Natural Nails

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7727 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Natural Nails

Natural Nails place seems to have a number of strengths based on the comments provided.
Firstly, the salon is praised for its friendly and sweet staff. This is an important aspect for a nail salon, as customers want to feel welcomed and comfortable during their visit. The comments consistently mention the positive and friendly attitudes of the employees, which indicates that the staff is doing a great job in providing exceptional customer service. A welcoming atmosphere can significantly enhance the overall experience for customers and make them want to return.
Another strength of Natural Nails place is the cleanliness of the salon. Cleanliness is essential in a nail salon, as customers want to feel confident that they are in a hygienic environment. The positive comments about the salon being clean indicate that the staff takes cleanliness seriously and maintains a sanitary environment for customers. This is crucial in gaining and retaining customer trust and loyalty.
Additionally, the comment about the variety of polishes available suggests that Natural Nails place offers a good selection of nail colors, giving customers plenty of options to choose from. Providing a range of polishes allows customers to find the perfect shade for their preferences and style. This can contribute to customer satisfaction and enhance their overall experience at the salon.
Moreover, the nail technicians at Natural Nails place are praised for their skill and talent. Customers mention that their nails come out flawless most of the time, indicating that the technicians are highly skilled and capable of delivering quality nail services. Having skilled technicians is crucial for a nail salon to ensure that customers are satisfied with their nails and will continue to come back. The positive feedback about the nail technicians suggests that Natural Nails place has a team of skilled professionals who can consistently deliver satisfactory results.
Furthermore, Natural Nails place is commended for offering pedicures with hot stones. This indicates that the salon goes above and beyond in providing additional services and indulgent experiences for customers. Adding luxurious additions like hot stones to pedicures can make the experience more enjoyable and relaxing for customers. This can be a unique selling point for the salon and attract customers who are looking for a more indulgent spa-like experience.
Despite the strengths mentioned above, there are also a few weaknesses identified in the comments. One recurring issue mentioned is that customers have had negative experiences when a particular older woman does their nails. Although she is described as super friendly, customers mention that their nails end up being "jacked up" when she does them. This inconsistency in the quality of service provided by this particular nail technician can be a potential weakness for Natural Nails place. It suggests that there might be a lack of consistency in the skills and techniques of the technicians. This inconsistency can lead to dissatisfaction among customers and potentially drive them away from the salon.
Additionally, the comment about the salon being crowded on weekends indicates that Natural Nails place might struggle with managing its customer flow. Overcrowding can lead to longer waiting times and a rushed experience, which can be frustrating for customers. The mention of appointments would help suggests that the absence of appointment scheduling might be contributing to the overcrowding issue. Implementing a proper appointment system can help manage customer flow more efficiently and provide a smoother experience for customers.
In conclusion, Natural Nails place has a number of strengths that contribute to its overall positive image. The friendly and sweet staff, cleanliness of the salon, a variety of polishes, skilled technicians, and indulgent services like pedicures with hot stones all contribute to a positive customer experience. However, weaknesses such as inconsistencies in the quality of service and overcrowding on weekends need to be addressed in order to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Sooooo happy I found my new nail salon! Beautifully done, was so sweet and overall a wonderful experience. Girls here are so sweet and know how to do nails!! Recommend this spot
I like this place. The staff is very friendly and the salon is clean. They talk to you, they play movies so and have a variety of polishes. The one and only reason I only gave 4 stars is because you have to be careful who does your nails. Most time my nails come out flawless but if I get the one older woman they get jacked up. I hate to say that because she is super friendly but I will wait for anyone else to do my nails but her.
Tried this place out with my mom since they around the corner from us. We could not be happier super friendly and nice staff. Place is super clean and they do a great job on the nails and they hold up well no chipping. This is my new spot I defiantly recommend them.
Let me first start off by saying this is the best nail salon that I have ever been to . Not only is there work incredible but I feel comftorable every time I'm in there . My girl is Debbie I've been doing my nails with her for about 2 years but I've had other nail techs do my nails if she's not there and I never left disappointed . Each nail tech are all very talented , you can't say that for many salons . if anyone disagrees you can tell me your opinion in person . I get my nails done every 2 weeks and I sit at Debbie's station . Thank you
I've been getting my nails - pedicures & eye brows done by Nancy & Sonny for over 4 years and not one time (and i mean NOT ONE TIME) have i ever been dissatisfied with their service. They are the sweetest people I've known to be a husband and wife and family built business. I'd be lost if they ever decided to close their shop.
I went there the other day for the first time and im happy. The girl did a good enough job that i will be going there for now on..
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. They have the sweetest, friendliest staff. The accommodated me more than once at the last moment, before closing on a SUNDAY!!! The place is very affordable. They really do quality work and above all, they are CLEAN. As hard as it is to find a quality CLEAN and affordable place in Philly, I am so glad they are in my neighborhood!!!!
Love the pedicure with the hot stones,I think all the girls are really good with the nails and designs but the only catch is it's usually over crowded on weekends so appointments would help

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