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1820 N Long Beach Blvd Sutie J, Compton, CA 90221 United States of America
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It was an OK experience. I needed a quick fill on my acrylics, and walked in without an appointment.
My wait was only about 5 minutes, and I went on a Saturday afternoon. The pedicure chairs were filled, and that took about 20 minutes to be seated.
The lady that did my pedicure was nice, but, she dug in my toes really deep and caused bleeding and pain, when that wasn't necessary. Also, she did not listen. I did not want gel on my toes, but she did it anyway.
I also got my eyebrows waxed, and she did a great job.
For the fill, pedicure (massage, callus remover, gel, flower), and eyebrow wax, the total was only $80.
I wouldn't necessarily CHOOSE to go here, but for an emergency, I might return.
FYI. They accept debit/credit cards for services, but not the tip. They also have an ATM available on site.
I went to get a pedicure and eyebrows waxed that lady messed my eyebrows up badly I'll never get them done there again..they are thin ugly and one is all chopped up and crooked she did a poor job ..don't trust the old lady with burgundy hair ..she needs to retire ..bad for business..I loved my pedicure .. I will not return
The absolute worst nail shop! It's dirty... as in filty... I got my nails done with my daughter... spent 120 bucks at this place.. the VERY NEXT day my nails popped off like press ons... I really wanted to like this place but it's gross and nasty and they never clean it. I was really upset about my nails so i went back and told them my complaints.. they offered to fix it but i waited 10min before leaving because they didn't care and u can tell.. go somewhere else and thank me later..
Peter is the best nail artisan I've ever had. He's the Christian guy with an awesome attitude! Go Peter!!????????
The nail technician (___ Love) did a good job but could've done better. I think he rushed himself considering I showed up late. In these cases they should tell u to show up the next day lol. The letters in pink and not all in caps are not too visible on top of the pink shiny top coat but there wasn't too many selection. Some of my nails came out too squared, not nice! Anyway for adding glitter and stickers in addition to nails $52! These pics are from 2 weeks exact after getting them done, after coming back from my trip, and not 1 broken nail. Someone knows how much they charge for fills???
I usually come here for Helen she’s been doing my eyebrows for years now. And she’s amazing I have no complaints about her. But the lady who did my nails was rude and in a bad mood. I told her that my wedding finger the nails was Curved to the side and she gave me attitude and said well I’m not done. Lady my finger isn’t curved to the side why wait to fix it. They charged me $40 dollars and they don’t even look like the nails I showed the nail tech. I told the lady in charged and she just discounted $5 bucks never again will I get my nails done there. I’m going to attach a pic of the nails I wanted vs the nails I got charged for.
Very happy with how my nails came out. Told the lady to get creative for st. Patrick's day and she did. Ask me what i had in mind, showed her a pick and she went from there. Definitely going to return. Have been for years.
The lady did amazing on my pedicure but my gel manicure was a tragedy. Soak and took them off

Quick Facts About Nails on LA

Nails on LA place, as described through the various comments, has both strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that they had an "OK experience" and were able to get a quick acrylic fill-in without an appointment. This suggests that the salon is accommodating to walk-in customers and can provide prompt service. Additionally, the wait time was only about 5 minutes, even on a busy Saturday afternoon, indicating that the salon is efficient in managing their client flow.
The commenter also mentioned that the total cost for a fill, pedicure, eyebrow wax, and additional services was only $80. This suggests that Nails on LA place offers reasonably priced services, providing value for money to its customers.
Another positive aspect mentioned was the eyebrow waxing service. One customer stated that they did a great job on their eyebrows. This indicates that the salon has competent staff who can perform different services to a high standard.
Another strength is that Nails on LA place accepts debit/credit cards for services, making it convenient for customers who may not have cash on hand. Additionally, they have an ATM available on site, which provides further convenience for customers who may need cash for tipping.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses that were mentioned in the comments. One customer mentioned a negative experience during their pedicure, where the technician dug deep into their toes, causing bleeding and pain. This indicates that there may be a lack of attention to customer comfort and potentially improper technique being used by the technician.
Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with their eyebrow wax, stating that it was done poorly and resulted in thin, ugly, and crooked eyebrows. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the quality of services provided by different technicians at Nails on LA place.
Furthermore, one customer described the salon as "dirty... as in filty," and stated that their nails popped off the very next day after getting them done. This suggests that the salon may have issues with cleanliness and hygiene, which can negatively impact the overall experience and the longevity of the services provided.
Another weakness is the lack of responsiveness and care shown by the staff when a customer complained about their nails. The commenter mentioned that they waited 10 minutes before leaving because they felt that the staff didn't care about their concerns. This points to a potential lack of customer service and an overall disregard for customer satisfaction.
Additionally, one customer mentioned that the nail technician rushed themselves during the service, which resulted in some nails coming out too squared and not looking nice. This indicates that there may be a lack of attention to detail and a rushed approach to providing services.
Finally, another customer expressed dissatisfaction with their nails, stating that they did not look like the nails they showed the technician and that the technician had an attitude when asked to fix a problem. This suggests that there may be a lack of communication and professionalism from certain staff members.
In conclusion, Nails on LA place has both strengths and weaknesses. Some of the strengths include accommodating walk-in customers, efficient service, reasonable prices, and competent staff for certain services. However, some of the weaknesses include discomfort during services, inconsistency in quality, cleanliness issues, lack of responsiveness and care, rushed services, and communication problems. Potential customers should consider these factors before deciding to go to Nails on LA place.

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