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Quick Facts About Nails N Style

Nails N Style is a nail salon that has received mixed reviews from customers. In analyzing the comments, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
Starting with the strengths, one customer had a positive experience with a nail technician named "Snow." They were impressed by her patience and attention to detail while doing their lashes and nails. The customer felt that Snow cared about ensuring their nails turned out perfect. This indicates that the salon has skilled technicians who are capable of providing high-quality service.
Another positive aspect of the salon is the dedication and hard work of the three ladies who run it. One customer mentioned that they are always busy, which suggests that the salon is popular and has a large customer base. Additionally, the customer expressed gratitude towards the salon for accommodating their needs as an elderly person who struggles with reaching their feet. This shows that the salon is attentive to the needs of their customers and strives to provide a pampering experience.
Furthermore, there are customers who have been loyal to Nails N Style for several years. This loyalty is a testament to the consistent quality of service provided by the salon. These longstanding customers appreciate the hard work and kindness of the staff, indicating that the salon has built a good reputation and a loyal customer base.
However, there are several weaknesses highlighted in the comments as well. One customer had a negative experience where their nails did not turn out as expected. When they asked for the issues to be fixed, the nail technician was resistant and only made minimal fixes. This lack of willingness to rectify mistakes and poor customer service is a significant weakness for the salon.
Another customer was dissatisfied with the time it took to get their nails done. They felt that the service was not worth the time and money spent. This indicates that the salon may have issues with efficiency and time management, which can frustrate and inconvenience customers. Additionally, the customer expressed that the quality of the nails was subpar, further highlighting a weakness in the technical skills of the salon's staff.
One customer had a negative experience with both a pedicure and eyebrow waxing service. They mentioned that their pedicurist was frequently distracted and did not change gloves during the service, raising concerns about hygiene practices. The customer also had a negative experience with the eyebrow waxing service, experiencing skin damage and redness. These instances indicate a lack of attention to detail and proper training in providing services, which is a significant weakness for the salon.
In conclusion, Nails N Style has strengths in skilled technicians, hardworking staff, and a loyal customer base. However, there are weaknesses in terms of customer service, time management, and quality control. The salon needs to address these weaknesses to ensure customer satisfaction and improve their overall reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I went in for the first time since moving here to this nail salon, at first the service was going to great, but as I continued to watch the process I had pointed out some things that were making me nervous, and I wasn’t liking. When I had asked for them to be fixed, the mail tech picked the color her self, and said no to other things being fixed. Overall I left feeling upset that my nails look the way they did, and there was no eagerness to fix them and still paid over $50.
My first time here and I am so impressed. I may have heard the woman’s name wrong, but I thought I heard “Snow”?. Either way, this woman is my hero. I had my lashes and nails done by her. My eyes were watering while she was doing my lashes, which made it really hard, but she was so patient and my lashes turned out great. Then as she started doing my nails, her husband was calling her and she had to make a few phone calls for him and she was taking care of everything while still doing my nails like an absolute BOSS. A woman that handles her business!! I showed her a picture of what i wanted and she couldn’t have done a more perfect job. She made sure to get it JUST right. I’ve never met a nail artist that cared so much about how my nails have come out. Can’t wait to go again!!
I went to this salon because I was visiting the area to have a pedicure and eyebrow wax. Besides my attendant getting distracted several times during my pedicure, after waiting thirty minutes with mopping, etc., and without changing her gloves once, my pedicure was satisfactory. The girl that waxed my eyebrows was cocky and acted put out that she had to stop whatever she was doing to wax me. Well, she ended up pulling my skin off with the hair and left me with huge red welt sores on my face! I will never go back and feel violated by her careless attitude.
Awful. If it hadn’t already taken her TWO hours to do my nails I would have insisted she fix them. I hate to write a negative review but I’m sorry, save your time and money and go somewhere else. They were very nice but the worst nails I’ve ever had.
I dont feel like this was a great job at all. 1.) the white is to far down/crooked 2.) some areas are sharp 3.) uneven!! Spent to much here and they sucked. I have been to a lot of places- finding out who I want to stick with. Wouldn’t recommend if you want good ones done.
I've never had a bad nail job here! Quality might be a little too good, lasted forever. Occasionally hard to get in and wait times are not always accurate, just be prepared to spend a little longer. If you are in a time crunch you will just get irritated, go back when you have more time.
Three ladies run the shop and are always busy but if your lucky you'll get a walk in. My sister and I go every month. God bless them I'm 70 and can't reach my feet for long periods of time, I'm also ticklish .really go visit NAILS N STYLE. FEEL PAMPERED see ya there.
I’ve been coming here for 5 years and I love these ladies! They’re so nice and hardworking. Sometimes your appointment does take a long time but that is usually due to the volume of clients they have! They do an amazing job and I will always come here.

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