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2405 2nd Loop Rd I, Florence, SC 29501 United States of America
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It's nice but it just feel like the pedicures are rushed and don't really give u time to relax and they really don't give u time to chill
DEFINITELY WOULD NOT GO TO THE OLDER MAN GAVE ME FAT SQUARE NAILS I ASKED him can he redo them or try to fixed them he told me no horrible services !! I’ve also expressed my concerns during the service he shut me down. Again definitely will not recommend
If I could give a negative star I would. Service has gone down. Went to get a pedicure. She cut my toe nails.. no buffing no shaping then painted them all white. Umm. Not for$30.00. I was so upset. I just paid and left. The person doing the work was rushing .trying to get to other customers like I wasn't important enough
I keep trying this place but they fail every time. The older lady and man aren’t that great at shaping or polishing. When people pay for a service they want it as close to perfect as possible. These people rush through your service even when it’s not busy. They half remove polish, they half do pedicures. They missed filing one of my feet, they didn’t file my toenails. I had to ask them to take the rest of the polish off and shape my toenail correctly they were going to paint right on top of old polish. I wish the younger girls would take time to properly coach their parents on crisp shaping and neat polishing. Every time I leave my feet look like I could’ve done a better job myself at home. The work just isn’t the greatest and the service definitely is below standard.it’s not the relaxing environment and care that you’d expect when receiving a pedicure service. Snip snip rub rub paint paint done. Stop caring more about the dollar than you do your clients. That will help your business blossom. If they improved on these few things they’d be a great business.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! I came for a pedicure, it was rushed, less than half done and horrible. After running the water for my foot to soak he (the older man) did not put anything in the water to soften the foot. After soaking he 1/2 scraped my heel, did the exfoliation and put on lotion.This WILL be the last time I visit this nail shop.
I asked 3 times while waiting an hr can I soak my nails off while waiting my turn for a new full set. Mimi said no she can't get up ask her mom. I asked her mom 2x and she kept saying wait with 3 vacant chairs
Horrible customer service! Will never go back! I originally went in for a soak off and full set. Ended up only getting the soak off. After getting the soak off, I waited OVER AN HOUR to get my full set after deciding, enough is enough, just give y bill for the soak off, and let me leave this unprofessional “business.”
Within that over an hour, I watched them service 5 or more people that walked in after me. That is highly unacceptable!
I wouldn’t recommend this place. They have workers who are not knowledgeable about the services they are giving. Pedicure service is horrible, it was rushed and polish was left on the skin, toenails were not filed properly. Some of the workers do not speak English well which bothers me as to how you would be able to understand what my concerns are. They have the workers that do not speak English well making appointments for the nail techs when they aren’t available.I was told that I would have an appointment with Mimi Tran at 3:30 Monday but she was never available. Do not go to this place.

Quick Facts About Nail Pro

Nail Pro place has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's analyze them in detail.
Starting with the strengths, some customers mentioned that the salon and atmosphere were nice. This indicates that the physical environment of Nail Pro place might be appealing and well-maintained. Additionally, some customers appreciated the younger girls working at the salon, suggesting that they might be skilled in their work.
Moving on to the weaknesses, the most prominent complaint is related to rushed and unsatisfactory services. Many customers mentioned that the pedicures felt rushed and did not provide enough time to relax. This could indicate a lack of attention to customer satisfaction and a focus on completing services quickly, potentially compromising the quality of the treatments.
Furthermore, multiple customers expressed dissatisfaction with the older male employees at Nail Pro place. They criticized their skills in shaping and polishing nails, with some customers even describing their services as horrible. This suggests a lack of expertise on the part of these employees, which can greatly impact the quality of the services provided.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the poor customer service experienced by some customers. Instances of being shut down, ignored, or not receiving proper assistance were mentioned, indicating a lack of professionalism and customer focus. This can lead to a negative overall experience for patrons and discourage them from returning or recommending the salon to others.
Language barriers also seem to be an issue at Nail Pro place. Some customers mentioned that certain employees do not speak English well, making it difficult to communicate their concerns or needs effectively. This can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of personalized service, ultimately affecting the overall customer experience.
Additionally, some customers mentioned long wait times and appointment issues. Waiting for an hour or more and observing others being served before them can create frustration and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, contradictory information regarding appointments, as mentioned by a customer, reflects poor organization and communication within the salon.
Overall, the weaknesses highlighted in the comments outweigh the strengths, painting a negative picture of the customer experience at Nail Pro place. The rushed services, lack of skill and expertise from certain employees, poor customer service, language barriers, and appointment issues all contribute to a subpar experience for customers. Improvements in these areas would be crucial for Nail Pro place to enhance its reputation and attract more satisfied customers.

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