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Nail Castle

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1421 Forestdale Blvd # 121, Forestdale, AL 35214 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Stop going anywhere else. The best nail technicians the best massage chairs the best lotions and the best service. Tony is good with designs. Lynn is the best at a full set and Mike will make your feet feel like a dream. I LOVE THIS PLACE
First off they dont speak too new customers unless they no you. Secondly they make fun of people to each other in english. Although it would really be convenient for me to go there I don’t like the way they treat new people whom they dont know. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KEY!
I had the most wonderful experience Saturday, Lynn made my feet look amazing!!! All of the staff are super friendly and very talented. I will most definitely be back! Plus the prices here are the best I've seen ???????? Thank You Nail Castle for a wonderful experience!!!!
I've tried to give this place many chances over the years, but after this last visit never again. If you don't choose to get a higher priced polish or add on they will quote you one price and then charge you another. The staff that was good is no longer there, and the owner is as shady as they come. I'll continue yo drive across town to get my nails done.
Went in at closing time on the Saturday before Easter and none would do my nails I then offered a 30 dollar tip and they said they were closing so I walked out the owner came chasing me down and said come on inside I will do them refused the 30 dollar tip but I insisted and left it on his table great people there nails look amazing
Don't take checks, just debit cards and cash money.some elderly ppl only have checks.
I was very satisfied with their work and good treatment ????
I made a purchase last Friday and left my wallet in the shop. I didn't realize I had lost it till Saturday, but when I called he said he had it and I could come pick it up! I am so very thankful for them keeping my wallet safe till I returned.

Quick Facts About Nail Castle

Nail Castle Place, based on the comments provided, seems to have a mix of strengths and weaknesses. Let's analyze them in more detail:
Strengths: 1. Skillful and talented technicians: Multiple comments praise the nail technicians at Nail Castle Place for their skills and expertise. They are commended for their ability to perform various services, such as nail designs, full sets, and foot massages, ensuring high-quality results. 2. Good customer service: Many commenters highlight the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Nail Castle Place. They appreciate the staff's approachability and positive attitudes. 3. Affordable prices: One customer mentions that the prices at Nail Castle Place are the best they have seen. Affordable prices can attract more customers and provide value for money. 4. Trustworthy and honest: A customer left their wallet in the shop, and the owner ensured it was kept safe until they returned. This shows that Nail Castle Place values honesty and integrity in their interactions with customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Unwelcoming to new customers: A commenter mentions that the staff at Nail Castle Place does not communicate well with new customers unless they are familiar with them. This behavior might make new customers feel unwelcome and deter them from returning. 2. Unprofessional conduct: According to one comment, the staff engages in making fun of customers to each other in English. This type of behavior is unprofessional and disrespectful, impacting the overall customer experience. 3. Inconsistency in pricing: One customer complains that Nail Castle Place quoted one price but charged a different amount for their service. Inconsistent pricing can lead to confusion and a lack of trust in the business. 4. Change in staff quality: A comment suggests that the quality of the staff at Nail Castle Place has declined over the years, with the good staff no longer being there. This change in staff quality can affect the overall experience and satisfaction of customers.
Additional observations: 1. Limited payment options: Nail Castle Place only accepts debit cards and cash, which may create inconvenience for customers who prefer to pay by check, specifically older individuals who may not have other means of payment. 2. Willingness to accommodate customers: A customer recounts a positive experience where, despite the salon being closing time, the owner offered to do their nails and refused a generous tip. This indicates a willingness to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, Nail Castle Place has several strengths, including skilled technicians, good customer service, and affordable prices. However, there are also notable weaknesses, such as unwelcoming behavior towards new customers and inconsistency in pricing. Additionally, the salon's acceptance of limited payment methods may create inconvenience for some customers. Overall, while Nail Castle Place has received positive feedback in various areas, there are improvements that could enhance the customer experience and make it a more inclusive and customer-focused establishment.


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