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Marklews Fisheries

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82 Middlethorpe Rd, Cleethorpes DN35 9PR United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 11:30 AM - 02:00 AM

Quick Facts About Marklews Fisheries

Marklews Fisheries has several strengths that contribute to its positive customer experiences. Firstly, many customers praise the friendly staff and efficient service. The comment about being in and out in under 5 minutes indicates that the staff at Marklews Fisheries work quickly to serve their customers. This efficient service is a strength as it ensures that customers do not have to wait for long periods of time.
Another strength is the quality of the chips and curry sauce. Customers mention that the chips tasted amazing and described them as "chips like scraps." This suggests that the chips have a crispy texture that is enjoyable to eat. Additionally, the curry sauce is praised for its taste and adds value to the overall meal. The positive comments about the chips and curry sauce highlight the strength of the food at Marklews Fisheries.
Reasonable prices are also listed as a strength. One customer mentions that the prices at Marklews Fisheries are "very reasonable." This is an important strength as it indicates that the business offers affordable options for customers. Pricing can greatly impact customer satisfaction, and the affordable prices at Marklews Fisheries contribute positively to the overall experience.
Cleanliness is another strength mentioned by a customer. The comment states that the takeaway is "very clean." Cleanliness is an important factor in the food industry as it directly influences the perception of the establishment. A clean environment can create a positive impression and contribute to customer satisfaction.
Despite these strengths, there are several weaknesses that need to be addressed at Marklews Fisheries. One customer mentions that the sausages are very small and not worth the £5 price they paid for their meal. This indicates that the portion size may not meet customers' expectations and does not provide value for money. Another customer also comments on the poor organization and lack of customer service training. These weaknesses may contribute to a negative experience for customers.
Another weakness highlighted is inconsistency in the quality of the food. One customer mentions that the fish was greasy and had more batter than fish. Additionally, the chips were described as dreadful and overly greasy. These comments indicate that the quality of the food at Marklews Fisheries can vary, leading to disappointment for some customers. Overcooked fish, dry texture, and concrete-like batter are additional complaints that negatively impact the dining experience.
Lastly, there is a comment about the possibility of the fish being cooked the night before and just warmed up. This suggests that freshness may be an issue at Marklews Fisheries. Freshness is an important aspect of seafood, and customers expect their food to be cooked fresh and not reheated. This weakness impacts the overall perception of the establishment and may deter customers from returning.
In conclusion, Marklews Fisheries has several strengths such as friendly staff, efficient service, tasty chips and curry sauce, reasonable prices, and a clean environment. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, including poor portion sizes, lack of organization and customer service training, inconsistency in food quality, and concerns regarding freshness. Addressing these weaknesses can improve the overall customer experience and contribute to the success of Marklews Fisheries.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Went in for Lunch and was welcomed by friendly staff.. Wait time was not long at all and I was in and out in under 5 minutes. The chips were great and tasted amazing this is the same with the curry sauce and battered Sausage. Prices are also very reasonable, will be back again!
Chips like scraps, peas hard, sausage very small, did not think £5 for the food was worth it.
Fish - haddock- as it should be...white, sweet and just melt in the mouth. Freshly cooked and perfect
Y'all need some customer service training and some better organisation.
Popped in on a whim, not been for a fair few years and it used to always be good. Ordered 2 peices of fish, 2 regular chips 1 fish cake and one small sausage, 20quid..
I think I must have repeated my order at least 5 times to the lass on the till, and was still repeating the order while she was bagging it all up. Fish was hot, chips were cold. Batters nice but it's not great when it's only your batter that's the best thing.
If y'all were new I'd understand but can tell that's just how it runs in there nowadays, used to be one of the best a good 10 years ago, deffo need some changes and tlc if it's gonna make gains like it used too in my opinion.
Just thought it's pretty sad really. One of the first review I've posted on here too, mainly because I felt it needed pointing out
Excellent fish and chips and a very clean take away.
Just had fish and chips the fish was greasy there was more batter on the fish than fish.
If anything the chip was dreadful there was that much grease formed on the bottom of my false teeth the Fat tasted deity !! Its was very greasy.. not very tasty the only good thing about it the Vinegar taste nice !!
. The fish was overcooked it was dry ..
it wasn't very white it was more brown ???? colour.... if the people think this fish and chip shop is Good obviously some people don't know good fish and chips from bad ones...
bought fish and chips from here on 8/3/2022.
its the worst peice of fish i have ever had. i wondered if it was cooked the night before and just warmed up as i was probably first in the shop on that day. I do enjoy my fish and i will never go back again
The fish was not just overcooked it was incinerated. Fish was hard and dry and the batter was like concrete.
I use this chip shop twice a week but after a few recent letdowns I will be looking elsewhere in future.

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