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M & M nails and Spa

+1 304-962-6999
9 Pullman Square, Huntington, WV 25701 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I really wanted to love it. But even after going back and having my nails fixed 3 days ago this is what they look like. There’s also glue all on the backs of my nails. I just feel like for the price they would have looked a whole lot neater.
And I was nothing but nice and the lady was clearly getting frustrated with me and rushing me.
These lady's are so nice and they do QUALITY work. This was my first time here but definitely not my last. Very happy with my beautiful nails. ????
Went in 30 minutes before they closed the lady working was super sweet and helpful. One of the best nail experiences I’ve had she was gentle quick and did my nails very nicely. Definitely will be coming back
Loved my experience here! I’ve been to a lot of nail places and this particular place has made a great first time impression…They are super friendly. The atmosphere is calm and good. They pay attention to details and make sure they do wonderful work. Worth the drive and will definitely be back!
Went today for the first time and got a full set pink and white and a jelly gel pedicure. Pedicure was amazing and nails came out pretty ????. Hubby got a pedi too. Will definitely be returning!
Excellent service, fantastic nail tech. Best nails I’ve ever had hands down.
I absolutely loved loved loved these nails, she was so nice and fast.
Great place to get your nails done! Awesome! Ann did a beautiful job and is so kind!

Quick Facts About M & M nails and Spa

Strengths of M & M Nails and Spa Place:
1. Quality work: Multiple customers commented on the quality of the work done at M & M Nails and Spa Place. The nails were described as beautiful, pretty, and the best the customers have ever had. This indicates that the technicians at the salon are skilled and capable of providing high-quality services.
2. Friendly and helpful staff: Many customers praised the friendly and kind nature of the staff at the salon. They appreciated the level of customer service provided and felt comfortable during their visit. This positive atmosphere can be a significant strength for the salon, as customers are more likely to return and recommend it to others.
3. Attention to detail: Customers mentioned that the salon pays attention to details and ensures that the work done is wonderful. This indicates that the technicians take their time to provide a thorough and precise service, resulting in a satisfactory outcome for the customers. Attention to detail is important in the beauty industry, as it reflects the professionalism and dedication of the salon.
4. Quick service: Some customers mentioned that the technicians at M & M Nails and Spa Place were quick in their work. This can be a strength, especially for customers who prefer fast service or have limited time available. This efficiency can help the salon accommodate a greater number of clients and potentially attract busy individuals who are seeking a time-efficient salon experience.
5. Positive first-time impressions: Several customers stated that their first visit to M & M Nails and Spa Place left a great impression on them. They appreciated the overall experience, from the friendly staff to the quality of the work. First-time impressions are crucial in the beauty industry, as they can determine whether a customer becomes a loyal client or not. The salon's ability to create positive first-time experiences can contribute to its success.
Weaknesses of M & M Nails and Spa Place:
1. Inconsistent outcomes: One customer mentioned that even after having their nails fixed, they were still not satisfied with the outcome. The nails were described as looking messy, and there was glue on the backs of the nails. This inconsistency in the quality of work can be seen as a weakness for the salon, as customers expect a certain level of consistency and professionalism.
2. Frustrated staff: One customer mentioned that the lady at the salon appeared frustrated and rushed during their visit. This can be perceived as a weakness, as an impatient or frustrated staff member can create a negative experience for the customer. It is important for the salon to ensure that all staff members are trained to handle various situations professionally and maintain a calm and friendly demeanor.
3. Price: One customer mentioned that they expected better results considering the price they paid. This suggests that the salon's pricing may be higher compared to other similar establishments. Price can be a significant factor for customers when choosing a salon, and if the prices at M & M Nails and Spa Place are not competitive, it may deter potential customers.
4. Limited customer feedback: While there were several positive reviews, the number of comments analyzed was relatively small. This lack of a large sample size can be seen as a weakness, as it may not provide a comprehensive representation of the overall customer experience at the salon. It would be beneficial for the salon to actively encourage customers to provide feedback and reviews to gain a better understanding of areas that may need improvement or modification.
5. Lack of specific information: Some comments were vague and did not provide specific details about the services received or aspects of the salon that were appreciated. This lack of specific information can make it difficult to fully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of M & M Nails and Spa Place. It would be helpful for customers to provide more detailed feedback that can offer insights into the specific strengths and weaknesses of the salon.

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