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Luz Hair Salón

+1 757-833-8202
465 Oriana Rd, Newport News, VA 23608 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Restroom
  • Appointments recommended
  • Cash-only
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The hair Stylist Catalina Was phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!! She took her time doing my hair and blessed me with a plate of food from her house, that she bought to her restaraunt. She had a beautiful soul and she is truly kind. She told me everything i needed to make my hair grow. She treated it, dyed it and cut and styled it plus put protective hair treatment my hair. They ate Amazing here!!!!!!! I come all they way from New York City and she treated me like Royalty!!!!!
Got wash and blowout and got charge $75. My daughter got a cut, wash and blowout pay $120. Never in 12 years in Newport News have a hair stylist have charge such a high price for that type of service. Also the place it's not clean neither organized. While they are doing your hair they also be taking on their phone. Never again will I got back to this Salon.
The customer service while there was very good, my hair was frizzy as soon as I left, I’m not used to getting a blowout that doesn’t last I moved here from Charlotte and my Dominican lady in Charlotte would do my hair it would last for over a month, my hair is frizzy and I spent over $100 it did include treatment still not happy. I called to go back to get it redone but I had something come up tried calling back several times, was unable to reach anyone nor did she check on me, I expected better, I felt I spent money for a treatment the hair didn’t last a day.
This is not Luz Hair salon. They are D salon and NOT GOOD AT ALL. I have been to Dominican salons all over the 757 and this is my least favorite. She colored hair brown and my hair is black I asked for black hair color didn't cover my Grey hairs Had me sitting for 5 hours while finishing clients in-between finishing my hair. Didn't use any products as a protective while using heat.Prices are very high. I DONT recommend at all!
Don’t go to her my friend came out looking like a cabbage patch kid. She cut all her hair off unevenly and without permission. I had to listen to her cry for a day. Do not recommend over charging for a simple blowout.
Shakira is the best beautician in the Peninsula she works very good with your hair 30 years of experience great Outstanding Amazing work she is a Fabulous person love her work in my hair ???????????????????????????????????????????????? I have beautiful hair because of her!!!!!
Jackie is fantastic! She is the ONLY one I will let cut my hair. I moved out of state and I literally drove 5 hours, after a 12 hour workday, for Jackie to cut my hair. She is very professional, respectful, and great energy! Everyone in the shop is awesome! This salon is and will forever be my #1. You pay for quality and I will say, my hair is my life and it’s worth the price!
very friendly when called and arrived , but soon after they were trying to recommend higher products and / or services over and over again did not set and curl my hair for a blowout and charged me 75 for a simple wash and blowdry when my hair is barely shoulder length. Then tried to take additional money from me not giving change saying they thought it was for a tip. I gave them 73 plus 20 to make the 75 she gave me 8$ back. had to go back in because she still owed me 10 more dollars that they still have . 75 is already enough for the basic
service they provided. very disappointed when visited before did well. not satisfied this time at all.

Quick Facts About Luz Hair Salón

Luz Hair Salón is a hair salon in Newport News that has received a variety of comments from customers. The strengths and weaknesses of the salon can be determined based on these comments.
One recurring strength mentioned by multiple customers is the skill and talent of the hair stylist, Catalina. Customers have praised her for taking her time and being meticulous in her work. One customer even mentioned that Catalina treated their hair, dyed it, cut and styled it, and applied a protective hair treatment, showcasing her versatility and expertise. Another customer mentioned that Catalina provided valuable advice for hair growth. This indicates that Catalina is knowledgeable and skilled in various hair treatments and styles.
Another strength mentioned by a customer is the exceptional customer service provided at Luz Hair Salón. The customer felt like royalty and appreciated the kindness shown by the stylist. This demonstrates that the salon values its customers and strives to provide a positive experience.
However, there are also some weaknesses that have been pointed out by customers. One common criticism is the high prices charged by the salon. Several customers mentioned feeling overcharged for the services they received. For example, one customer mentioned paying $75 for a wash and blowout, while another customer paid $120 for a cut, wash, and blowout. These prices were considered excessive for the type of services provided. This suggests that the salon may need to reconsider its pricing strategy to remain competitive and attract more customers.
Some customers also expressed dissatisfaction with the cleanliness and organization of the salon. One customer mentioned that the place was not clean or organized, which may create a negative impression for customers and affect their overall experience. This indicates a need for the salon to improve its cleanliness and organization to maintain a professional atmosphere.
In addition, a customer mentioned that their hair became frizzy soon after leaving the salon, despite paying over $100 for the service. They also mentioned that their previous stylist in another city was able to provide a blowout that lasted for over a month, highlighting the inconsistency in the quality of service. This suggests that the salon may need to focus on improving the durability and longevity of their hairstyles and treatments.
Furthermore, there were complaints about other stylists in the salon. One customer mentioned that the stylist colored their hair brown instead of black as requested and did not adequately cover their gray hairs. Another customer had a negative experience where their friend's hair was cut unevenly without permission, causing distress. These incidents suggest a lack of attention to customer preferences and potentially inadequate training or communication among the stylists.
Overall, Luz Hair Salón has strengths in the skill of certain stylists, customer service, and the positive experiences of some customers. However, there are weaknesses in terms of high prices, cleanliness and organization, consistency in hairstyling, and the quality of service provided by certain stylists. Addressing these weaknesses can help the salon improve its overall reputation and provide a better experience for customers.

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Monday 10:00 AM - 08:00 AM
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Wednesday 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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