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Quick Facts About Lux Spa and Nails

Lux Spa and Nails place has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, let's analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the negative comments, one customer had a terrible experience that resulted in both of their great toes needing ingrown toenail procedures. This highlights a major weakness of Lux Spa and Nails place - the lack of attention to customer requests and potential negligence in performing services. The customer also mentioned that the experience was extremely painful and costly, which further emphasizes the negative aspects of the salon. Another customer expressed their dissatisfaction with the professionalism of the staff, particularly with one specific nail technician who was allegedly unprofessional.
On the positive side, several customers had great experiences with specific nail technicians. One customer mentioned that V did a fantastic job on their gel pedicure, and they finally found their new go-to shop. This highlights one of the strengths of the salon - the skill and meticulousness of certain nail technicians. Additionally, another customer praised Jason for his attention to detail and meeting their expectations during a full set of acrylics. This reinforces the notion that there are skilled and professional nail technicians at Lux Spa and Nails place.
There are also several comments mentioning specific nail technicians who consistently provide great service. Vivy, SayLa, and Tacy are all mentioned as being skilled, professional, and delivering beautiful results. These comments highlight the strength of having talented and reliable staff at the salon.
Furthermore, some customers appreciated the cleanliness and calm atmosphere of the salon. This suggests that Lux Spa and Nails place puts effort into maintaining a clean and relaxed environment, which can be considered a strength of the establishment.
In terms of weaknesses, the negative experiences mentioned by some customers highlight issues with customer service, professionalism, and potential negligence in carrying out services. These weaknesses can significantly impact the reputation and customer satisfaction of the salon.
Ultimately, Lux Spa and Nails place has strengths in terms of skilled and meticulous nail technicians, a clean and calm atmosphere, and certain staff members who consistently deliver excellent results. However, the weaknesses associated with customer service, professionalism, and potential negligence are significant, as they can result in painful and costly experiences for customers. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and improve upon them in order to maintain a positive reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I specifically said, " Do not cut my toenails on a curve! "
Shore enough, they did . I ended up with BOTH great toes needing ingrown toenail procedures. It was EXTREMELY PAINFUL experience, I had to take antibiotics due to it becoming infected while awaiting an appointment with a Podiatrist. It was a 6 week treatment of soaking in Epsom salt foot baths, antibiotic cream applied, and wrapping both up in gauze and paper tape, 2 TIMES EVERYDAY FOR 6 WEEKS! Three doctor visits in total! COSTING ME, $ 799.00!
Most expensive pedicure in Maryland! Skip this place next time you need your nails done. You will thank me for this review! I pray this place gets boarded up and OUT OF BUSINESS! These people that work here are EXTREMELY unprofessional along with liars.
How dare these people screw with another humans health, they should be arrested for assault on two counts. ???? I hope they get two infected toes in their future so they know how torturous it was for me.
The young lady did a beautiful job on my nails. I wasn't happy with the fact that another lady was telling her that she was too slow because a customer walked out. Now the girl was at the end and finishing the color on them. Other older and wiser nail tech was very unprofessional
This was my first visit to Lux and I will definitely be back! I got a gel pedicure by V and she is awesome. Very meticulous and neat. (In the past at other salons, I will sometimes notice blemishes in the polish and/or areas on nails that werent polished after I return home). V did a fantastic job and I have finally found my new go to shop! The price was actually very reasonable as well and the salon was calm and clean.
Vivy did an amazing job!!! She takes her time and it really shows. Better than the picture I showed her! 10/10
First visit & I will definitely return. I had the Orange Spa pedicure and got a full set of acrylics. The nail tech Jason took his time, met my expectations and most importantly didn't knick my cuticles! Nail goals!
I just had a great manicure and pedicure with Ms. Tiffany. Awesome job.
Happy Holidays
SayLa is wonderful at what she does! My nails always turn out beautiful and she is a super sweet & professional! I recommend her & her staff. I’m a repeat costumer, every 3 weeks.
I love love love this salon! My nails are always impeccable and the gel lasts 3+ weeks! Tacy is my girl and she is so awesome! She always takes care of me with no wait! Easy access from Bowie (where I haven't had much luck with nail salons). Highly recommend!

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