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Lux Nails & Spa: Strengths and Weaknesses
Lux Nails & Spa is a popular nail salon that has received a mix of positive and negative reviews. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, we will examine the comments provided by customers.
1. Reasonable Prices: One customer mentioned that the prices at Lux Nails & Spa are reasonable. This is a positive aspect of the salon as it attracts budget-conscious customers.
2. Cleanliness: Another customer praised the cleanliness of the salon. A clean and hygienic environment is crucial for a nail salon, as customers expect proper sanitation practices to be followed.
3. Kid-Friendly: One reviewer mentioned that their children enjoyed the kid chairs at Lux Nails & Spa. This suggests that the salon is accommodating to families and provides a child-friendly environment.
4. Friendly Staff: Several customers appreciated the friendly and helpful nature of the staff. This positive aspect can enhance the overall customer experience and create a welcoming atmosphere.
5. Good Nail Artists: In one comment, a customer mentioned that all the nail artists at Lux Nails & Spa did a good job. This indicates that the salon has talented and skilled professionals working on customers' nails, which is vital for customer satisfaction.
1. Inconsistent Service: One customer mentioned that the service at Lux Nails & Spa has gotten worse over the past few years. Inconsistent service can be a major downfall for any business, as it can lead to a loss of loyal customers.
2. Poor Quality: Multiple customers complained about the poor quality of their nail services. One customer stated that they could've done a better job themselves. This reflects poorly on Lux Nails & Spa's ability to deliver satisfactory results to its customers.
3. Long Wait Times: One reviewer complained about the long wait time they experienced, despite having made an appointment in advance. Long wait times can be frustrating for customers, leading to a negative overall experience.
4. Lack of Organization: A customer who booked a bridal party mentioned that the salon was not well-organized for a large group. Unorganized services can lead to delays and dissatisfaction, particularly when customers have specific expectations for their visit.
5. Unprofessional Behavior: Another customer mentioned an incident of unprofessional behavior by a nail technician. This type of behavior, such as being rude or not following proper procedures, damages the reputation of the salon and can result in negative word-of-mouth.
6. Poor Customer Resolution: A customer mentioned that when they complained about the poor service and quality, the salon staff did not address the issue adequately. This lack of satisfactory customer resolution can lead to customers feeling unheard and discouraged from returning.
In conclusion, Lux Nails & Spa has both strengths and weaknesses as a nail salon. Some of its strengths include reasonable prices, cleanliness, a kid-friendly environment, friendly staff, and talented nail artists. However, the salon's weaknesses include inconsistent service, poor quality, long wait times, lack of organization, unprofessional behavior, and a lack of satisfactory customer resolution. These weaknesses can significantly impact the overall reputation and customer satisfaction of Lux Nails & Spa.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I was charged $63 for tips and shellac. Unfortunately they did a terrible job I went back the next day to complain about it and there was nothing they would do for me I could’ve done a better job myself. I’ve been coming here for the past four years and the service has gotten worse each time. By two weeks my nails had grown out quite a bit so I thought I would come in and have them removed and have a manicure. The manicure consisted of ripping my nails off instead of soaking them playing underneath the acrylic nail then using a drillbit on my nails which for very soon, and soaking them for 30 seconds in cold water . she trimmed my cuticles and had me wash my hands, she applied lotion on my arms and a thin coat of clear nail polish one mind you. To my nails $28 later I am never coming back here. I am not want to complain but I have been disappointed several times and they don’t seem to care other than to take your money.
We went for a girls day with my step mom and my girls (10 years and 5 years), it was a great experience! Prices are reasonable and the girls loved the kid chairs.
They did and excellent job and the place was very clean. 1 employee had great customer service. He made my daughter laugh and did his best to make her feel included. We will definitely go back
I came to Lux nails today with my best friend to get our winterfest nails done… I came in with a picture to show him. Which was only 2 colors and 3 lines on on my pointer finger. Mind you it didn’t not look like the picture at all. It took him an hour and a half to do a simple thing that I could have done myself at home better. And AN HOUR AND A HALF?! We got there and 6:30 sat down at the chair at 6:33 and left at 7:58. Which they also close at 7:30. I enjoyed the central vibe this business give off and absolutely loved the set up, however I will not be returning. Not worth the money. Plus we we’re recommend by a group of people. Just overall not a good experience.
Had to wait a bit mid afternoon. Very friendly staff and it was a nice manicure. Polish looks good 4 days later after cleaning. Would like to go back for a pedicure.
I got a dip manicure done and it’s so thick, looks horrible. For the price I’d think they’d do a better job.
I booked luz nails for a bridal party and they told me there would be no other appointments when we all come in and we cann can get done at the same time! But nope, they had tons of people in there and wasnt organized for that big of a group like they said they were. And the receptionist was very rude about it. All the nail artists did a good job on us tho! Definitely needs to plan for a group! Thats why we chosen them but id suggest z nails is better organized and nice receptionist!
Poor quality. Poor service. 6 days ago, the female owner applied acrylic nails and that green-ish polish. My nails grow fast, so I came back for a fill. I called at 1030AM and they said the earliest available appt was for 2pm and that appts would be required today due to a shortage of staff. I showed up at 1:50pm to sign in and it wasn’t until 2:15 that they had me seated and not until 2:30 that a man began working on my nails. He hurt me, he didn’t use Cuticle oil or anything of the sort. He also was too lazy to fully remove the green polish (see photos where it is visible underneath). He put the new layer of acrylic on top of the green and then told me to wash my hands. I used the nail scrub, so I know how absurd his next statement was. He painted one layer of yellow and said, very loudly “you need to watch under your fingernails. We can see all the dirt and stuff up in there with a color like this”. It wasn’t dirt. It was the green. When he realized this, he didn’t apologize. He simply demanded the receptionist grab another yellow so he could layer the nails. Bottom line, very poor customer service. It took over an hour (1:50pm-3:05pm) to complete a FILL of acrylic nails with standard paint. THEN he disrespected me publicly as a result of his unprofessional mistake and didn’t even apologize. I was kind. The receptionist at the register asked about my visit and I said “he didn’t remove the green, but it’s fine. My nails grow fast anyways”. The owner came over and said I had to pay extra for the proper removal of the green... She then discounted the service from $20 to $15 (which I what I normally pay elsewhere for a fill) and I still have a $3 tip. I am a generous tipper with small businesses but today was just ridiculously disappointing on so many levels. Even if my nails weren’t yellow, this is a horrible quality paint job as well. I’m going to have to pay to have them repainted elsewhere.

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