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Nail polishing was sloppy. Dinged my cuticles w the drill on 4 of my nails. Drew blood on 2. Saw no sanitizing liquid anywhere. All tools just went back in with the others. Price was higher than Pearl by $10, and Pearl's quality is top-notch 5 star. I only went here because Pearl was booked. Employees were friendly. Place was clean.
This was my first time in years since I’ve had my nails done, I decided to get them done after talking about it when my significant other. I had been wanting them done for awhile so I asked my friend where she gets hers done, so I came here. Although the service at first wasn’t the best, I still enjoyed the time I spent here. My nail tech was ok, she wasn’t talkative but that was ok as I know she was trying to focus. Although she could have not been as rough when using the nail file, thankfully I didn’t bleed. I tipped 10 dollars, I figure that’s more than what most people tip nail techs. I give this place a 7-10.
I went to get my nails done, the first tech didn't paint my nails right. So I asked her why they looked that way. She was rude and started speaking to the other techs there. So they assigned a different tech and this is what she did. I'm never going back again. I will never recommend this salon to anyone. Never again
I’m not sure what happened between the visit today and August 7th because I was very pleased before. Each time I asked for the same thing which was French tip with gel polish. I’m guessing the nail tech on August 7th put a darker base color on my nail to make it look presentable since I’m getting a balance with French tip and not a full set. This time I wasn’t offered that courtesy and honestly didn’t know that it was something I needed to ask for. I went to wash my hands to conclude my service and in that area is better light. I can see there that you can see every imperfection in my nail so I politely advised the front desk. The man attending the front proceeded to ask me “If I knew I didn’t like it why didn’t I say anything?” and continued repeating that it looks good to him. The nail tech(Manager Ivy) that did my nails then comes over and says I needed to ask for a darker base which again I did not know or ask for August 7th or any other time in the 15 or so years I have been getting my nails done. She also stated that she saw the darker base coat when removing my old polish but there was no mention of it when she did my service. In this profession why would you proceed to do a service that you know as a professional would look bad without advising your client? I was waiting to speak with the tech from my previous service however she was with another client. The male worker approached me yet again and told me to interrupt the client’s service to speak with the tech which I refused. The manner in which I was approached by the male worker is the reason for this review. If there was some disconnect in communication that’s one thing but to be condescending about it is ridiculous. I did end up having my nails redone by Nina(second to last photo), the service provided by her and the tech that did my pedicure today… 5 stars.
I was literally one for Tommy and Nicole's 1st clients. I was there the day they took over the spa. I continued to have NY bails done there for years. They went over ans above during my battle with breast cancer , treating me with kindness and generosity. I had moved away, and never found the same service. When my daughter in law needed her nails done for the wedding I knew where to go. Seeing Nicole and many over familial faces, brought joy to my heart. Our nails and toes turned out fabulous. Nicole was amazing to take time to see me after my long absence. She had not forgotten me or my battles. All our nails turned out amazing. Thank you.Best of luck Tommy and Nicole. May your ventures be great.
the receptionist was great. although, me and my friend came in to get our nails done. i was getting a full set and she was getting a removal. i sat down almost immediately with a guy. he answered his phone mid way through my nails to talk to his friend and didn’t seem to care that he was on the job. he also dismissed me when i asked him to do things to make my nails look better. he added chrome without me asking and also charged me for it, when i did not ask for it. he also gave me THREE cuts on my hands that bled throughout the session. i recommend going here hut for not let him do your nails.
Always busy! Which is a good thing but just make sure you have plenty of time to wait. Have kid pedicure chairs which is nice for the little ones who want to tag along!
I made a reservation with the salon and my service was paid for and also a $10.00 tip, in advance. The gentleman took someone else during my time spot. The salon gave me a different person and she was short, grab my hands, would not listen to my request on my nail shape. Why would she??? She was not getting paid! Then when I called her out on being rude... she threw the nail file at me across the table. I had to leave... to uncomfortable to stay. Never again will I step foot in Lovely Nail Spa.

Quick Facts About Lovely Nail Spa

Lovely Nail Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of the nail salon, we will analyze each comment and evaluate the overall customer experience.
One customer mentioned that the nail polishing was sloppy and that their cuticles were injured during the process. They also noted the absence of sanitizing liquid and observed that tools were not properly cleaned. These comments highlight significant weaknesses in the salon's attention to detail, cleanliness, and hygiene practices. This can be a cause for concern, as proper sanitation is crucial in a nail spa.
Another customer mentioned that the price at Lovely Nail Spa was higher compared to another salon called Pearl, which they claimed had top-notch quality. This indicates a weakness in the pricing strategy of the spa. While it is important for a business to set prices that are competitive within the market, the customer's perception is that the higher price did not align with the quality of service received.
On the other hand, there were positive comments about the employees being friendly and the salon being clean. These strengths suggest that Lovely Nail Spa has a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere that customers appreciate. Friendliness and cleanliness are important factors that contribute to a positive customer experience.
One customer mentioned that their nail technician was not talkative but was focused on their work. While some customers may prefer a more chatty and interactive nail technician, others may appreciate the professionalism and focus demonstrated by the technician. This comment highlights a subjective aspect of the customer experience that could be interpreted as both a strength and a weakness, depending on individual preferences.
Another customer expressed their dissatisfaction with the service and vowed to never return or recommend the spa to others. This negative comment indicates a significant weakness in terms of customer satisfaction. Word-of-mouth recommendations play a crucial role in attracting new customers in the beauty industry, and negative experiences can heavily impact a salon's reputation.
A customer mentioned that they used to be pleased with the salon, but during their most recent visit, they were not satisfied with the outcome of their nails. They felt that the nail technician did not communicate with them effectively and overlooked important details. This comment highlights a weakness in communication and customer service. Clear communication between the technician and the customer is vital to ensure that both parties are on the same page and that the customer's expectations are met.
One customer shared a positive experience, stating that they had been a loyal customer for years and that the salon provided exceptional service during their battle with breast cancer. This comment demonstrates a significant strength of Lovely Nail Spa—providing personalized and compassionate service. Going above and beyond to support customers during challenging times can create a strong bond and loyalty with clients.
Another comment mentioned that the receptionist was great, but the nail technician provided subpar service. The technician answered their phone during the session and did not pay attention to the customer's requests. This comment highlights a weakness in professionalism and customer focus. Answering personal calls during work hours and not meeting customer requests are indicators of poor service quality.
Lastly, a customer mentioned that Lovely Nail Spa is always busy, which can be seen as a strength, but stated that there can be long wait times. This comment highlights both a strength in terms of popularity and demand for the salon's services and a weakness in efficiency and time management. Long wait times can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction.
In conclusion, the strengths of Lovely Nail Spa include friendly employees, a clean environment, personalized care during difficult times, and popularity among customers. However, the weaknesses include sloppy nail polishing, poor communication and customer service, lack of attention to detail, high prices compared to competitors, and issues with sanitation and hygiene practices. To improve the overall customer experience, the salon should prioritize proper training of nail technicians, enhance communication with customers, implement stricter hygiene protocols, and address pricing concerns.

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