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Linda's Nails

+1 510-758-4545
2690 El Portal Dr A, San Pablo, CA 94806 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About Linda's Nails

1. Affordability: One customer mentioned that Linda's Nails offers cheap prices for their services. This is a strength as it attracts customers who are looking for reasonably priced nail services.
2. Speed: Another customer mentioned that their visit was fast, indicating that the salon provides quick services. Fast service can be a strength as it appeals to customers who are looking for efficient and time-saving experiences.
3. Eyebrow expertise: According to a customer, Kathy is highly skilled in doing eyebrows and has been consistently good for over ten years. This expertise in a specific service can be a strength as it establishes credibility and loyalty among customers who seek good eyebrow services.
4. Pedicure expertise: One customer mentioned that they love the way the salon does pedicures and considers them to be the best for foot care. This expertise in pedicures can be a strength as it attracts customers who prioritize foot care and are looking for quality pedicure services.
5. Positive and humorous staff: A customer mentioned that Mr. Loo, one of the workers, is always positive and hilarious. This positive environment created by the staff can be a strength as it enhances the overall customer experience and leaves them feeling satisfied and happy.
1. Poor customer service: One customer had a negative experience, mentioning that they were overcharged, received poor attention and service, and had their finger injured. This indicates a weakness in the customer service provided by Linda's Nails.
2. Quality issues with nails: Another customer mentioned that their gel nails broke the next day and had to be fixed multiple times within a short period. Additionally, the powder used for nails was not of good quality, leading to breakages and lifting. This suggests a weakness in the quality of nail services provided.
3. Lack of modernity: A customer mentioned that the salon is a little old-fashioned. While some customers may appreciate a traditional ambiance, others might prefer a more modern and updated look and feel in a salon. This lack of modernity can be a weakness for customers who prioritize a contemporary aesthetics and environment.
4. Appointment availability: One customer mentioned that it is best to call for an appointment with Kathy, as she gives priority to appointments over walk-ins. This limited availability for drop-in customers can be a weakness as it may inconvenience those who prefer to have flexibility with their schedule.
5. Inconsistent results: A customer mentioned that while their eyebrow service was okay, their gel nails broke soon after. This inconsistency in achieving satisfactory results can be a weakness, as it may lead to a lack of trust and repeat business from customers looking for consistent and high-quality services.
Overall, while Linda's Nails has some strengths such as affordability and expertise in certain services, there are clear weaknesses in terms of customer service, quality assurance, and modernity. Improving these areas can lead to a better overall customer experience and enhance the reputation of the salon.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Horrible les pague con mi tarjeta y me dijo que no pasaba y le pague cash y y luego chequie y me cobraron 3 vecez y me lastimaron muy feo uno d mis dedos me desangraron y no podian sesar LA sangre horrible LA attention y El servicio y todavia me robaron
My visit was pretty good. Fast & cheap. $27 full set medium long gel tips .. the wait was about 30 minutes. I will be back thank you.
Best place to go for eyebrows. I've been going here for over ten years and kathy is the only one who touches my eye brows. She is a pro with all ethnicities... you wont be disappointed. But when you go always call for an appointment first, she does drop in but appointments get priority...
I really like Kim and Lou. When every I need my lashes done Kim says want time and she does a great job. Lou is cool,he has skills with doing nails,pedicures. Good workers
This place in a little old fashion but the workers there are great they do nail all types they do eyebrow eyelashes hair cut .. I'm pleased with the job they made for me which was my nails thanks everyone
Me encanta como asen el pedicura son los mejores para cuidado de mis pies mis uñas
OMG! This place is a small shop, and the Mr Loo was hilarious!! He always Sooo positive. He helped this tomboy feet turn into Cinderella feet. Thank you!!!
Eye brows were done okay, nothing spectacular, gel nails were done and by the next morning one broke but she fixed it when I went back, bur the powder they used was not the best for patron's nails as within 2 months, I had to take off the new set they put on, because at last half of them broke and lifted, so after returning more than twice in less than 2wks, and the nails causing my nails to break off, I decided not to return, but their prices/ services was cheap but also you get what you pay for. I had them do a pedicure for my sister's b-day and it did look good when they finished, however, they could've spent a little more time and got the heels a little better than they did- it was the older lady

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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