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Leighton Grill & Kebab

+44 1525 837577
8, Rylands Mews, Lake St, Leighton Buzzard LU7 1SP United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Leighton Grill & Kebab

Leighton Grill & Kebab Place is a popular establishment with its strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, one of the first notable factors is the 5-star hygiene rating, which demonstrates their commitment to cleanliness and food safety. This is an important aspect for customers when choosing a place to eat, as it ensures that the food is prepared and handled in a safe and hygienic manner.
The comment highlighting the peri chicken as amazing suggests that the quality of their chicken dishes is exceptional. Additionally, the mention of the crispy chips and good kebabs indicates that the variety of food options available at Leighton Grill & Kebab Place is impressive and enjoyable. This variety enhances the overall dining experience and provides customers with a range of options to choose from.
The tidy and clean environment inside the establishment, as well as the nice decor, contribute to a pleasant dining atmosphere. It shows that the management takes pride in maintaining a visually appealing space for their customers. Furthermore, the comment about the staff wearing gloves to prep the food adds to the overall sense of cleanliness and attention to detail.
The timely delivery mentioned by a customer after ordering online is another strength of Leighton Grill & Kebab Place. Fast delivery is crucial, especially for those ordering food after a night of drinking or for those with time constraints. The positive experience of receiving the food promptly and efficiently contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Moving on to the weaknesses, there are a few concerns raised in the comments. One customer mentions that their meal took over an hour to arrive and that the chicken was not cooked properly. This highlights an issue with consistency and indicates that the food quality and delivery speed might vary. This could be a potential drawback for customers who rely on prompt service or expect their food to be cooked to perfection.
It is also worth noting that another customer mentioned falling ill after consuming food from Leighton Grill & Kebab Place. While this could be a one-time incident, it raises concerns about food safety and quality control. This comment, along with others expressing dissatisfaction with undercooked or uncooked meat, suggests that the restaurant may have encountered problems maintaining consistent cooking standards.
The negative comment about the doner meat being served cold and having congealed fat indicates that quality control may be an issue at times. Cold and undercooked food can be off-putting and impact the overall dining experience. Consistency in food preparation is crucial to ensure that each customer receives a satisfactory meal every time.
Despite these weaknesses, it is important to note that many customers have expressed positive experiences with Leighton Grill & Kebab Place. The quick and friendly service, along with a good variety of food options, are recurring positive points in the comments. This indicates that the establishment has the potential to excel in providing a pleasant dining experience. However, it is essential for the management to address the concerns raised by some customers regarding undercooked meat and maintain consistent quality control to regain the trust of their customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Lovey place they have here, 5 star hygiene rating too which is a massive plus. Ordered many times from here online, but just popped in tonight to order in person. Their peri chicken is amazing as are their chips and kebabs. Place looks tidy and clean inside, nice decor and they wear gloves to prep your food. Not much more to say, this is the place to go to
Ordered after a few beers and timing was perfect, food was spot on chips crispy chicken strips very good only downside we didn’t order more will be ordering more again!
Love this place
The peri whole chicken is amazing (hot ????????) and they are always fast with delivery too
My favourite in Leighton by far ✨????
Ordered for the first time last night. I ordered on just eat and the meal took an hour and a bit to arrive and unfortunate the chicken wasn't cooked properly. Which was a shame because it looked and smelled really nice.
I wont be ordering again purely by looking at the reviews, the under cooked meat seems like a recurrence.
You can normally expect a good filling meal at a good price, however ordered recently and unfortunately fell very Ill. I was the only one who ordered chicken in my group and from reading prior reviews it seems they have slipped. I hope to see them return to the high standards they once were.
Ive ordered from here a few times but tonight my order was not nice. Chicken was chewy and didn’t seem cooked right. The chips are normally really nice but today they weren't cooked and still cold in the middle (half frozen). Also; my drinks were both wrong, wanting Pepsi max and didn’t get that. Not impressed as it cost £14 for a meal and an extra two drinks and I’m still hungry after eating as I just couldn’t eat uncooked food.
Unfortunately the chicken was way undercooked pink in the middle the bits that were cooked were mild at best when I asked for hot.
Doner meat was served cold and had cold congealed fat on the meat. Avoid at all costs.
Just a normal kebab shop with a nice variety of food, quick and friendly service.

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