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Lee Beauty Supply

+1 402-884-7844
3244 N 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68134 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great customer service, the man there was very nice and helpful! Very good variety of beautiful hair.
I went to bye Dye and was greeted with smile. Didn't need any assistance locating product. When I checked out male cashier, ie worker was smiling and quite friendly and said thank you. Wow! Total different from when I visited Mid- K's on No. 62nd & Ames Street. They follow you around the store when you just enter as if all people are theives.
Many brand options
Well lit
Aisles easy to navigate
Staff are always friendly
They dont follow u around and harass u like mid k!!!!!!
I have visited this location many times over the years. It has been a good spot for cheap hair bows and accessories, fake finger nails, and low end makeup ranging from $1.99 to $7.99. They have a large variety of wigs and hair extensions alongside a bunch of hair products for every hair related need you can think of. I did not inquire on the prices though, I have never tried wigs or hair extensions yet. Staff is not very welcoming and you have to go to them if you have any questions. However, they will watch your every move to make sure you don't steal anything. It isn't a problem for me because I don't steal, but it's noticable they are watching. I would offer the business that if you put the effort into customer service and welcoming the customer profits and loss would be better balanced because people are less likely to steal from someone who cares about them.
Lee Beauty supply hired more people who are knowledgeable of customer needs. They are always available to help.
The products are really good, if you want to try they also provide samples. You can also order online.
Go to Mid K. Lees VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Doesn't matter if your a first time customer. Closest hair store is midk 60th & ames
Both locations have a great selection. Friendly people and excellent customer service!!

Quick Facts About Lee Beauty Supply

Lee Beauty Supply has several strengths that contribute to its success. Firstly, their customer service is highly praised, with comments mentioning that the staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about customer needs. This demonstrates that the store values its customers and strives to provide a positive experience.
Another strength of Lee Beauty Supply is the variety of products it offers. Customers have mentioned that there are many brand options available, including a wide range of hair products, wigs, hair extensions, accessories, and makeup. This extensive selection allows customers to find products that suit their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, the store is well lit, and the aisles are easy to navigate, making the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.
Furthermore, Lee Beauty Supply does not engage in aggressive sales tactics. Unlike other stores, such as Mid-K, where customers feel like they are being followed and harassed, Lee Beauty Supply respects their customers' privacy and autonomy. This approach creates a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for shoppers.
In terms of weaknesses, there are some areas where Lee Beauty Supply could improve. One aspect that has been mentioned is the lack of welcoming behavior from the staff. Customers have expressed that they have to approach the staff for assistance and that the staff does not go out of their way to engage with customers. This lack of proactive customer service can create a barrier for customers who may need guidance or have questions about products. By making an effort to be more welcoming and attentive, Lee Beauty Supply could enhance the overall customer experience.
Additionally, some customers have noticed that the staff seems to be overly vigilant about preventing theft. While it is important for businesses to protect their inventory, the constant monitoring can make customers feel uncomfortable and even falsely accused. Finding a balance between ensuring security and providing a welcoming atmosphere is essential for customer satisfaction.
Another weakness mentioned in the comments is the lack of information regarding prices. Customers have expressed that they were not aware of the prices of wigs and hair extensions because they did not inquire. Providing clear pricing information and displaying it prominently can help customers make informed purchasing decisions.
Despite these weaknesses, Lee Beauty Supply has made efforts to address some of these concerns. Hiring more knowledgeable staff, who are readily available to assist customers, is a positive step towards improving customer service. Additionally, offering product samples and providing an online ordering option demonstrates the store's commitment to meeting customer needs and preferences.
In conclusion, Lee Beauty Supply has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation, including great customer service, a wide variety of products, a well-lit store layout, and a non-intrusive shopping experience. However, there are also areas where the store could improve, such as being more welcoming and proactive in customer interactions, providing clear pricing information, and finding a balance between security measures and customer comfort. By addressing these weaknesses, Lee Beauty Supply can further enhance the overall customer experience and solidify its position as a trusted and preferred beauty supply store.

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