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L&T Nails

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8118 Montgomery Rd UNIT 4, Cincinnati, OH 45236 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great customer service and the only place I’ve ever gotten my nails done where the acrylics actually stay on and don’t start to pop off after one week.
I come to L&T nails once in a while. Stopped in tonight without an appointment and I only waited about 5 minutes. The tech was super friendly, and I think my SNS turned out well. It is very clean and tidy. There are several TVs to watch and comfy chairs. I would recommend this location, but the prices are a little high compared to other nail salons in the area.
Went in and got gel nails on my natural nails. I have small bitten nails that I've been struggling to grow out. I wasn't laughed at or gossiped about how short my nails were. The nail tech was kind and helpful. She also recommended I get a mani. So I did since my nails were in a dire state.
Edit gone here again and I really love the work they do. Consistently good service and a beautiful job!
Absolutely amazing place. I’ve been going here for a couple of months. They are so sweet and friendly. They make me feel so welcome. 10/10 would recommend!!!
worst nail salon experience I have ever gotten. My lady rushed me to pick a color within 2 seconds of handing me the color pallet. She was not letting my nails cure under the lamp for the entire time, tools dropping on the floor and picking them back up to use on my hands, rushed work. I was in and out in 15 minutes when it is normally 45 minutes. All my nails chipped within a week of going. My own gel kit lasts longer than that.
I love going to L&T nails! They are always so great! Tonight, I walked in a couple hours before they closed. They were somewhat busy but didn't think twice about getting me in for a pedicure. I waited a little but it was worth the wait! I love them! Tom did a great job on my toes! I would recommend them to anyone!!
Where do I start! Just wanted a nice pedicure and the pedicure I received im sure one of My kids could do better.. for 70 bucks absolutely not..
I love L & T nails! Super friendly staff, the salon is beautiful and my nails are always perfect every single time! I'm very picky about my nails and I'm so glad I found this place. They have definitely earned my loyalty!

Quick Facts About L&T Nails

L&T Nails has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. To thoroughly analyze their strengths and weaknesses, let's break it down into different aspects of the nail salon experience.
Customer Service: One of the most consistent strengths mentioned by customers is the great customer service provided at L&T Nails. Many customers have praised the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, highlighting their positive and welcoming attitude. This is an important aspect of any service-based business, as it helps create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for customers.
Quality of Service: Customers have expressed satisfaction with the quality of the nail services provided at L&T Nails. Positive comments include nails that stay intact for longer periods, well-done SNS and gel nails, and consistently good service. These comments indicate that L&T Nails has skilled technicians who can deliver high-quality nail treatments.
Cleanliness and Aesthetics: Several customers have commented on the cleanliness and tidiness of L&T Nails. They have appreciated the clean environment, indicating that the salon maintains a high standard of hygiene. The presence of several TVs and comfy chairs adds to the overall experience, making it a comfortable and enjoyable setting for customers.
Price: While the positive comments regarding the quality of service are consistent, some customers have mentioned that the prices at L&T Nails are a little high compared to other nail salons in the area. This can be seen as a weakness as it might deter potential customers who are price-sensitive. However, it's important to note that the quality of service also plays a significant role in pricing decisions, and some customers might be willing to pay a higher price for the satisfactory experience they receive at L&T Nails.
Customer Loyalty and Recommendations: Many customers have expressed their loyalty and recommendation for L&T Nails, indicating that the salon has successfully built a strong customer base. These positive endorsements suggest that there are aspects of the salon, such as the quality of service and friendly staff, that create a lasting impression and encourage customers to return and refer others.
Negative Experiences: While most comments are positive, there are a few negative reviews of L&T Nails. These complaints mention issues such as rushed service, tools dropping on the floor but still being used, and nails chipping soon after the treatment. These negative experiences highlight areas where L&T Nails needs improvement. It's important for the salon to address and rectify these shortcomings to maintain customer satisfaction and avoid negative word-of-mouth.
In conclusion, the strengths of L&T Nails are evident in the positive comments regarding their customer service, quality of service, cleanliness, and customer loyalty. However, the salon needs to address the concerns raised by some customers to overcome weaknesses such as high prices and negative experiences. By focusing on improving these areas and maintaining their strengths, L&T Nails can continue to attract and retain customers in a highly competitive industry.


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