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Kwang Tung House

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2 Beatrice St, Oswestry SY11 1QG United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Kwang Tung House

Kwang Tung House has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. This analysis will focus on these aspects in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the establishment.
Starting with the strengths, one commenter mentioned that they have always enjoyed the House Special Fried Rice. This suggests that the restaurant has a dish that customers find appealing and tasty. Additionally, another customer mentioned that the staff members are friendly, which contributes to creating a positive dining experience. This can attract more customers and build a loyal customer base.
Furthermore, a reviewer claimed that Kwang Tung House is the best takeaway in town. This implies that the restaurant has a reputation for serving high-quality food. Another customer complimented the flavors of their pork and king prawn dishes, indicating that the restaurant excels in creating tasty and flavorful meals. Consistency in providing excellent food quality and taste is an important strength for any eatery.
Moreover, some customers mentioned that the portions at Kwang Tung House are generous. This could be an advantage for customers who prefer establishments that offer ample servings for their money. Additionally, another customer highlighted that the food is hot and spicy, suggesting that the restaurant offers a variety of flavors and spice levels to cater to different preferences.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses that emerge from the comments. One reviewer expressed disappointment with the House Special Fried Rice, stating that the thick sauce has been replaced by a thin watery sauce with no taste. This suggests that the quality of the dish has declined, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of business.
Furthermore, another comment mentioned that the chicken and beef portions were lacking in quantity, describing them as Spartan. This indicates that the restaurant may have decreased the amount of protein in their dishes or altered their portion sizes, which can leave customers feeling unsatisfied.
Another reviewer had an extremely negative experience, stating that their meal was so bad that they had to throw it in the bin. They described the food as cold, badly cooked, and lacking in flavor and quality. This indicates a significant failure in the restaurant's food preparation and overall quality control. The customer also mentioned that they received no apology when they complained, highlighting a lack of customer service and accountability.
In addition, one customer noted that Kwang Tung House only accepts cash payments. This can be inconvenient for customers who prefer to use card payments or do not carry cash regularly. It may deter potential customers from choosing the restaurant, especially if competing establishments offer more convenient payment options.
To conclude, Kwang Tung House has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The strengths include a popular dish, friendly staff, positive reputation, flavorful food, and generous portions. However, the weaknesses include a decline in the quality of specific dishes, decreased protein portions, negative experiences with food quality and customer service, and limited payment options. These weaknesses can impact the restaurant's reputation, customer satisfaction, and overall success, highlighting areas for improvement.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

That was a bit of a disappointment.
I've been going there for years and have always enjoyed there House Special Fried Rice.
The last one I got though,you really tell that they've changed it for the worse.
The thick sauce they used to use, has been replaced by a thin watery sauce which had no taste.Also the chicken and beef that was served up generously was Spartan to say the least.
Sadly I don't think I will be going back there again.
Great food n friendly staff . I place my order n walk my dog up there
. They gladly meet me outside . Finish walking my pooch and enjoy some reallybnice food . Best takeaway in town
I gave this place 4 stars last year, what an idiot I was, the more I come here the more I love. 5 star service 5 star food , portions quality and everything is great. Looking forward to going tonight too ????
Awful meal all thrown in the bin. Only reason I gave a one star was because I could rate it any lower to leave feed back!!
A great take away, been going here for years,
Great flavours. Had a pork dish and king prawn dish which were generous on protein content. Hot and spicy chow mein was great as well.
Whatever has gone wrong with this takeaway. We paid good money for a cold, badly cooked meal that nearly all went in the bin. Everything was lower than tepid, the curry was bland and full of onions and no meat. The chips were warmed up at least once before. I would say it was a health hazard, it’s supposed to be at a certain temperature. When I rang to complain, they were adamant the food was fine, and no apology. I would not have accepted a replacement, but an apology would have been acceptable. Never again.
This is only the second time we've had a takeaway from Kwang Tung, but it's the best Chinese food we've had so far in Oswestry. Great sized portions and very tasty. Nice big portion of prawn crackers too, and all served with a friendly smile.

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