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Hands down the best service I have ever received while getting my hair done. I will be definitely return back to this location very frequently and will recommend all my peers to make this there to-go hair braiding shop. The owner Khady was so present and made sure I was very well comfortable. She offered food and refreshments and also had great conversation. All of the braids held themselves in a very professional manner and worked very fast and neat. The best experience I have ever had at a salon.
I walked in not really expecting to be taken so quickly. I was unsure and skeptical. The owner and another stylist did a great job. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I love it!!
This is hands down the worst business owner! I traveled 3 hours to get my hair braided by the owner and she was very rude and disrespectful. Throwing things around when a customers decided to leave the store because she didn’t have any braiders. She also double booked an appt. A customer made an appt in a weeks advance for her bday and showed up to get her hair done and couldn’t. That shows the level of in organization. She also had a customer who came before me to take out her micros. She was charged $70. Which is fine. But it took 4 hours to do that. Which is also fine. But she was told by the owner that she would be done in time for her to go to pick up her children by a certain time. The owner of the store told her to wait for an hour because another hair braided was coming in. But never showed up. When that time came for her to pick up her kids, she still had the whole front of her head left. So the customer started taking out her own hair, did what she could and slapped a wig on. The owner still charged her $70 for the service. Even though she didn’t finish. Got upset and threw her phone down. Overall, my personal experience was horrible. She was rude and overly aggressive. It took 9 hours by one hair braided to get medium box braids done. I DO NOT recommend this business. You will be disappointed!
I was looking for somewhere to get cornrows and I stumbled across KS Fallou African Hair braiding salon today. I walked in and was accommodated immediately. Khady did my hair and I was more than satisfied and I will definitely be going back. Finally I found someone who can actually BRAID. I Love my hairdo.
If you are looking for a professional braiding salon, this is it! They braid fast, neatly, and provide a variety of styles! Give them a try! You’re sure to be pleased! Thank you K’s Fallou African Hair Braiding!
Went in January for large box braids. Was able to get a same day appointment so wasn't too mad that the appointment started about 40 minutes late. The ladies were extremely quick and very friendly. Only issues were the braids were not braided all the way down. It was a lot of loose hair. I didn't notice until I got home. Also, my center part was not straight. I did contact them and they did offer to fix it bit I did not return. I recently went to another shop, received similar box braids and my hair was braided close to the ends without me asking. I waited to write my review so I could have something to compare it to.
Mrs Hardy was amazing ! I meet her 2 years ago when I took my daughter because someone else messed up her hair in Raleigh . She was very nice and helped us . We live in Italy and we go to Washington often so today my daughter had an appointment and from Virginia she went to Mrs Hardy ! Wonderful job amazing service and my daughter said they were all very nice ! Thank you Mrs Hardy ! Thanks so so much ! And you made my daughter super happy ! ????????
Alice was very personable and did an awesome job on my box braids!

Quick Facts About Ks Fallou African Hair Braiding 6925 old wake forest rd Raleigh nc 27616

Based on the comments provided, there are several strengths and weaknesses of K's Fallou African Hair Braiding at 6925 Old Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616.
Strengths: 1) Excellent customer service: Multiple customers praised the owner, Khady, for providing a comfortable and welcoming environment. She offered food, refreshments, and engaged in great conversation with customers. This created a positive experience and made customers feel valued. 2) Fast and neat braiding: Customers reported that the braiders at this salon worked quickly and produced high-quality braids. The braids were described as being held in a professional manner. 3) Skilled braiders: Several customers expressed satisfaction with the braiding skills of the stylists at this salon. They were impressed by the outcome and loved their hairdo. 4) Professional atmosphere: One customer mentioned that this salon provides a professional environment for braiding. They appreciated the fast and neat service offered by the salon.
Weaknesses: 1) Rude and disrespectful owner: One customer had a negative experience with the owner, Khady. They described her as rude and overly aggressive. The customer witnessed her throwing things around when a customer decided to leave the store because there were no available braiders. This behavior can create a hostile and unpleasant atmosphere for customers. 2) Lack of organization: The owner was criticized for double-booking appointments and not having enough braiders available. This led to disappointed customers who were unable to get their hair done as planned. These incidents suggest a lack of organization and can result in customers wasting their time and effort. 3) Incomplete service: One customer complained that their hair was not braided all the way down and there was loose hair left. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and quality control. Another customer mentioned that their center part was not straight. These issues can lead to dissatisfaction with the final result and a need for additional fixes or adjustments. 4) Long wait time: One customer mentioned that their appointment started about 40 minutes late. Although they didn't express significant frustration, this delay can inconvenience customers who have limited time available.
In conclusion, K's Fallou African Hair Braiding at 6925 Old Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616 has strengths in terms of excellent customer service, fast and neat braiding techniques, and skilled braiders. However, weaknesses include a rude and disrespectful owner, a lack of organization, incomplete service, and occasional delays in appointment start times.

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