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Joseph's Barber Shop - Taylorsville

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2530 4700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Joseph's Barber Shop - Taylorsville

Joseph's Barber Shop - Taylorsville Place has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Fun and cool atmosphere: Many customers appreciate the atmosphere of Joseph's Barber Shop, describing it as the coolest and funnest barbershop in town. This can create a positive and enjoyable experience for customers. 2. Talented barbers: Multiple customers mentioned the talented barbers at Joseph's Barber Shop. They specifically praised Louis for being a perfectionist and providing excellent haircuts. Having skilled barbers can contribute to customer satisfaction and positive reviews. 3. Old-fashioned shave: The mention of offering a "hell of an old-fashion shave" indicates that Joseph's Barber Shop provides additional services beyond just haircuts. This can attract customers who value traditional grooming experiences. 4. Affordable pricing: A customer mentioned that the haircut price of $26 is cheap and that the barbers are talented enough to charge $50 or more. Offering competitive pricing can be a strength, especially if the services are of high quality. 5. Good relationships with clients: One review mentioned that the barbers create good relationships with their clients. This suggests that the staff at Joseph's Barber Shop values customer satisfaction and strives to build strong connections with customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent barbers: One customer mentioned that there is a constant rotation of stylists at the barbershop, which means it is unlikely to have the same barber every time. Although this may be due to various factors, including stylists leaving or intentionally rotating for efficiency, it can be viewed as a negative aspect for some customers who prefer consistency. 2. Appointment delays: One customer mentioned that their appointment was delayed by 40 minutes. While they did not mind the delay, it can be a weakness for customers who value punctuality and expect their scheduled appointments to start on time. 3. Mullet incident: One customer had a negative experience where the barber cut their hair into a mullet before finishing the requested haircut. The customer felt degraded and embarrassed by this incident, which is a major weakness for the barbershop. Making customers feel uncomfortable or humiliated can result in negative reviews and a loss of business. 4. Customer overlooked: A customer mentioned feeling overlooked when another walk-in customer arrived and requested the same barber. Despite having waited for over an hour, the customer was passed over for the walk-in. This indicates a lack of proper queue management and customer service, which can result in frustration and dissatisfaction among customers. 5. Lack of professionalism: The incident where a barber took photos of a customer's mullet without their consent, and then later texted the photo to the customer, shows a lack of professionalism and respect for customer boundaries. This can be perceived as unprofessional behavior and may negatively impact the reputation of the barbershop.

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only the coolest barbershop, in town, the funnest atmosphere, and some very talented barber's, I could go in there just to sit a watch, I totally enjoyed, taking my grandson there, where the talented Louis cut his hair, a real perfectionist, but then they all are,obliviously, for a few of the Jazz to go in a get their haircut there, so it was then, when I decided, my husband's going, because I was taking him,lol, he also got Louis, we're so happy
I think there's actually 10 barber's, my hus counted 10 barber chairs ,i noticed one the chairs up front looked older( nostalgic)you got to go!!
You won't be sorry, we'll be regular customers
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they do a hell of an old fashion shave, amazing, my husband had a double lung transplant, almost 2 years ago, June 29th, and got to meet the donor family for the first time, Lois got him looking pretty sharp for it
To be direct, I'm a very chill person. Went in for a haircut, my hair was fairly long so I scheduled an appointment for later that same day. The environment and cleanliness was above almost any barber shop in town. The barber was friendly and didn't overcharge which is awesome. I wasn't annoyed the appointment was delayed 40 minutes or so. I really don't mind the barber taking before or after photos especially if they send them to me. (Kinda odd it's a personal cellphone). The reason for the low review is because I did feel very degraded and very embarrassed when the barber cut my hair and left a mullet as they found it funny. Don't get me wrong the barber (Chris) finished the requested haircut and it looks good but it really crossed a line when he started taking photos of the mullet. When I confronted him he said "no, I'm about to cut it off" while still having his phone in his hand. Being chill I shrugged it off. About 4 hours after the haircut I get a text from Chris of the "After" photo. I asked again if he had a photo of the mullet. He texted back saying "I thought I had saved it but I just looked and it didn't". I just wanted a haircut. Not to be made fun of and photographed.
Awesome barber shop. Great pricing and quality haircuts. Dropped a star due to continual rotation of stylists. Would be nice to have one long term, but seems either the job doesn't provide enough for them to stay or perhaps the rotation is on purpose to keep things moving for the stylists... Not sure, but I consider it a negative not having the same barber all the time. Comparable pricing, not competitive, so you can find similar elsewhere.
This is truly the best barber shop! As a hairstylist I’m very particular about my haircut. My barber EFREN was very polite and took the time and listen to what I wanted in a haircut. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND EFREN! Hands down the best haircut I’ve had in a long time! I would like to add one more thing... 26.00 for a haircut is cheap! Especially for these talented barbers! For my readers, don’t be picky about prices. In my eyes they should be charging 50.00 plus for an amazing cut!! Again, thank you!!
These guys are awesome! They're a skilled group of guys, they'll cut your hair the way you want it and offer suggestions for styles and cuts that looks good on you. Overall, they're just really good guys who create good relationships with their clients. I’ll never get my haircut and shave anywhere else!
I have been looking for a new barber and this is it. Great atmosphere, (for a younger generation for sure) this is not your grandpa's barber shop. I came in for a walk in on Sunday and even though it was obviously a skeleton crew because of the short day and I had to wait a little longer, the staff was great. Very friendly. These guys take pride in their skill and it shows. I am going to set up a standing appointment twice a month.
This the best barber shop I have ever been too. I've got my hair cut in big major city's & it's nothing compared to this barber shop in Salt Lake City. All the barbers are super talented & the owner Joseph is a master at cutting hair. I love the music & the barber shop vibe & they play sports on the tvs & they have a popcorn machine . I'll never get another hair cut from a different barber shop only Joseph's
Went in last week and a great experience and wanted to go back in for a trim and start becoming a repeat customer. When I got there it was busy, so I put my name in and asked for a certain Barber. I knew there would be a wait but that was OK with that. About 15 minutes later another walk in came in and asked for the same Barber while I was sitting there the kid that was working the counter made an appointment with that walk in so when the Barber became free and I happen to be the next in line I was overlooked and the walk in after me got my spot, then when the next available Barber was available I again was overlooked I'm assuming because I had asked for a certain Barber. But if they new I requested him why would he let the kid at the counter make an appointment for him for a walk in that came in after me ? I had already waited an hour and 15 minutes I wasn't going to wait another hour. You guys do a good job but your not so great that you think it OK to make people wait and let other people go ahead of them.

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