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Jerry's Market

+1 505-873-1688
7553 Isleta Blvd SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105 United States of America
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Service options
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Great produce
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Quick visit

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

It's really convenient to have this little grocery store so close by. One of my complaints is how small the store is. It would be great to see an expansion. The staff is almost always friendly. The meat area I've never been able to really trust I think it's just because the way it looks back there. Prices are definitely high but I guess that's what you get when you're kind of considered a convenience store
Jerry's is my all time favorite grocery store to visit, the staff are always kind and helpful. The selection of meat products are always good and the vegetables always look fresh and tasty. Not once have I had an issue when I've needed to stop by here.
I'm going to Jerry's market for the past 49 years since I've been riding a go-kart I would go by and get my candy or whatever it's a great place to go if you need something real quick and you forgot I'm 59 years old I still go there when I need something
Careful when buying packaged meat like ribs and such. Check the expiration date. They'll still try and push meat way past the expiration date.
It's fine, a good wine selection, the bread was ok also, opens late, and friendly people.
Right down from my house in los padillas
Desiderio rd...
Came here in pampers in 77... Hahaha
Been alot for a small spot but gots what you need in all.
The staff is amazing!! Prices are decent and always a good selection of food. Meat and produce are fresh!! All around wonderful, a staple in the south valley!! Come by and see our helpful friendly staff!!????????????
Love Jerry's Market! This store has been my childhood staple. Grew up with Jerry Jaramillo sr. and the family, and remember when Jerry jr. had the pharmacy attached. I will continue to shop here no matter how many new owners take the reins! Long live Jerry's Market!!

Quick Facts About Jerry's Market

Jerry's Market place has several strengths that make it a convenient and favorable option for many customers. Firstly, its convenient location near the commenters' homes makes it easily accessible and saves them time and effort in traveling to larger grocery stores. This convenience factor is further emphasized by the commenter who mentions it is great for quick stops when something is needed.
In terms of customer service, many commenters praise the staff at Jerry's Market place, describing them as friendly, helpful, and amazing. This positive interaction with the staff enhances the overall shopping experience and creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers.
Another strength mentioned by several commenters is the selection and freshness of meat and produce. The availability of fresh and tasty vegetables is a draw for many customers, as is the good selection of meat products. This indicates that Jerry's Market place is able to provide quality products in these departments, satisfying customer needs in terms of both variety and freshness.
The longevity of Jerry's Market place is another strength highlighted in a comment. The fact that a customer has been shopping there for 49 years speaks to the store's ability to maintain a loyal customer base and provide consistent service over a long period of time. This suggests that customers value the store and have a level of trust in its offerings.
Despite these strengths, there are also some weaknesses mentioned by the commenters that Jerry's Market place should address. The first notable weakness is the size of the store. Several commenters mention that the store is small and would benefit from an expansion. This indicates that the limited space may be a negative factor for some customers and could potentially limit the store's ability to offer a wider variety of products.
A related issue is the comment about the meat area. The commenter mentions being unable to trust it due to its appearance. This highlights the importance of maintaining a clean and visually appealing space for customers to feel confident in purchasing meat products. Addressing this concern could help improve trust and confidence in the store overall.
Another weakness that is mentioned is the high prices. Although it is acknowledged that Jerry's Market place is considered a convenience store, the commenter perceives the prices as high. This indicates that the store may not be competitive in terms of pricing compared to larger grocery stores. Finding ways to offer more affordable options without compromising quality could help attract price-conscious customers.
Additionally, one commenter's mention of expired packaged meat raises concerns about quality control. Ensuring that products are properly checked for expiration dates and not sold past their shelf life is crucial to maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. Strengthening quality control measures in this area could help avoid such issues.
In conclusion, Jerry's Market place has several strengths, including its convenient location, friendly staff, good selection of meat and produce, and a loyal customer base. However, there are also areas for improvement, such as store expansion, addressing concerns about the appearance of the meat area, offering more competitive pricing, and improving quality control measures. By addressing these weaknesses, Jerry's Market place can maintain and enhance its strengths, ensuring a positive and satisfactory shopping experience for its customers.

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