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1781 7800 S, West Jordan, UT 84088 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Jasmine Nails

Jasmine Nails place has received a variety of comments, both positive and negative, which provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the salon. Analyzing these comments, it is possible to identify certain key aspects to consider when evaluating their performance.
Starting with the strengths, it is evident that the salon has a loyal customer base, as seen in the comments from individuals who have been going to Jasmine Nails for years. This indicates that the salon has built a strong reputation and has been successful in retaining customers over an extended period. Furthermore, customers have specifically mentioned certain nail technicians, such as Jenn and Kim Shane, who are praised for their excellent work. This suggests that the salon has skilled and talented individuals who are able to provide high-quality services.
Additionally, the salon seems to be inclusive and welcoming to male clients. One customer, who mentioned being a guy and getting pedicures at Jasmine Nails, highly recommends the salon to other men. This indicates that the salon is able to cater to a diverse range of customers and create an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.
In terms of weaknesses, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the service they received. Complaints range from poor shaping and messy lines to incomplete removal of old nail polish. These comments suggest a lack of attention to detail and a failure to meet customer expectations in terms of the final outcome of the nail services.
There have also been complaints related to customer service and communication. One customer mentioned that they were ignored when asking about waxing services, while another was not listened to when expressing their preference for a different nail shape. These incidents indicate a lack of effective communication and attentiveness towards the customers' requests, potentially leading to a negative experience.
Another significant weakness highlighted by a negative review is the cleanliness of the salon. The customer mentioned that the salon appeared dirty and the outcome of the nail service was unsatisfactory. Hygiene is a crucial aspect of any nail salon, and any perception of uncleanliness can significantly impact the reputation and customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, one customer reported being overcharged without any explanation. This lack of transparency and inconsistency in pricing can create a negative impression and erode trust between the salon and its customers.
Overall, while the strengths of Jasmine Nails place lie in their loyal customer base, skilled nail technicians, and their ability to cater to male clients, there are notable weaknesses that need to be addressed. The salon should focus on improving attention to detail, effective communication, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring transparency in pricing. Addressing these weaknesses can help enhance the overall customer experience at Jasmine Nails place and improve customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I'm a guy and I love getting pedicures here. If you're a guy and haven't gotten a pedicure in your life I highly recommend it and get it done at Jasmine Nails.
They do a decent job. I got right in. I give a 4 because I asked about waxing, said I wanted it and she ignored me twice.
I cheated on my nail tech and went here. ONLY BECAUSE they had an openi g for 2 the next day. Im ashamed and will never venture away again. This place was my karma. Nail tech must be blind. Asked for a French tip. She didn't get all the old color off. So it showed through the new set. Asked for her to fix it. They tried to tell me they couldn't. Who doesnt get all the old polish off befor the new set? The finally agreed they would. Still didnt get it all. To save grace and avoid conflict i went along with it. Looks better than the first attempt. Still not great. NEVER AGAIN WILL I CHOOSE ANOTHER TECH. Lesson learned!
I've been getting pedicures for years, they always do a great job and are very kind!
They’re dirty,shaping is bad, lines aren’t clean or even. Thought they looked good but when i got home and saw them in better light they’re absolutely hideous. I would give them a zero if I could.Payed 55 dollars for a 10 dollar job.The lady who sits in the front is the lady who did them if you go here DO NOT let her do them. A 15 year old could do a much better job then this.I’m super disappointed and I am so upset with this.
She didn't listen when I told her she was making my nails too pointy and she appeared to be in a hurry so the job looks crappy. She also charged me 15 more than she should've but didn't explain why.
Love jenn , I've been going to jasmine nails for over 8 years. She always does a fabulous job !
Great nail salon.Kim Shane is the best! All these were done by her. I highly recommend her.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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