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Istanbul Barber

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4 Willow StOswestry SY11 1AA
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM


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Great job done, very particular in what he did. Definitely would return there and definitely recommend there. Only negative is that they are, as far as I've been able to find, the most expensive mens hairdresser in Oswestry.

Didn’t like the attitude at all. Ok if you want a weird cow pat on top of your head. During covid they were just bothered about the money, no masks, people too close, noticed they just wiped their tools with a damp rag. Not cheap either. But it’s quick if that’s what you want, if it’s patience and a good haircut you want there’s much better places.

Great haircut, quick service and a good price

My 7yo son had Autims & ADHD so getting his hair cut is a major deal! The barber that did my sons hair today was very patient & very understanding, that in itself was amazing but then my son refused to let the barber finish, my son had had enough, it was too much for him and nothing me or the barber said convinced him to get it finished! So as I went to pay for my sons hair cut, I was more than willing to pay full price as the barber did an amazing job regardless of the fact he was unable to finish, he gave my son a lolly pop and refused to let me pay as he had not finished! I had to say this shocked me. I've been so many places to get my sons hair done and noone has ever treated us with such kindness and compassion! I will most definitely be visiting here again with my son.
Thank you all so much

Went in for a trim and a wet shave, didn't wait too long for a seat. Got the full works with eyebrows, ear and nose trimmed/waxed for just over £20. I have paid double that in Manchester in the past. Will be visiting again.

Friendly staff and most importantly a great haircut without too long a wait.

Never been here before. First time today and very impressed. The most impressive thing is the attention to detail--NOT a quick short back and sides, snip of the top and "get out". When growing my beard over the winter, will definitely get it "neatened" here.

Prices are good too. Worth a visit.

My 6 year old son actually nagged me to go, wanted his hair to be "smart like some of his friends" who go here. Really impressed will be taking boys here everytime. Already recommended to another mum too. Thank you see you again soon


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