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Irit Barber Shop

+1 201-773-6700
13-32 River Road I'm Next To The Bagel Shop On, River Rd, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 United States of America
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Omg just stopped by Irit Barbershop and her men’s haircuts are amazing definitely coming back! 10/10
Small but nice barbershop! Service is quick and she does a good job. Prices are also great for the service! Thank you!
Irit is such a nice lady, quick and does a great job.
Irit is amazing. First went to her right after a bad haircut from the person who previously cut my hair. Irit saw it and immediately said she could fix it, and did. Irit is extremely professional, efficient, and really knows her craft. She always gives a great haircut and listens to your requests. Highly recommend.
Great service and haircut for a teenage boy. The owner is vey friendly and accommodating.
Irit is an excellent barber as well as a friendly and warm person. She works quickly but never sacrifices quality and always make sure you leave as a happy customer. I highly recommend that you give her a try!
I was looking for a last minute Saturday quick men's hair cut and just went to Google and found Irit's Barber Shop. She was friendly and I walked in and it was friendly and Irit treated me great. Cut my hair very nicely and is up to date with latest hairstyles and knows how to use the straight razor to give my beard a trim and a shape up. Great place. Will come here again .
She is fast and efficient and at the same time makes sure you get a great cut at a low price. Almost no wait time I couldn’t be happier I found this place

Quick Facts About Irit Barber Shop

Irit Barber Shop receives overwhelmingly positive feedback in the comments, with customers praising the quality of the haircuts, the speed of service, the reasonable prices, and Irit herself. These comments highlight several strengths of the barbershop:
1. Skill and expertise: Customers consistently mention that Irit is a skilled and talented barber. They appreciate her ability to fix bad haircuts and her knowledge of different hairstyles and techniques. This demonstrates that she has the necessary skills and expertise to provide high-quality haircuts.
2. Professionalism: Customers describe Irit as extremely professional and efficient. This suggests that she takes her job seriously and prioritizes delivering a great experience to her customers. Her professionalism likely contributes to the overall positive experience at the barbershop.
3. Friendly and warm service: Multiple comments mention Irit's friendly and warm demeanor. Customers feel comfortable and welcome in her presence, which adds to the positive experience. This friendly service likely contributes to customer loyalty and repeat business.
4. Quick service: Customers appreciate the speed of service at Irit Barber Shop. They mention that there is almost no wait time and describe the service as quick. This efficiency is likely attractive to customers who are looking for a convenient and time-efficient haircut experience.
5. Affordable prices: The affordability of Irit Barber Shop is mentioned by several customers. They comment on the great prices for the service provided, indicating that Irit offers competitive pricing. This affordability is likely appealing to customers who are budget-conscious or looking for value for their money.
6. Ability to accommodate different needs: Customers highlight Irit's ability to cater to different requests. Whether it's fixing a bad haircut, providing a haircut for a teenage boy, or offering beard trims and shape-ups, Irit demonstrates her versatility as a barber. This suggests that she can meet the diverse needs of her customers, contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Despite these strengths, there are some potential weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments:
1. Small space: One comment refers to the barbershop as small. While this may not be a significant issue, it could potentially limit the number of customers that can be served at a given time or make the space crowded during peak hours. This may lead to longer wait times or a less comfortable experience for some customers.
2. Limited range of services: While customers mention that Irit provides excellent haircuts, there is no mention of additional services such as hair coloring or styling. It's possible that Irit Barber Shop focuses primarily on traditional haircuts and may not offer more specialized or trendy services. This could limit the range of options available to customers seeking a specific style or service.
In conclusion, Irit Barber Shop boasts strong attributes that contribute to its positive reputation. The skill and expertise of Irit, combined with her professionalism and friendly service, create a welcoming environment for customers. The quick and efficient service, affordable prices, and ability to accommodate different needs further enhance the reputation of the barbershop. However, potential weaknesses include the small space and the possible limitation in terms of services offered. Overall, Irit Barber Shop appears to be a popular choice for customers seeking high-quality haircuts in a friendly and efficient setting.

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