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7500 SW Dartmouth St #130, Tigard, OR 97223 United States of America
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they did amazing! they were so nice and did so well with my sisters and i’s nails. i love coming here and its become my new regular nail salon to go to!
This salon was wonderful! Friendly staff, complimentary drinks, and good work. My nails are a little shorter than I wanted but that’s my fault I guess. 100% will be going back again!
I came in to get my nails done around 3:30pm on 2/20 they had a gentleman start doing my nails but I believe he was still learning (he did pretty good!) then a young woman named Kim took over and finished, she did such an amazing job and I loved that she talked to me and made conversation! Thank you for your work ❤️
These nails only lasted me 3 days before they all started popping off quickly.
The man that gave me the pedicure was fantastic. Everyone was so helpful to my friend in crutches getting a manicure also. Sadly I was not able to get his name before I left. I'll definitely be coming back soon
Absolutely love this nail salon. I would highly recommend it for anyone that likes a good precise job done on their nails and or toes. I’ve been going to Skyler for 10 years now and she does such an amazing job. Pays very close attention to detail, and takes her time perfecting your nails. Has great design skills and can even do a bomb freestyle if you’re not sure what you want. She gets my nails perfect every time! If you’ve never been to Icon nails and bar try it out, and ask for Skyler it will be worth it. Also, customer service at this salon is really good everyone is friendly and welcoming.
Updated pic because she’s amazing! Summer is amazing! She had me in and out in an hour! She even offered to stay after closing which I thought was amazing customer service! Not only was her shop beautiful her exceptional skill is amazing! She understands my nails and cuticles as they are deeper than most and she didn’t get any product in areas where others have! I am truly happy and my eyebrows look amazing too! Grown out a little before able to post aside from that she really customized these for me as I was thinking of cat eye and she gave me the best of both worlds!
Place was nice but nails turned out awful, bumpy, acrylic stuck in the tips underneath and terrible ombré I haven’t gotten my nails done in 2 years and I will go back to not having them done. I wanted nice nails for my birthday and did not get them.
Kim is simply the best. She is kind funny and detailed. I never feel rushed with her. Thank you for being so kind and friendly!

Quick Facts About Icon Nails & Bar

Icon Nails & Bar appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the main strengths highlighted by multiple customers is the friendly and welcoming staff. Customers appreciated the kindness, conversation, and attention to detail displayed by the employees. The mention of complimentary drinks also suggests that the salon provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment for its customers.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the quality of the nail work. Many customers expressed satisfaction with the outcome of their nails and the skills of the nail technicians. Several comments specifically praised individual nail technicians for their exceptional work and attention to detail. The mention of customized nails and understanding of specific nail and cuticle issues also demonstrates the salon's ability to cater to individual customer needs.
Customer service is also highlighted as a strength in the comments. Multiple customers mentioned the friendly and helpful nature of the staff, including their willingness to accommodate customers with special needs, such as someone in crutches. The offer to stay after closing time to ensure a customer's satisfaction further exemplifies the salon's dedication to providing excellent customer service.
However, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer mentioned that their nails only lasted for three days before starting to come off. This suggests that there may be issues with the durability or longevity of the nails done at Icon Nails & Bar. Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of their nails, citing issues such as bumpiness, acrylic stuck in the tips, and a terrible ombré. This indicates that there may be inconsistencies in the skill level of the nail technicians or potential lapses in quality control.
It is important to note that these comments represent the experiences of individual customers, and generalizations cannot be made based solely on these comments. However, it is possible to identify potential areas of improvement for Icon Nails & Bar based on these weaknesses. Ensuring consistency in the quality of nail work and addressing any issues related to durability or longevity could enhance the overall customer experience.
In conclusion, Icon Nails & Bar appears to have strengths in terms of friendly staff, quality of nail work, and customer service. However, weaknesses pertaining to nail durability and quality inconsistencies were also mentioned. These insights from customer comments can be valuable for the salon to identify areas of improvement and continue providing excellent service to their customers.

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