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Unit 6, Wexford Retail Park, Wexford Ireland
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM


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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I recommend checking boxed furniture before buying! I bought a small coffee table from here and opened it at home to find the contents absolutely sopping wet, rusty, and covered in black mold.
big shop with lots of products and good reduced section. HOWEVER absolutely horrible customer service. I am constantly followed and watched by staff when I am shopping and the staff are very hostile and rude at checkout. I can never believe what I have witnessed whenever I walk out of that shop. Its almost comedic.
The hardware end of it is quite good, I like the shelves. Food bits at a little more expensive than the other budget stores.
Good shop but buyer beware a lot of the products showed prices in sterling - surely thats not ok - hadnt noticed till i got price at checkout ????however products vood quality in general.
Such a super ..great value and convenient store... they have such a wide variety and diverse range of goods here... furniture...household...the list is endless...just one of the simple pleasures in life to have a stroll around and browse their amazing range ❤
Homesavers is one of those shops that you never know what your going to find it has loads of different stuff from pencils to big mattress's so what ever your looking for you will find it her
Highly Recomended staff are polite and fast : Rating 10 out of 10
A lovely shop, sells everything you need for home. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this store.
Great choice and service is quick. Plenty of parking outside. Be careful with the prices. Some foods are not that cheap when compared to Dealz next door. The non food items are very good just know your prices before you go in

Quick Facts About Homesavers

Homesavers Place is a retail store that offers a wide variety of products for the home, including furniture, household items, and food. While the store has a range of strengths, such as its diverse range of goods and convenient location, there are also several weaknesses that need to be addressed.
One of the main strengths of Homesavers Place is the wide selection of products it offers. Customers can find everything from small household items like pencils to larger items like mattresses. This variety allows customers to find exactly what they are looking for without having to go to multiple stores. Additionally, the convenience of having all these products in one place makes it easy for customers to do their shopping.
Another strength of Homesavers Place is the helpful and friendly staff. Several comments mention the positive experience they had with the staff, noting their politeness and fast service. This is a valuable asset for any retail store as it contributes to a positive shopping experience and encourages customers to return in the future.
The store also offers a good reduced section, which is a strength for customers looking for discounted items. Being able to browse through discounted products allows customers to find good deals and potentially save money on their purchases. Additionally, the hardware section of the store is praised for its good quality shelves, suggesting that the store offers reliable and durable products in this area.
However, there are several weaknesses that need to be addressed by Homesavers Place. One recurring issue is the customer service. Multiple comments mention the rude and hostile behavior of the staff, particularly at the checkout. This is a significant drawback for any retail store as it can create an uncomfortable and unwelcoming environment for customers. Improving customer service should be a priority for the store in order to enhance the overall shopping experience.
Another weakness mentioned in the comments is the issue with boxed furniture. One customer experienced purchasing a small coffee table only to find that it was wet, rusty, and covered in black mold upon opening it at home. This raises concerns about the quality control and storage of furniture items in the store. A strong emphasis should be placed on ensuring that all products, especially boxed furniture, are in good condition and free from any defects.
There are also concerns about pricing at Homesavers Place. One comment mentions that some products had prices in sterling, which was not noticed until the checkout. This lack of clarity in pricing can create confusion and dissatisfaction among customers. It is important for the store to ensure that prices are clearly displayed and any discrepancies are addressed promptly.
Furthermore, the comment about some food items being more expensive compared to a neighboring store suggests that the store may not consistently offer the best prices for all products. While the non-food items are praised for their good quality, the store should ensure that its pricing is competitive across all product categories.
In conclusion, Homesavers Place has strengths such as its wide variety of products, helpful staff, and convenient location. However, it also has weaknesses related to customer service, product quality control, pricing, and competition. By addressing these weaknesses and making improvements, the store can enhance the overall shopping experience for its customers and attract more loyal patrons.


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