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Gerry's Fresh Foods

+353 1 849 0404
31 Strand St, Townparks, Skerries, Co. Dublin, K34 NX39 Ireland
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About Gerry's Fresh Foods

Gerry's Fresh Foods has several strengths that make it a popular grocery store in Skerries. One of its main strengths is the large selection of goods available. It is described as a one-stop grocery destination, indicating that customers can find everything they need in one place. This convenience factor is a significant advantage for Gerry's Fresh Foods.
The store is praised for its extensive collection of fruits and vegetables. This means that customers have a wide variety to choose from and can find fresh produce easily at the store. Additionally, the bakery section is mentioned as a favorite, with a wide variety of breads and muffins available. This suggests that Gerry's Fresh Foods offers a diverse range of baked goods that customers enjoy.
The quality of the food is another strength of Gerry's Fresh Foods. Customers describe the food as delicious and give it a rating of 10/10. This indicates that the store is successful in providing high-quality products. The ready-made food, such as mashed potatoes and meat, is particularly praised for being tasty and well-prepared.
Customers also appreciate the reasonable pricing at Gerry's Fresh Foods. This suggests that the store offers competitive prices compared to other grocery stores in the area. Pricing is an important factor for many customers when choosing where to shop, so this is a significant strength for the store.
The staff at Gerry's Fresh Foods are consistently mentioned as polite, friendly, and helpful. This is a significant strength, as customer service plays a crucial role in ensuring a positive shopping experience. The engagement of the store owner with customers is also praised, as it adds a personal touch to the shopping experience.
The store also houses a post office, which is mentioned as a convenience factor. This means that customers can complete multiple errands in one place, saving them time and effort.
Despite these strengths, Gerry's Fresh Foods does have some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One common criticism is the origin of some of their meats. Customers have noted that some of the meats are not Irish, such as turkey breast from Italy and chicken fillets from Holland. This may be a concern for customers who value locally sourced products and prefer to support Irish producers. The suggestion to go to another grocery store, Supervalu, where all the meat is Irish, indicates that this is a significant weakness for Gerry's Fresh Foods.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of cream cakes being sold anymore. This may disappoint customers who enjoyed purchasing cream cakes from Gerry's Fresh Foods in the past. The absence of this item may lead some customers to shop elsewhere for their cream cake needs.
Despite these weaknesses, Gerry's Fresh Foods remains a popular and well-regarded grocery store in Skerries. Its strengths, such as the large selection of goods, quality food, reasonable pricing, and helpful staff, contribute to its positive reputation. However, addressing the weaknesses mentioned, such as the origin of meats and the absence of cream cakes, could further enhance the store's appeal to a wider range of customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This is a very large grocery store at skerries. I wanted to buy few things and this store had everything what i required. They have a extensive collection of fruits and vegetables. This is a one stop grocery destination for me at skerries. Staff is very polite and always ready to help. Their bakery section is my favorite. They have a wide varieties of breads and muffins. Chips of different flavors are also available here. All chocolates and beverages required can be found at this store. Also one can find meal boxes here of different cuisines. Their meal box are very delicious and are a must try. One can also get a fresh sandwich with different fillings here and it is very delicious. Pricing at the store is also very reasonable and quality of food is very great ????. This is the best grocery store at skerries.
A large selection of goods. The big advantage is the a warm table - every day there is a large selection of meats, vegetables, soups, etc. Everything is fresh. There is also a post office on the premises of the store. I recommend this place also because the staff are very helpful and friendly
Have a good look at origin of meats before you buy. A lot of it is NOT IRISH.Fresh turkey breast from Italy???. Chicken fillets from Holland?? and other examples. Advise to go around to supervalu where ALL THEIR MEAT IS IRISH.
Food 10/10. A beautiful shop. Owner very engaged with the customer. Great to see
5 stars for their ready made food!
Mash potatoes are like cream and the meat is always juicy plus that gravy is a secret weapon. Nice job!
Great local supermarket. A good selection of core products, groceries, veg, dairy, cleaning products & such. And it houses the local An Post. Perfect.
A Skerries institution. Pity they don't sell the cream cakes anymore.... Very helpful and friendly staff.
Love it! I always pop into Gerry's when I collect my Son from Rush. I live in Dublin 7 so I like to stock up when I'm over that way. An outstanding range of the highest quality food from fresh veg, a wide variety of fresh fruit, a large fresh meat and deli department. The shops selections are so big considering it's not the size of a Tesco or Dunne's but they always have everything I need. Back soon!

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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
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  • NFC mobile payments


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