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Gary's Southern Grill has a mixture of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, the restaurant is praised for its food quality in several comments. One customer specifically mentions the hamburger steak being cooked perfectly and not dry, while another mentions the rib eye steak having great flavor and being cooked to perfection. The fried pickles and sweet potato fries are also mentioned as tasty options. It is evident that the food at Gary's Southern Grill is generally well-received by those who have tried it.
Another strength mentioned is the generous portion sizes. Customers mention that the burgers have two patties and are not made from pre-frozen patties. This shows that Gary's Southern Grill takes pride in using fresh ingredients and providing customers with satisfying portion sizes.
The friendly and welcoming atmosphere is also mentioned as a strength. Customers note that they are greeted with a smile upon entering the restaurant and are made to feel comfortable. This contributes to a positive dining experience and makes customers feel valued.
Additionally, the restaurant is highlighted as a local gem in a small town. This sense of community and authenticity adds to the charm of Gary's Southern Grill and attracts customers who appreciate supporting local businesses.
Despite these strengths, there are several weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One common complaint is the long wait time for orders. One customer recounts waiting over 40 minutes for a couple of burgers, even though the restaurant wasn't crowded. This indicates a potential issue with the restaurant's efficiency and ability to handle orders in a timely manner.
Another weakness mentioned is the inconsistency in service. While some customers praise the service, others complain about the difficulty in reaching the restaurant by phone to place an order. This inconsistency in service can create frustration and inconvenience for customers who prefer to order by phone.
There are also a couple of comments discussing the flavor and cooking of the food. One customer mentions that the food was overcooked and dry, while another says that the food was flavorless except for an excessive amount of salt. These comments suggest that there may be some inconsistency in the kitchen and that improvements could be made in terms of the taste and preparation of the food.
Lastly, the restaurant's payment options are mentioned as a weakness. Several customers note that Gary's Southern Grill only accepts cash or check, which can be inconvenient for those who prefer to pay with credit cards.
In conclusion, Gary's Southern Grill has strengths in terms of food quality, portion sizes, atmosphere, and being a local gem. However, weaknesses are evident in terms of wait times, inconsistent service, food flavor and preparation, and limited payment options. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall dining experience at Gary's Southern Grill.

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I always try to give locally owned restaurants my patronage, but I was disappointed. After placing the order, the wait was 40+ minutes, for a couple of burgers. It was a Friday night, but the place wasn't that crowded. We asked the waitress about the wait and was told that orders are cooked in the order they were placed, yet others that came in after us were served first. When we got the food, it was overcooked and dry. I don't like to be critical, but it was my honest experience. First and last visit.
Mr. Gary shows out in his kitchen! This hamburger steak was fan-freaking-tastic. I am not a picky eater but certain foods I prefer cooked a certain way. Sadly most times people cook hamburger steak med well or well which makes them dry but NOT Mr. Gary. It was Med and PERRRRRFECT... Oh and the portions are GENEROUS! you might can't tell in the picture but there is 2 patties there and not thin pre frozen patties either, they are fresh hand pattied.. Then his grilled shrimp is just yumm and those sweet potatoes fries are delicious and have the perfect balance between soft and crispy. Plus when you enter you are greeted with a smile and a good evening have a seat wherever you like. The service is always fantastic. They take a lot of pride in all they do and it shows!
A rare gem in a small town... friendly home town atmosphere, great tasting food. Fried pickles are the real deal, and not greasy. Sweet potatoe fries were nice and tasty. The rib eye steak flavor was awesome & cooked to perfection! Only downfall was the $27 price for a thin rib eye.
The food is good, however, the near impossibility that is getting them to answer the phone to place an order is maddening. If you want to sit down and enjoy your meal I'd suggest them but if you want to order via the phone and pick up I would advise not even wasting your time bothering and just order somewhere else.
Food: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3/5
I hear this is such a great food. I had 5 members of my family call and nobody would answer the phone! I guess it’s a great way to lose business. We are going elsewhere to order food and support other locals.
Great little local restaurant. I had the medium cheese burger and sweet potato fries, which was plenty and and then some. Then I had the banana pudding. Next time I will get the small burger so I can have more banana pudding. That banana pudding is delicious. The service is friendly and efficient. Carry cash because they do not accept credit cards.
Really great place for seafood. Hamburgers and steaks. Be forewarned however that it is cash or check only.
Food was flavorless except for a heavy amount of salt, and overcooked. Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Kitchen seemed to be overwhelmed with even simple orders.

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