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5213 State St, Murray, UT 84107 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I absolutely love Galaxy Nails, and I would highly recommend them! I got an acrylic set, and I am obsessed with how they turned out. You can truly tell that all of the staff highly values customer service and satisfied, happy clients. They are willing to accommodate you and make sure that you always feel taken care of. I have gone here a few times and every nail technician that I've had is very friendly and does a great job. All of my friends love and recommend them, and now I see why. I will definitely be going back, I can't recommend them enough!
We made an appointment the day before and showed up on time. Not only were we not acknowledged, they took 5+ people back before they took us. We waited 45 minutes. I love all the options they have but I am extremely disappointed with how my nails turned out. They’re awful and I’ve never paid so much for nails ever. For acrylic & gel nails, it was $80. And I tipped. So almost $100. I have cuts all over my and the art looks terrible. I wouldn’t recommend this place nor will I be going back.
SOOOOO BAD.I added pictures of what I wanted vs what I got.
I went in for a Gel-X set because Tammy was recommended, they booked me originally for a 5:45pm but ended up pushing it back until 6:30pm which I asked if they were sure because they close at 7 and I didn’t want them to rush. I got there on Thursday and she was very rushed. It’s been a day and a half and I noticed lifting already, I called to get them fixed and they said they’d charge me $100 to soak them off and redo the whole set even though I didn’t cause the lifting. Definitely never coming here again, if you ever request Tammy make sure to book an early appointment and let her know if you don’t like it so that you don’t have to pay for the whole thing again.
Zen was amazing! She went above and beyond to try and fix a manicure that I was totally unhappy with. She had no need to fix my mani after store closing hours and she still did so!!! And did an amazing job on shaping my manicure and making sure I left satisfied. 10/10 RECOMMEND!! ♥️♥️
By far my favorite place to go for my nails. The staff is always so kind and helpful to help me get the nails that I want. I’ve gone to other places but always come back to Galaxy because they are just the best and are very consistent with the quality you will receive. Highly highly recommend!!
Went in on a Monday to get my acrylic nails filled and the nail tech did not do a good job. I paid $70 which I’ve never paid that much for a fill and I’ve been getting my nails done for over 10 years. I went to the owner at the SoJo location the very NEXT day and he attempted to fix the gel by painting over it and doing another top coat. I thought the problem had been solved and when I took a close look at the nails I was very unsatisfied at the work. I reached out the owner and asked if I could at least get a refund. So that I can have someone else fix the bad nail work that I paid $70 for. All he did was gaslight me and tell me the nails were perfect and that maybe I wasn’t happy with them because I didn’t know what I wanted. Very unprofessional. I wish the owner had done a better job at helping resolve the issue. He said I could go back to the original nail tech and she could add diamonds and maybe then I would happy… unfortunately even if I wanted to go back I didn’t have time because I was leaving for a wedding. There’s definitely more things I could say about this experience but to get to the point I will not return to any Galaxy Nail location and I do not recommend it to anyone. The photos show my nails 2 days after getting them done. And after his attempt to fix them.
I asked for white tip ive been going here for years ! & she did my toes she was rushed and did them in a hurry since She didn't do my nails as How I asked! I asked her if i can come in the next day to get them re done she said ill take them off rn ! She took of my nail set Took them off but rushed to do my toe nails paid 30$ not bad but time is money! We paying for the nob done !!! She left all my toe nails messy I was already Upset with the whole nail thing & I literally wannted to cry & leave !!!! Didn't wanna tell her nothing else to not be rude !!! But This was the worst after so many years comin to get my toes done here
I get my nails done by Alex. He’s great, I’ve gone to him a few times, these are the only pics I have. He always does amazing with what I say I want and is really nice. I’ve gotten my nails done by other techs here who were really rough, broke my natural nails, couldn’t do what I’ve asked or they just look bad. I only ask for and trust Alex with my nails. Quality: I work in a restaurant as a server and they’ve never broke, chipped, or lifted on me. And they last me longer than 2 weeks without looking bad. Which I really like about them.
As for time wise, my full sets take about an hour, with a pedicure I’m there for 2 hours, with an appointment. They can get really busy so with no appointment you could be waiting awhile.
I’ve wanted ombré nails for awhile now and every place I’ve tried didn’t do a good job. I came here and they gave me a beautiful set that I’m obsessed with and it was quick as-well.

Quick Facts About Galaxy Nails & Spa

Galaxy Nails & Spa has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths of Galaxy Nails & Spa is their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Many customers mentioned that the staff highly values customer service and goes above and beyond to ensure that clients feel taken care of. They are willing to accommodate customers and make sure they leave happy. This is a significant strength as excellent customer service can lead to loyal customers and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
Another strength is the overall quality of the work done by the nail technicians. Multiple comments praised the nail technicians for their skills and the high-quality results they produced. Customers mentioned that they received acrylic sets, gel nails, and manicures that they were happy with and that lasted well without chipping or lifting. The consistency in the quality of work is also mentioned as a strength, indicating that customers can expect good results each time they visit.
The variety of options offered by Galaxy Nails & Spa is also highlighted as a strength. Customers mentioned that the salon had many options, including acrylic sets, gel nails, and ombré nails. This variety allows customers to choose the style and type of nails that they prefer.
However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned by customers. One common complaint is the long wait time. In one comment, a customer mentioned waiting for 45 minutes despite having made an appointment the day before. This indicates a potential issue with scheduling and managing appointment times, which can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction.
Another weakness mentioned is the inconsistency in the skills of the nail technicians. While some customers had positive experiences and praised the technicians for their abilities, others had negative experiences with rough treatment, nails breaking, and the technicians not being able to fulfill their requests. This indicates a lack of consistency in the skills and expertise of the nail technicians, which can result in customers receiving subpar services.
Furthermore, there were instances where customers had issues with their nails not turning out as expected or experiencing problems shortly after their appointments. One customer mentioned having cuts on their nails and being unsatisfied with the art, while another customer experienced lifting on their gel nails within a day and a half. These instances indicate potential problems with the quality of application and the durability of the nails.
Another weakness mentioned is the unprofessional response from the owner when a customer expressed dissatisfaction and requested a refund. The owner dismissed the customer's concerns and failed to provide a satisfactory resolution. This lack of professionalism can have a negative impact on the reputation of the salon and customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, Galaxy Nails & Spa has strengths in their commitment to customer service, high-quality work, and variety of options offered. However, there are weaknesses in terms of long wait times, inconsistency in the skills of the nail technicians, potential issues with the quality and durability of the nails, and unprofessional responses to customer concerns. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation.

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