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G CUTZ Barbershop

+1 318-600-6607
1300 N 7th St STE E, West Monroe, LA 71291 United States of America
Open Today: Closed

Quick Facts About G CUTZ Barbershop

G CUTZ Barbershop has received mostly positive feedback from customers, indicating some strengths of the establishment. One recurring theme in the comments is the high-quality haircut and attention to detail provided by the barbers. Customers have mentioned that their fades have been crisp and clean, suggesting that the barbers have a strong skillset and expertise in their craft. This attention to detail and skill is likely a major strength of G CUTZ Barbershop, as it can result in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Another strength mentioned is the friendly and interactive environment at the barbershop. Customers have described the staff as nice, respectful, and inviting. This creates a positive atmosphere for customers and contributes to their overall experience. It also suggests that the barbers have good interpersonal skills, which can be important in building rapport with clients.
In addition to the excellent work and friendly environment, the barbers at G CUTZ Barbershop have been commended for their professionalism and efficiency. Customers have mentioned that the barbers are quick and deliver professional results. This efficiency can be appealing to customers who may have limited time for a haircut or prefer a seamless experience. Furthermore, the professionalism exhibited by the barbers contributes to the overall positive impression of the shop.
The fact that customers are specifically mentioning the manager and owner, Bryan, suggests that he plays a significant role in the success of G CUTZ Barbershop. This could indicate strong leadership and management skills, which can be crucial in running a successful business.
However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer mentioned that despite calling ahead to confirm the styling they wanted, they were told upon arrival that it couldn't be done and were referred to another salon. This miscommunication and inability to fulfill the customer's request could be seen as a weakness in the establishment's customer service. It's important for businesses to ensure clear and accurate communication with customers to avoid disappointment or frustration.
Although the owner reached out to the customer to apologize and offer compensation, it is worth noting that the customer still left a lower rating due to the initially unwelcoming atmosphere they experienced upon arrival. This highlights the importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all customers, as first impressions can strongly impact their perception of the establishment. Improving the atmosphere and making all customers feel comfortable and valued should be a priority for G CUTZ Barbershop.
Lastly, one customer mentioned that the prices at G CUTZ Barbershop are on the pricier end for haircuts. While this may not be a weakness for customers who prioritize quality and are willing to pay a premium for it, it could deter price-sensitive customers who may be seeking more affordable options.
In conclusion, G CUTZ Barbershop has several strengths, including excellent haircuts with attention to detail, a friendly and interactive environment, and professional and efficient service. However, there are also weaknesses, such as miscommunication and an initially unwelcoming atmosphere. Addressing these weaknesses can help ensure a positive and satisfactory experience for all customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Got our hair cut here and they did a fantastic job. Remedied an issue we had and did it in spectacular fashion. Mine and my sons fades are by far the most crisp and clean we have had in a very long time. The attention to detail that the manager and owner took to make us look right is top notch. They have definitely earned a lifelong customer. Thanks Bryan. I’ll be back for my next cut in a few months.
First time customer. Im here right now with my stepson for he and myself to get cleaned up. The G in the name must stand for GENTLE because I got lined up and it felt like the blades weren't even touching me. Nice friendly environment and interactive staff. Definitely will be making a return.
Y'all, I work with these barbers. They are all excellent barbers; so nice and respectful, and always clean and inviting. They all just want to make each client happy with their choice of barber shop and barber and keep everyone coming back again and again.
I am very impressed. Everyone of these barbers do excellent work from what I see very professional and very quick. G and his whole crew get a thumbs up from me!
We used Red he was great! Took time to make sure my son was satisfied and could fix it
I called a day ahead to make sure they provided the styling I wanted, and he said they could do it for sure, but whenever I walked in today, everyone in there just stared at me, and one of the barbers said they couldn’t style me… Referred me to some basic salon, which isn’t what I wanted…that’s why I went there specifically. I don’t know why they couldn’t style my hair, what I was asking for was very basic. Really sad that I have to find another place to try now.
Update 10/2/2022: I called the business owner as requested, and he was very calm and professional on the phone. He apologized for the miscommunication on their end and explained why it happened, and even offered to pay for my hair to be styled to make up for it. I’m very surprised he reached out to me at all, and I really appreciate that he did so I’m adding 3 stars to my review. I’m still leaving off 1 star though because of the not-so-welcoming atmosphere when I initially walked in there….. I do hope they add a salon in the back of the store like he mentioned so they can service a wider variety of customers because that would be cool, but even if they did, I don’t know if I personally could go back to somewhere that made me feel so awkwardly out of place. I’ll be checking out other places for now, but I hope Gcutz continues to be managed by this young man because not enough businesses have this kind of good attitude toward customers and good management leading the company. Cheers!
Went on a Saturday didn't have to wait long and had a great professional cut. It is on the pricy end as haircuts goes.
Very cool place to get a haircut Very Respectful Barbershop.

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From the business
  • Identifies as Black-owned
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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Monday Closed
Tuesday 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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