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Fatima Hair Braiding

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4638 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143 United States of America
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My hair is really short less than a centimeter in length. The braider was able to pull it up, add extensions and braided it down. I was in and out under 2 hours. I love what she did to my hair and it was reasonably priced. I will be going back again. I found my hair braider! Thank you ladies!
I just got my hair done a week ago, i had to provide my own hair just to end up paying $250 and end up with my braids coming out. My parts are horrible and way bigger than i asked. Not only all my braids are different lengths. I will never be coming back.
I called and asked if they taking walk ins. They said yes. When I get there, there's a wait. Fine, no problem. They were we finishing up individuals on someone's natural hair and another only wanted a couple cornrows. Cool. Then a person who walked in after me was called to the chair first. That's when my patience went out the door. I just got up & walked out after waiting patiently for damn near 2hours. They didn't even say anything about it until I made a mention of things; then trying to appease me by saying 2 people will work on head a one time. Luckily I found a shop on 61st and woodland. This one is a waste of time. First and last time for everything.
I asked for medium knotless braid even showed a picture and still didn’t get what I asked for . I got in the chair at 6 I didn’t get out until 11:59 . They are very unprofessional , they talk about yuh as they Doinh ya hair . The lady who did my hair took multiple breaks . She was on her phone and eating and just running her mouth I would not recommend going there . They don’t know there prices it’s just bad
The braids were neat but I waited 2 hours before being serviced. Also, and more importantly, the owner didn't follow covid guidelines- she didn't wear a mask and nothing was sanitized (everything looked pretty dusy/dirty). The owner seemed nice but was more interested in her phone conversation than braiding my hair. Don't recommend this shop.
Don’t waste your money or time. I went in for medium sized box braids, length to my lower back.The braider complained about my style and decided to charge me $200, which was fine with me because I didn’t mind paying for what I wanted. She used the cheapest plastic braiding hair she could find, braided my hair really large and to the middle of my back; left the rest unbraided and dipped in hot water. That was it. I don’t like my hair and I’m extremely disappointed.
They were nice. My hair looks great. Only thing is that my appointment was for 2pm and they didn't start until 4p. But I was home by 10p. Which was ok cause it usually takes 6hrs for individuals. Look at my hair.
I Walked Inside Was completely ignored
had to ask in front of everyone in the shop
for just two cornrow braids
and not one person would speak until
i directly asked a women
and they all waved me away as if they were to busy
I asked what is the best time to come back for two braids
not one of them would answer
so i walked out
this is the second time i went in
and these rude african women act as if they can’t understand someone
or acknowledge their presence
terrible service
and a disgrace to the community.
it’s ashame when you get treated like a slave in a black business
lowe’s wil treat you better

Quick Facts About Fatima Hair Braiding

Strengths: 1. Ability to work with short hair: One customer expresses satisfaction with their ability to work with very short hair. This shows that the braiders are skilled in dealing with a variety of hair lengths and textures. 2. Efficiency: Another customer mentions being in and out of the salon in under 2 hours. This demonstrates that the salon is capable of providing fast and efficient service, which is important for customers who have limited time. 3. Reasonable pricing: A customer states that the service was reasonably priced, indicating that the salon offers competitive prices.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent quality: A customer reports that their braids came out within a week and the parts and lengths were not done correctly. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the quality of work done by the braiders. 2. Poor customer service: Several customers complain about the wait times, unprofessional behavior, and disrespect they experienced. This indicates a lack of good customer service, which can lead to dissatisfaction and negative reviews. 3. Lack of adherence to COVID guidelines: A customer mentions that the salon did not follow COVID guidelines, such as not wearing masks and having unsanitized equipment. This raises concerns about the salon's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of their customers.
Other considerations: 1. Communication issues: A customer expresses frustration with the salon's lack of communication and refusal to answer questions, indicating a possible language barrier or lack of customer service skills. 2. Use of low-quality materials: One customer mentions that cheap plastic braiding hair was used, which may affect the overall quality and longevity of the hairstyle. 3. Lack of professionalism: Another customer describes the braider taking multiple breaks, being on the phone, and being distracted during the hair braiding process. This demonstrates a lack of professionalism from the braider.
Based on the comments provided, it is evident that Fatima Hair Braiding place has some strengths, such as the ability to work with short hair, efficiency in completing the service, and reasonable pricing. However, there are significant weaknesses highlighted, including inconsistent quality, poor customer service, lack of adherence to COVID guidelines, communication issues, use of low-quality materials, and a lack of professionalism. These weaknesses may greatly impact the overall experience and satisfaction of customers, leading to negative reviews and potentially deterring potential customers from visiting the salon. It is important for the salon to address these issues in order to improve their reputation and customer satisfaction.


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