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Family Nails

+1 623-875-2077
12801 W Bell Rd #135, Surprise, AZ 85378 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM


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If i could give more stars for this place, I would!! The staff is absolutely AMAZING! Everyone is so friendly and loving. The quality of their work is phenomenal, I cannot tell you how wonderful they do on my nails. Vivian is an amazing person and I always go to her for my manicure, not because the rest of the staff is bad, just because she knows me already and knows what I like and how I like my nails to be done. I think they are amazing and I would recommend this place to anyone! FANTASTIC PLACE! :)
Today is my birthday and I came across this salon to get my nails and feet done. Vivian is a great nail tech and she did an absolutely amazing job with my birthday nails! Staff was so nice to me and the atmosphere is very peaceful. If I could give more than 5 stars I would !
I've came here twice now for the $25 pedicure! I've gone places and paid twice as much and the nail techs still don't take as much care doing my nails as these ladies do. Great experience, happy customer. :)
The best nail salon near me by far! The salon is very clean and has a good smell. No chemical like other places. I've had my nails for over a week and they still look perfect. The shape has helped up and the polish is still an even coat. Really impressed by the quality of work here.
My new favorite salon! I stumbled upon this place after it opened near my work & I fell in love with it instantly. Rose is my great nail tech! She provides AMAZING customer service. My Minnie mouse nail art is so cute! The interior is also chic with a welcoming atmosphere. Love!
Y'all! Family Nails is amazing! We opted this time for acrylics. The shape of the nails was done beautifully, the tech spent her time double and triple-checking to make sure they were all even and consistent. The paint job was done amazing as well not too thick so it'll last longer. That is true customer service!
MY FAVORITE SALON!!! It's so clean and well organized. Sanitized tools were packaged in zipped bags, brand new files, and buffer. I even sleep on their massage while Rose did my pedicure with hot stone. Overall, amazing service and amazing work. Will definitely come back and bring my friends.
What a great experience! I called in for a same-day nail appointment (dip powder set). The owner was very kind and quick to set up an appointment, and Wendy was SO friendly! She asked me if I liked the shape, length, and color at every step of the process. They turned out great with an emerald green color! I'll definitely be back again.

Quick Facts About Family Nails

1. Friendly and Loving Staff: Multiple comments mention the amazing staff at Family Nails, highlighting their friendliness and love towards their customers. This creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes customers feel comfortable and appreciated.
2. Phenomenal Quality of Work: The quality of the nail services provided at Family Nails is described as phenomenal and amazing by multiple customers. The nails are done beautifully, with attention to detail, resulting in long-lasting and beautiful results.
3. Excellent Customer Service: Several comments mention the excellent customer service provided at Family Nails. Nail technicians take the time to ensure customer satisfaction, checking in at every step of the process and accommodating preferences for shape, length, and color.
4. Clean and Sanitized Environment: The salon is praised for its cleanliness and organization. They use sanitized tools packaged in zipped bags, brand new files, and buffers, creating a safe and hygienic environment for customers.
5. Peaceful and Welcoming Atmosphere: The atmosphere at Family Nails is described as peaceful and welcoming. This helps customers feel relaxed and at ease during their nail appointments.
6. Skillful Nail Technicians: Multiple comments mention the skill and expertise of the nail technicians at Family Nails. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and care taken in shaping the nails and applying polish.
1. Limited Personalization: While the staff is highly praised, one comment mentions that the reason they always go to Vivian for their manicure is because she knows their preferences and how they like their nails done. This implies that there may be a lack of personalization or customization with other staff members.
2. Lack of Variety in Services: The comments primarily focus on nail services such as manicures, pedicures, and acrylics. There is no mention of other services such as waxing, facials, or massages. This may indicate a limited variety of services offered at Family Nails.
3. Limited Availability: There is no mention of the salon's operating hours or whether they accept walk-ins. This lack of information suggests that there may be limited availability or difficulty in getting an appointment, especially for customers who require same-day appointments.
4. Lack of Pricing Information: No comments mention the pricing of the services offered at Family Nails. This lack of information can make it difficult for potential customers to determine if the salon is within their budget.
5. Limited Clientele Information: The comments do not provide much information about the type of clientele that frequents Family Nails. This can make it difficult for potential customers to determine if the salon caters to their specific needs or preferences.
In conclusion, Family Nails has several strengths including a friendly and loving staff, phenomenal quality of work, excellent customer service, a clean and sanitized environment, a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, and skillful nail technicians. However, there are also a few weaknesses such as limited personalization, a potential lack of variety in services, limited availability, a lack of pricing information, and limited clientele information.

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